The Newest Pampering Place in Cagayan de Oro: Nailaholics SM CDO Premier

You’re stuck in the office—amid the flourescent lights, meetings, deadlines and the humdrum of corporate life.


Sometimes, all you really need to get back in the groove is to get away for a bit. When the mood strikes, get up and head over to our newest nail salon – Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere, where you can get ushered away from the tedium of everyday life and into the relaxing world of pampering.

Set amid beautiful Hampton’s themed interiors, the destination is designed to whisk you off to sandy shores and sun-drenched landscapes with a seaside breeze. Best of all, you’ll be left under the care of Nailaholics’ expert technicians where you can expect to be pampered until your worries melt away.

You may visit us to experience the sincere pampering and nail grooming expertise of our Friendly Technicians. Located at 4th Level, Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere is NOW OPEN.

Book your appointments today: 0933-8581475

#gerilenmbf: Of Postiche and Tresses

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


You know someone is glowing even when they’re not wearing makeup, or is not even turning their head on you, when their crowning glory is well maintained and healthy-looking… After-all, the scientific study of the human mind when it comes on how the hair actually affects our functions and behaviors are simplified and summed up in a modern cliche we like to call “A Good Hair Day”!

So the million dollar question is, are you having “a good hair day”? Continue reading “#gerilenmbf: Of Postiche and Tresses”

Ooh La Lash opens at Ayala Malls The 30th


One of the things I gave up long time ago is putting on a full-made face. I can’t find time blending the foundation really well with kids in tow and deadlines in my mind. But running errands with a naked face can be bearable when my brows are well-groomed and I’d be fancy with my peeps sometimes with lush and full lashes!

Perfectly groomed brows and long, lush lashes can change your life. But you already knew that.

The question now is—do you know where you can go to get the safest and most natural-looking extensions?

Ooh La Lash Lash Extension Lounge opened its first branch in Glorietta 2, Makati City on September 23, 2016 and its second branch in Ayala Malls The 30th on January 12, 2017. It offers exceptional service catered to each individual, run by a team of highly qualified aestheticians, providing eyelash and brow grooming services in a stylishly comfortable environment.

Check out an overview of Ooh La Lash’ first branch in Glorietta:

Our rapidly growing client base is attended to by a team of experts trained to give the latest techniques in eyelash application to ensure durable and natural looking results. Services are delivered with attention to quality and detail, using only FDA-approved materials—the first lash studio in the country to provide this level of quality assurance.

Remember, eyes are the window to our soul so we might as well put gorgeous curtains on our windows! #OohLaLash


Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge delivers the real premier experience by providing the right eyelash solutions using only safe and globally accepted materials performed by the true expert Lash Technicians. To know more, visit and like/follow;;

Give and Share the Gift of Exquisite Beauty with Helix-D

Be ageless by design this holiday season and gift yourself, your friends and your loved ones with the latest beauty breakthrough in skincare: Helix-D.
Helix D (Trish).jpg
Available as a Face and Neck Serum as well as an Eye Serum, Helix-D possesses a powerful combination of water-magnet hydrators and anti-oxidants, while The Double Helix is comprised of encapsulated cellular envelopes that contain “Power-Peptides” and Matrikines that penetrate deep into your skin.
With the Helix-D Face and Neck serum, a reduction in the appearance of facial and neck wrinkles along with a tightening of sagging skin can be enjoyed thanks to powerful anti-oxidants that provide day-long moisturizing and hydration. The result is smoother and softer looking skin like never before.
The Helix-D Eye Serum, meanwhile, with its new eye serum active complex, can reduce fine lines, dark circles and reduce puffiness. What’s more, you can also experience increased firmness and collagen renewal – youthfulness like no other With their research and development team working together with several international laboratories, you can be assured that Helix-D is one of the most technologically advanced skincare solutions in the world, combining elegance and 21st century anti-aging science.
The power to be ageless by design is within your reach. Experience this skincare revolution today with Helix-D. HelixD is available at the beauty section of the SM Stores in SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia. Visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @fastbeautyph.

TLC for the Women who Take Care of Everyone

As the holidays approach, Riantique Global Inc. president Ria Castrillo shares some words of wisdom with all the busy women who wear the hats of mother, professional, nurturer, friend and wife: “Liking the way you look is vital to health and happiness. Beauty comes first from within. No matter how much makeup you have slathered on yourself, if you are unhappy, that will still show making you less beautiful.”

Beauty is more than just skin deep, according to Castrillo: It is the outward expression of all that you feel inside. “When you are happy content, that inner glow and beauty will radiate outward,” Castrillo said. “Happy people have younger hearts, younger arteries and a younger real age. Happy people recover more quickly from surgery, cope better with pain, have lower blood pressure and have longer life expectancy than unhappy people.”

So, yes, tis the season for the Up&Up skincare products Riantique exclusively distributes in the Philippines, like Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum by Yuyu Healthcare Inc. This breakthrough skincare product offers a non-surgical solution for enhancing beauty and restoring the skin’s youthful glow in an instant.

“Not only does your health benefit from happiness, there’s nothing like a contented smile, a look of ease and, I believe, this will make you feel years younger.” Castrillo said. “This holiday season is the time for being with your friends and family—something made even more special when you like with the way you look and are happy. This will make the gatherings lighter, brighter and merrier, especially if you are the host at your gathering. Being confident in how you look will see expression in the way you set your table, prepare the food and handle the night’s festivities with grace and confidence.”

“Stress may come along during the holiday season,” she said. “It’s the time of the year when traffic is horrible, the time for late night gatherings before going off to hear the dawn Mass. You will have a busy work schedule, one where you must meet the demands of year-ending work, then fitting in last minute shopping somewhere in between these activities that will leave you tired, haggard and burnt out.”

“This season is all about joy and giving,” Castrillo added, especially for women who are wives and mothers as well. “We will handle it best by organizing our schedules and being well-prepared for the stresses of the holiday season in advance.” So begin by preparing your skin, she advises: “Up&Up Cream is the perfect line filler and wrinkle reducer for those who prefer a fast, safe and practical way to keep their skin youthful. It is the best non-invasive and instant anti-wrinkle solution in the market today.”

Like Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum, Up&Up Cream contains the safest chemicals and the finest botanical blend to regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production for visibly firmer and young-looking skin around the face and neck area, according to Riantique’s lovely head honcho.

“The magic combination is using Up&Up daily, in the mornings so you look fresh all day,” she said. “An organized schedule will help you overcome the busy schedule you need to get through and wearing a smile at your busiest time is the key.”

The best Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, according to Castrillo, “is my presence. An email, text message or sending a Christmas card letting them know I am here for them despite our respectively busy days.”

After that comes the gift: “I would prefer that the gift is personalized so my friends and loved ones will feel that the gifts are specifically for them so they may feel all the thought, love and effort I have put into these gifts. Then I will choose a box of Up&Up, which will really be useful and helpful since it is a skin-perfecting serum that helps smoothen skin, fills in lines and whitens and brightens the skin so the person who get such a gift can use it to uplift her skin as well as her mood.”

Model Marina Benipayo also gives her own advice on the importance of staying lovely as the years pass: “I would like to think that we are responsible for ourselves, that we feel and look good—no matter what age. Aging is a natural process, yes, but the environment and stress we have to handle hastens the appearance of wrinkles. We need products that target our skincare needs and suit our lifestyle. Up&Up makes my wrinkles less noticeable. Is easy to use and fulfills the promise of youthful-looking skin.” “Preparing for the coming season’s parties and gift-giving takes a lot of planning and time management,” Benipayo said. “Making Up&Up a habit will ensure that, come Christmas, our skin looks as if we haven’t gotten stressed over anything at all.” She would also give Up&Up skincare products as gifts to her loved ones and friends to share the joy it has brought her: “Any woman would be happy to receive Up&Up since it gives them the chance to discover and experience beautiful, radiant and wrinkle-free skin like never before.”

Oracle Beauty Clinic Launches in the Philippines

First South Korean dermatological and surgical beauty clinic franchise opens doors to Filipinos


Clara Lee, Korean Hollywood Actress, Oracle Clinic Ambassador

The Philippine beauty industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate, and is expected to grow 6.1% to P139.8 billion in 2016. Increased demand has been driving the growth, as Filipinos become ever-more discerning consumers of beauty and cosmetic products and services. The Korean invasion of beauty products has been a big factor in the industry’s expansion, but its world-renowned cosmetic technology has yet to reach Philippine shores – until now.

Oracle Clinic, the largest networked dermatology, plastic surgery, and obesity clinic in South Korea, opens its doors to Filipinos with its first franchise in the Philippines – the Oracle Beauty Clinic. Its goal: enhancing Philippine beauty through Korean technology and expertise. Its services include top-of-the-line, non-invasive procedures such as skin lightening, tightening, resurfacing, and rejuvenation; anti-aging; hair growth; laser hair removal; signature facials; and body contouring. Plans are also underway for surgical procedures to be offered as part of its roster. In addition, the proprietary line of Dr. Oracle products will soon be made available at the clinic, allowing clients to continue their skincare regimen at home.

Founded by renowned Korean dermatologist, Dr. Ro Young Woo, Oracle Clinic has branches in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China and recently, Hong Kong, and won the Korea Industry Grand Prize in 2011 for its top-class Korean technology, training, and experience. Its first Philippine branch is staffed by doctors and registered nurses who not only have extensive experience in beauty, dermatology, and plastic surgery, but were also trained in South Korea to know first-hand the secret behind the success of Oracle Beauty Clinic.

Says Susan Dimacali, one of the partners of the Oracle Beauty Clinic franchise in the Philippines, “From Koreanovelas to Seoul food to KPop, South Korea is particularly close to my heart. I have always been amazed at their dominance in the beauty industry, driven as it is by innovation, technology, and a true understanding of beauty. Opening the doors of Oracle Beauty Clinic to Filipinos is exciting, because now we are able to take our love for all things Korean one step further – by using their state-of-the-art technology to enhance our innate Philippine beauty. We welcome everyone to experience and see first-hand what truly world-class dermatological services are like.”

Clara Lee

Adding to the excitement of the country’s first South Korean dermatological franchise is the face of Oracle Beauty Clinic, Clara Lee. The South Korean actress, singer, dancer, host, and model rose to fame with Gwiyomi Song 2 and the Koreanovela Emergency Couple. Lee, who has music videos, television shows, and movies to her name, is thrilled to be part of the Korean beauty phenomenon in the Philippines. She states, “As a Korean, I am very much aware of our impact on beauty and culture, especially with the popularity of KPop and Koreanovelas. It warms my heart to know that we have fans in the Philippines who support us. This is why it is a privilege to be a sort of ambassador for my country and be an international face in a local market. I am honored to be part of the Oracle Beauty Clinic family and I invite all Filipinos and Koreans in the Philippines to visit the first branch in Manila.”


Oracle Beauty Clinic is located at 2/F Republic Glass Building, 196 Salcedo Street corner Soria Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. To request for an appointment, call +632 801-4131 or +63916 223 8821. For more information, visit

The Latest Standard of Wellness: DermCare Luxe

The new standard of wellness, Dermcare Luxe is finally open to take care of you and make you beautiful to live beautifully.Press-kit professional2

We live in a fast pace and our human body and spirit needs to keep up, hence producing more stress. What to do? We need to rejuvenate our minds and body with

*click to enlarge.

To do more, we have to keep ourselves healthy and at peace, inside out. We need to look after for ourselves especially for moms like me, so in return, we can look after our family, more so the growing kids that needs our full attention. 🙂

Enjoy, relax, go to #DermCareLuxe!

Up&Up Cream is Now Here!

Encouraged by the success of Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum by Yuyu Healthcare Inc., Riantique Global Inc. CEO Ria Castrillo brings yet another effective beauty treatment to the Philippines: Up&Up Cream.

According to Castrillo, “the demand for an effective beauty treatment that specifically to keep the wrinkles from showing is relatively high.”

She said Up&Up Cream, adds to Filipinas’ options for a non-surgical skincare solution “that is both safe and easy on the pocket. Up&Up Cream is one product that you can trust to enhance beauty and restore youthful glow in an instant without the need for surgery.”

“Up&Up Cream has been clinically proven safe to use on all skin types by Sae Myung Herbal Biology Industrial Clinic in Korea,” Castrillo said. “This high-potency skin-firming concentrate quickly penetrates the skin’s surface to improve its elasticity. It visibly lifts skin, smoothes its surface, fills up wrinkles, reduces pore size and regenerates skin collagen and elastin. After application, results become visible in seconds. With continued use, skin retains its youthful glow.”

“Some women peak early, while others blossom later,” Castrillo noted. “All in all, we should be on a journey of continued growth and exploration. We have in control of our lives at 40. Up&Up is there to keep us confident where most of us are at the peak of attaining our greatest achievements in most areas of our lives, and where we can definitely enjoy the fruits of our labor.”

While several beauty products on the market do offer collagen and elastin among their ingredients, Up&Up Cream “is new and unique,” Castrillo said. “I haven’t seen any in the market which instantly improves your skin at watching with your own eyes. It has a unique packaging, in the shape of a syringe without the needle.”

Up&Up Cream “also contains arbutin and other healthy botanicals known to aid skin rejuvenation like adenosine, green tea extract, ade aluminum overrijissel sumip, trehalos, dynalift, chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract,” Castrillo said. “It is naturally made, to ensure that it is free from parabens, mineral oils, silicon, triethanolamine and artificial coloring.”

Model Marina Benipayo has tried Up&Up Cream and said in an interview that it “definitely felt like Up&UP Cream was starting to treat my face to an avalanche of vitamins to improve it.”

“During the second week, I noticed my face was clearer and younger-looking,” Benipayo said. “Now that I’ve been using Up&Up for a month straight, I noticed my skin is healthier and in much better condition.”

“My skin is definitely not the same as it was 20, 10 and five years ago,” Benipayo added. “But I’ve always believed that proper diet, the right kind of exercise, lifestyle and outlook in life are big contributors to feeling and looking young. At 47, I almost never get too exposed to the sun, I sleep and rest as much as I can and reserve it for only the most important things like family and work. I don’t take in alcohol and stay away from negative stresses. I’ve also been more picky with the products I use on my face.”

Based on her experience with the product, Benipayo said: “I think Up&Up Cream will give its competitors a run for their money. It’s an effective product, very suitable for Asian skin, and has absolutely no downtime at all. I can use it any time of the day—in the morning, evening, before I put on makeup. It’s an instant vitamin treatment for the face.”

Benipayo dispenses some sage advice, too. “Accept your age and take the best care of yourself that you can by following the basic needs of the skin and body: Proper skincare, diet and exercise.”

“I always knew that maintaining a level of beauty and confidence entails a lot of work and love for self,” she said. “Now that I have these Up&Up boosters, I know that my skincare regimen will be easier to maintain. I do not have to use other products like eye creams, skin-lifting serums and moisturizers: Up&Up can replace all of them now.”

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

A couple of days back, I received a gift from BDJ Box and Olay which includes Olay Moisturizing Body Wash and this.

Olay Total Effects Day Cream

Olay is promising to fight the 7 Signs of Ageing:
1)Fine Lines and Wrinkles – reduces and erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
2)Uneven Skin Tone – balances and even outs color
3)Age Spots – blurring appearance of age spots
4)Rough Texture – smooths and even outs skin texture
5)Skin Dryness – provides nourishing moisturisation
6)Skin Dullness – gives skin a healthy radiance and glow
7)Enlarge Pores – reduces pore size

I love the economical design of the tube (a little science: gravity will help you used up all this bottle’s content) and the orifice is just right – you could control the amount of product hence lesser/no chance of excess/waste; that also means longer usage. For frugal moms; before throwing this out after emptying, snip the tube to extract the leftovers of entire bottle. #beentheredonethat

How to apply: right after cleanser and toner, smoothen out a pea-size on face and neck.

Not so viscous, easy to apply. It just glides on my skin. Lightweight and with a thin application, it will not feel heavy (like there’s a thin-film) on skin. Spread quickly as it easily dries up.

I personally use this as a primer/moisturizer before foundation application. I love the hint of scent of this, and so far, no breakouts. I also just use this as it is, I meant cleanse, tone and this, eyebrows and liptint – Gerilen ready to go!

I do it Twice a Week!

Women achieving their goals, independently having the world go round on her palm while keeping her competitors at their toes, have a secret – an arsenal to battle every Tom, Dick and Harry out there.

You see, when you are a girly girl but one of the boys, you gotta look like a girl, think like a man and act like a boss.

Running an entire house, running behind a butt-naked toddler, and running on a work deadline is like running under the red traffic light – I have to keep up on my game. Press the gas pedal harder (you can’t turn back now, you’re in the middle of the intersection), pray (that you would not hit on a hot motorcycle excited to cross before the green lights on), hope (that no CCTV camera is installed somewhere nearby, or worse, a hidden MMDA officer seeing everything insight with a grin upon his face), and have faith (that the auto wouldn’t overheat, no tires would go flat and that you gas up enough fuel, you would not go empty).

See? It’s hard to live a Bonnie and Clyde lifestyle of crime, so I don’t. But the suspense, the thrill, when you are a woman, is the same.

Hello! My name is Gerilen, work at home, mom to toddler and newborn, exclusively breastfeeding without pump, and no nannies – welcome to chaos!

The world is nuts, my sanity should’ve left me the moment I became a mom but it didn’t – that’s how weird Mother Nature is. Sh*t? Seen in, smelled it, touched it. Is that why the things that didn’t kill you will make you stronger?

Maybe not, because like every smart chic in town, I have secrets. Arsenals that has been passed on generation by generation, women to women.

It’s not just schedule, women called it night rituals and morning routines. It’s a lifestyle and we breathe by it. And when you have more shoes than your feet, morning routines and night rituals aren’t enough. There are things you should schedule on a longer pace, because you can’t let the donkey stride like an elephant, can you?

If you want the usual shot (morning routines and night rituals), get out of here, and search on YouTube. There are tons and tons of videos you could play everyday for the rest of your life.

But If you’re looking for that special ingredients to make your mechanism run the world, (or if you’re just nosy, I don’t mind) then read on…


Now, I’ll share to you things I do twice a week to feel a deeper sense of sexy, to incline myself on a healthier clean lifestyle, and have confidence to battle life.

1) Skip wearing foundation – I let my skin breathe. It’s the least that I could do after being tired and for the constant lack of sleep. While I’m at it, I also

2) Exfoliate including face and lips- I use organic exfoliator like

Human Heart Nature purifying facial scrub and detoxifying mask + scrub for face,

Cure Natural Aqua Gel for face and neck, dry patches: knees, elbows, ankles, and

lemon, sea salt, brown sugar, wild honey

homemade body scrub from available kitchen ingredients – I also love not just the bitter taste, but the aromatic smell and smoothness of coffee as body scrub.

For the lips and face, I use overripe fruits and transform it to delicious lip scrub like this

strawberry-honey scrub. Heads up – sunscreen’s micro ingredients are hard to wash off with just regular cleanser and exfoliating twice a week will help lessen blockage of pores that causes blackheads and whiteheads.

3) Hair Treatment – I make my hair happier with these twice a week!

Keratin Treatment

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil.

That’s it for being the baddest pretty and pink, but to be bloody deadly?

4) Betadine® Feminine Wash – the foundation of confidence and sexiness for women is for having a feminine hygiene routine. You can’t feel sexy no matter how expensive your stilettos are when you are not protected feminine discomfort and irritation down there now, can you? Mind you, that itchy feel? It’s caused by germs and bacteria, which can lead to infection as well – talk about defeat: self-conscious (Is hunk smelling that fish too?), distracted (The urge to scratch-until-it-bleeds struggle is real!) and simply the un-sexy (I’m fat anyway!) feeling!

It’s a feminine hygiene habit for women who want to experience less irritation and be more confident and sexy. It can also help lessen odor for that extra confidence boost. Even during and beyond the dreaded RED DAYS, BETADINE® Feminine Wash delivers that clean and sexy feel for an irritation-less week.

Ladies, Clean is the new Sexy! And BETADINE® Feminine Wash is here to help us conquer the world, guard our territories and claim our rights to be sexy!

Lazy bug bit you? Skip the scrub. Put that locks on a bun and forget about your hair treatment. That massage could wait a day or two, but never the Betadine® Feminine Wash, Twice a Week!

Join BETADINE® Feminine Wash’ Sexy Clean revolution – become your sexiest version by staying clean down there, which means applying BETADINE® Feminine Wash TWICE A WEEK, woman, TWICE A WEEK!

You got to keep your intimate area clean- all the time even at times when it’s like the end of the world! Feeling clean down there is the source of being sexy, and being sexy is our ultimate arsenal weapon!

BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. It’s known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category. It’s also number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category.



The world is wired weird, and so does we – we are feminine, soft, humble, beautiful but it never means we are weak, we are strong!

No, I didn’t let my milkshake bring all boys in the yard but I agree on Betty White.

“Why do people say “Grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive! IF you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!”

Monthly period. Pregnancy. Birth Pain. Breastfeeding. Mothering.

And it’s true, the things that didn’t kill you will make you stronger. (I imagine my heart surgery scar, stretch marks and Caesarian incision pulsating while having Queen B., Beyonce perform “Who Run The World” in the background) Ooh, girls love drama!

Go ahead! Kiss and tell!