AXA Philippines holds Reverse Mentoring Program

AXA Php holds Reverse Mentoring Program_photo.jpg

The executive leadership team of AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance company, have teamed up with the organization’s digital specialists for a revolutionary Reverse Mentoring Program.


The program aims to create an exciting opportunity for members of the leadership team and the digital specialists to learn from one another and grow together in building AXA’s digital capabilities to help empower Filipinos to live better lives.


“At AXA, we believe learning never stops,” says AXA Philippines CEO Rahul Hora. “The Reverse Mentoring Program is a testament to our commitment to providing a better customer experience by keeping in step with the latest technologies available. The program also helps foster a collaborative working environment that AXA takes pride in.”


After the initial six-month program, the mentor-mentee pairs are expected to come up with digital strategies, campaigns, or prototypes that will help AXA customers live the life they choose. This is only the first phase of the program and will soon be rolled out to other AXA employees.


The Reverse Mentoring Program also aims to reinforce digital savviness and help foster closer ties among employees while strengthening the organization’s culture of innovation and collaboration.


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AXA Philippines introduces electronic policy

AXA Php introduces electronic policy_photo.jpgWith AXA e-Policy, you can now access a copy of your insurance policies anytime and anywhere
AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurers in the country, now makes it possible for
customers to access a copy of their insurance policies anytime and anywhere with
“We are happy to introduce this newest feature to our customers as it allows them to
view their AXA policies at virtually anytime they wish,” says AXA Philippines president
and CEO Rahul Hora. “The e-Policy is considered legal and valid, as approved by the
Insurance Commission.”
This new service is currently available to clients with policies issued on July 23, 2018
onwards. It is generated two days after the policy is issued – no need to wait longer to
get a copy of the policy.
A customer can save the e-Policy, print a hardcopy, and even email a copy to his
beneficiaries. This way, there is no need to worry about lost files or bulky documents.
AXA Philippines policy holders can get a copy of their AXA e-Policy simply by following
these simple steps: Register an account on MyAXA portal, login to that account, and go
to “My Policies” to view the contract and other documents. With internet access,
customers can have easy access to their policy contracts right away.
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Philippines agent today.

Entrepreneur rebuilds business from the ashes with help from AXA

AXA_Entrepreneur rebuilds business_photoAXA Philippines customer, Kenneth So

In 2016, a fire in Benguet made headlines as it destroyed a warehouse—one that was owned by entrepreneur Kenneth So, and one that provided stable jobs for a lot of workers. So and his team, some of them very loyal employees that had been with him for a long time, could only watch as years of hard work went up in smoke in a matter of hours.


So was grateful that the insurance company he chose—AXA Philippines through its general insurance subsidiary Charter Ping An—swiftly came to his rescue and went the extra mile to process his claim promptly so he could get back on his feet as soon as possible.


So’s business, Granville Corporation Supply Holdings, is a strong player in the competitive supply chain industry. The company plays a key role in the logistics and distribution of fast moving consumer goods across key markets. So employs 400 people to ensure prompt servicing of customers

The fire destroyed Grandville’s four-storey warehouse in La Trinidad, Benguet, and millions of pesos in inventory. Fortunately, So had the foresight to get a comprehensive fire insurance coverage from leading global insurer AXA. His loyal staff also rallied together during a truly trying time. The company is now slowly but surely recovering.


The ease and speed with which So was able to receive his insurance claims and the attentive and dedicated service he received from AXA helped ease his burden. “Now, our warehouse is being rebuilt,” So says. “This is the start of a new beginning.”


So’s experience with AXA is proof of AXA’s unwavering commitment to its customers, backed by superior financial strength and worldwide reach, to be there when it is most needed. It assures clients like So, whose employees and their families count on for their livelihood, can live the life he chooses—free from uncertainty and anxiety, no matter what challenges he has to face.


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AXA launches new insurance product for today’s ambitious market

Dream – contemplating the possibility of doing or being something

I don’t want to ride cars, I want to fly an airbus.

Curves are a hidden passion, I want to doodle and probably be a stenographer inside a court.

To be a biologist and a professional diver and name a unique deep sea creature would be more than a lifetime achievement.

Sign Language is a form or art and I want to share this passion by teach deaf and mute children. Be a gynecologist and a pediatrician, too.

What’s more, if you read my about me section you’ll know how desperate I am to travel to the moon, around the sun and check if Pluto is still there holding on to its orbit and if it really is a planet or just a huge asteroid as they claim. Mind you that’s 12 years from the shortest distance.

If I had all the time in the world, I would still travel, but this time to the controversial planet-or-not Pluto that is roughly 4.67 billion miles if it was on the opposite sides from the sun, which will take 9-12 years using the latest technology.

And lastly, ride a unicorn over a rainbow to end up lying on pots of shimmering gold.

In short, hindi man din ako kaliwete, ambisyosa ako. (I may not be ambidextrous, but oh boy, I’m ambitious.)

Reality – the state of things as they actually exist.

But alas! Humans only live once, life is not merely a measurement of time, and the ratio of one’s dreams is invertly proportional to his reality hence when you’re a big dreamer, you have to wake up at some point to make it a reality or snooze away eating clouds, drinking sunshine unless you want to ride unicorns until you rot on your debt if not death bed. #harshtruth

Today’s young professionals are ambitious and often on-the-go. They work hard and at the same time want to pursue their own passions. As they focus on their careers, they want to maintain a work-life balance, and ensure that they are also preparing for their ultimate ambitions.  Some would want to travel around the world, have their own business, or pursue a pricey hobby like golf or scuba diving.

Recognizing the need for investment and protection of today’s discerning consumers, AXA has launched MyAmbition, an affordable investment and life insurance plan that you can avail of online.  Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, the convenience of availing of an investment product with just a few clicks gives you an attractive option to help fulfill your ambitions in life.

AXA launches new insurance product_photo 1.jpg

MyAmbition can be availed of with a one-time investment that starts at only P50,000, a great opportunity to put that 13th month bonus or extra savings to better use.  You can also invest up to a maximum of P125,000.  The funds are professionally-managed by the AXA group to give you security and peace of mind.

MyAmbition gives you a range of options to suit your risk profile and financial goals.  There’s an investment fund for conservative investors, a balanced fund for those who have a moderate appetite for risk, and an aggressive growth fund for those who want to maximize the potential of their investments.

“Our innovative digital solutions address the unique demands of digital natives.  You can avail of MyAmbition through our e-commerce site.  You can also download MyAXA, the mobile app that allows our clients to access policy information anytime, anywhere.” says Rahul Hora, President and CEO of AXA Philippines.

On top of these benefits and conveniences, MyAmbition gives you life insurance coverage of 125% of the single premium or the Account Value, whichever is higher.  Should you choose to keep your funds longer, you can receive a Loyalty Bonus of 5% of the average account value to be paid on the 10th and 20th year.

“We understand the needs of today’s professionals. MyAmbition takes their lifestyle needs into consideration – it is affordable, available online, easy to purchase, can meet various investment considerations, and is payable via a credit card. MyAmbition’s combined offering of affordability, convenience, and flexibility will definitely help young and mature Filipino professionals achieve their financial goals and fulfill their ambitions,” adds AXA Philippines Chief Customer Officer Amor Balagtas.

Application is easy. Just visit, and click on MyAmbition.  You can assess your investment profile, pick an investment portfolio, and pay for the policy with your credit card. Debit card and other online payment options are also available.

I may not ride unicorns and sleep on pots of gold, but with AXA MyAmbition yuppies (young professionals) can have affordability, convenience, and flexibility will definitely help young and mature Filipino professionals achieve their financial goals and fulfill their ambitions

AXA Immediate Check Release

Charter Ping An recently turned over a check for 46 million pesos to Grand Sierra Pines Hotel, less than a month after BTG Holdings, Inc., owner of the boutique hotel in Baguio, completed its insurance claim documents. In a simple ceremony held at the AXA Philippines head office, Mr. Ray Florence Reyes (middle), President and CEO of BTG Holdings, received the check with his father, Mr. Cesar Reyes (2nd from right) and brother Mr. Jay Reyes (2nd from left) from Mr. Noel Que, Senior Management Advisor and Business Development of Charter Ping-An (leftmost) and Mr. Peili Zhang, Chief Technical Officer of Charter Ping An. As first-time clients of Charter Ping An, BTG Holdings was pleased with the quick delivery of the check that will be used to repair property damages from Typhoon Lawin. Charter Ping-An was acquired in April 2016 by AXA Philippines, the number one global insurance brand for the 8th consecutive year according to Interbrand.