#GerifiedPH: Disney Absolute-ly!

Did you know? Blood is thicker than water, but blood is 79% water!

Imagine yourself slowly releasing your breath, reaching for a hand… preparing yourselves to dance. The music started, you waltzed your way  in the tune of “Once Upon a Dream”.

I know you,
I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you,
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yet I know its true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if i know you
I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…
Once upon a time, in a land faraway, a maiden with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose and skin as white as snow walk into the spring, carrying an empty pot, followed by chirping birds, squeaking squirrels and galloping deers.

She scoop water up her hand and jug down the cold liquid, quenching her thirst from the summer heat before filling up her vessel to return back to the gnomes. Refreshed and invigorated, she carry her pail full of water back home.

And they lived healthily ever after.


Well, we do not do that anymore, not everyday, not in most places. When it’s hot and humid, or simply when we feel thirsty, what do we look for? We don’t usually fetch for water.

Unfortunately, water is the last of our choices because we reach and subconsciously choose cold soda or sugary crushed ice – and bottomless, at that. This behavior is adopted easily by no other than our kids and toddlers!

No kidding! The rate of soda consumption among kids continues to increase resulting to premature obesity. A child’s body constantly needs a supply of water to ensure that the body is able to carry out all of the functions to allow learning, growth and ability for various physical activities.

Did you know? Water is a nutrient for every cell in the body.

When our kids do not drink enough water, they may experience mild dehydration which in return can cause them to feel fatigued, easily irritated and hence will left them without any energy. How to know if your kids are dehydrated? Symptoms include dry lips and lack of urine.

18718328_1744382088908477_217738397_nTap here and see why parents should encourage kids to drink more water.


Bento By Kat


#AbsoluteDisney event was held last May 24 at the Happy Garden Cafe in Makati. The event started with a scrumptious buffet followed by a Bento Workshop hosted by Ms. Kat and Ms. Trisha of Bento by Kat.

Did you know? Small sips of water throughout the day is the smartest way to keep well hydrated. Keeping the bottle near will mentally remind you to reach for it.

Bento means lunch box in Japanese and it is proven be to a smart-creative way to incorporate and sneak in healthy vegetables and fruits in kids diet, especially picky eaters.

Ms. Kat discussed the techniques to keep the Bento interesting, fun and always fresh! Bento lunch box must have a balance of go, glow and grow food. It should be placed neatly and tightly secured.

Did you know? Water is keeping us alive, it can pull blood up narrow vessels in the body, often against the force of gravity. #AbsolutelyAmazing

We should also use leftovers from our carvings and stampings, and finally, we should opt for natural food colorings, like turmeric for yellow and spirulina for green. To keep the ideas coming, we could also create a Bento Diaries that can also serve as our guide.

18582069_1411639268879329_7024825389379375256_n.jpgMy Bento box kit includes a mini scissor, twisters, a spaghetti stick, spatula and some cutters, punchers, a plastic wrapper and a chopping board.



My Bento Mickey Mouse – not bad for a first-timer. 😛

Brought this home with one of Mickey’s ears out of place (because I dropped by on a construction site to inspect first – in my dress and heels – before heading back home), but Clyde still loved, enjoyed and ate everything – even the small trees and sweet-not-spicy peppers.

The Heart of the Filipino

What’s more? Aside from the overflowing buffet and impromptu workshop, friends from Philippine Airlines held the Best Bento Box Contest and a random raffle prize winners!


Best Bento Box winner of PAL Flight Manila-Cebu-Manila for 3pax


Raffle Winner of PAL Flight Clark-Caticlan-Clark for 3 pax.

Congratulations Mommies!

More about PAL’s Latest Clark Operation and latest promotions here.

Healthily Ever After

Aside from inspiring imagination and encouraging children to dream, Disney is committed in educating the youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One of its healthy commitment focuses on keeping kids hydrated. Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Philippines, promotes a “healthily ever after” for kids in their latest hydration campaign and launch of their newest Absolute Disney 250ml SKU.

Did you know? 85% of the brain is water!

18788271_1748166668530019_1698025015_nDecorating the bottles with their favorite Disney characters is an innovative approach, an effort to change children’s perspective on drinking water for proper hydration.

Miniaturizing the bottles to 250 ml makes it more appealing even to tiny little toddlers with tiny little arms, like Dave.

It sure is a fun way to build excitement for kids to adopt healthy drinking habit by choosing water over sugary drinks.


Touch to see Disney magic.

18699823_1411640818879174_5627223256860592837_n (2).jpg

For only Php9.00 SRP per bottle, treat your kids to something pure and wonderful! Surprise them with these cool #AbsoluteDisney 250ml kiddie bottles and start them young in making drinking water a habit.



Collect all six (6) bottle designs now –  Cars’ Lighting McQueen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Aurora of Beauty and the Beast, father and son tandem Marlin and Nemo, Belle of Sleeping Beauty & Snow White and Frozen sisters, Anna & Elsa!


Saving Earth

One of the lessons I learned from Finding Nemo is that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…

With that being said, sustaining a comfortable and healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to ironically destroy our planet. Aside from teaching kids good drinking water habit with Absolute Disney bottles. You could also help them save Mother Earth with these fun DIY activities!


1 Financial savvy Mickey – cut a small portion of the bottle to make a slit enough for coins to get through.

2 Elsa’s Glitter Bottle – Mix the glitter glue and hot water with the whisk in a container. Then stir in some extra glitter. Let the water come to room temperature, pour the mixture into the empty water bottle and seal the lid on.

succelent.jpgPhoto from Google

3 Green Thumb Snow White – Cut the neck part of the bottle. Poke holes at the bottom, fill with soil and place a plant or a succulent. Water.

4 Aurora’s Storage Trick – The neck part of the bottle that was cut to use in no. 3 can be use as an opening to food items in pouches. Just insert the opening in the bottle, snugly place the plastic on the mouth and cover.


5 Belle’s flower – Dissolve a paracetamol tablet in a glass of water. Fill the empty #AbsoluteDisney bottle with the solution. Cut flowers and place them inside the bottle.

6 Elsa’s Frozen Pot – Put pebbles inside the bottle and add faux flowers.

7 Nemo’s Treasure Tank – Remove bottle’s top part. Place crayons or whatever treasure that fits inside and cover it with another bottom.

18870907_1749568081723211_2101342214_n.jpgSecured with tape, this will be perfect as baby’s travel buddy and snack – a rattle while getting there, macaroni soup when you get there. Ha!

8 Lightning McQueen’s Telephone to Route 66 – Empty two #AbsoluteDisney bottles. Cut the neck area. Thread one end of string through the bottom of each bottle. Place a paperclip in the bottom of each bottle and tie the loose end of the string around it, this will keep the string from slipping through. Call Mater.


Absolute tips on how to prepare for a fuzz free kiddie party


Once upon a night,
I dreamed we’d be together
In love forever.
Once upon a night,
I was wishing for a never,
A never ending.
Once upon a night
Once upon a time
Once upon a wish
Once upon a dream.
Now, take a bow, catch your breath, and reach for that #DisneyAbsolute bottle! Because just like how water is universal, this drink is for adults, too! Pure water. Pure Love.
Visit Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

#GerifiedPH: Make brushing more fun with Minions!

One of the usual mommy dilemma that I heard about and talked several times over was about the dreaded catch-me-if-you-can moments of “Toothbrush Time”. The usual reaction when it’s brushing time is clenched their mouths closed and hold it in. If this sounds familiar with you, you are not alone, like I said, it’s been one of the usual predicaments parents have to face aside from potty training and transition from milk to healthy (hello veggies!) solid food.

I’ve been there, and so in this blogpost, I’ll share with you the tricks that works for us and I hope these will help you, too!

Familiarity – I let them watch me brush my teeth. I make them watch me slowly put the paste on my brush, move closer to their ears and let them hear the squish-squash sound of scrubbing those chompers – I see fascination in their big pupil-ed eyes wondering how I made those out-of-this-world, monster-like noises while creating suds, and small bubbles. I even go to the point where I let them touch the foam just for fun’s sake before we do the brushing to them.


Fun – I let them watch videos of cool toothpaste commercials. Just like this oldie but goodie commercial from Colgate, “Brush, Brush, Brush 3x a day!” It’s an LSS-inducing song but I won’t mind singing along with it.

Execution – I let them use colorful and unique, made-for-kids toothpaste and toothbrushes just like the latest Colgate toothbrush for kids – the Colgate Minion brushes!



18763195_1748473231832696_1230914131_n.jpg#Kulayot using Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack:  http://www.lazada.com.ph/colgate-minions-kids-5-9-years-old-oral-care-pack-4804586.html?spm=a2o4l.sis-363.0.0.1sWUa5&ff=1

18763151_1748473308499355_1303872058_n.jpg#Dabibot using Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack:  http://www.lazada.com.ph/colgate-minions-kids-2-5-years-old-oral-care-pack-4804587.html?spm=a2o4l.sis-363.0.0.1sWUa5&ff=1


These tips sure sells them out in opening the clenched mouths. Now, they are always anticipating the Toothbrush time!

One of the things I learned from the previous Despicable Me movies was that there is no way, and I mean, nothing, of any great significance, relevance and magnitude can be accomplished alone. Gru himself had little helpers he liked to call “Minions” to help him sort his troubles. It was only through his minions’ loyalty and dedication that he got his self together.

So don’t get burnt out in making your kids brush their teeth, allow Colgate Minions to do the trick!

#GerifiedPH: Boom Pods – Outdoor Fun and Adventure

Did you know? Bluetooth was invented by a telecom vendor, Ericsson in 1994. It was a “short-link” radio technology development meant to create a wireless headset. Come 2017, we can now use it not just on headsets, but on every possible gadget you could think of!

What’s more? You can even play throw-catch and shower with it! Wait, what?




Three young professionals thinking about how they can unite visually appealing homeware design and innovative outdoor products into something original, functional and waterproof – and after sleepless nights and empty bottles of booze or cup of coffee whatever floats your boat (disclaimer: that’s just me dramatically assuming) they come up with something bizarrely catchy, out-of-the-box technology.

Started as a DT Design and enabled to established a homeware design and manufacturing business that works with major UK and International Retail brands, the Boompods was launched in 2012 with a vision of uniting visually appealing homeware design with product innovation and a love of the outdoors.


Today: Outdoor Fun and Adventure Product Launch


Meet the three geniuses –  Lea Denison (the designer), David Tansley (the markerter) and Prem Balani (the speaker) who, with their hate for wires, love for the outdoor water and passion for technology created BOOMPODS HI RES LOGO.png

What makes the difference:

Simplicity by design, durability and style allows the user not think about how to use their device and simply GO!

Rugged, well thought design, colour and tactile quality makes Boompods a clearly recognisable brand, easily distinguishable from our competitors.

Extensive product range provides something for everyone to incorporate into daily and active lives.

The “Pod” – Design out of the ordinary.

The products look premium, of high-end quality and superb durability.


Fusion. Boompods ultimate speaker. Fusion’s design combines style and function
to outperform, outlast anywhere you choose.
Fusion is a mix of two worlds, its stylish enough to fit in any home or work
environment and can be thrown into a bag ready for your next big
adventure! Whether that’s a city break, a week on the beach or an
exciting wilderness adventure, Fusion can handle it. Long battery life,
IPX6 rated waterproof the speaker can be fully submerged underwater,
it’s also shock proof to take life’s knocks. A massive 10 watts of power is
big enough for any room but if you want more you can pair two
together to get true stereo sound for a party TURN UP THE BOOM!
Being based in the England we know a lot about bad weather and love
testing everything we do in the worst of it, either on a bike, swimming
in the sea or escaping to the countryside.


Hush. Press the Hush noise cancellation button and this will reduce the sounds around you and amplify your favourite tunes. Maximum comfort by design, fully-adjustable head strap, folding design allowing for all head shapes, finished off with premium ear pads for long haul comfort. The 40mm drivers have been developed for rich bass and a well-balanced sound to suit a wide range of music styles.


Rokpod. My Personal Favorite! Massive sound through nano speaker technology and a passive bass system. Designed to be truly shock and water resistant, with a multi-layered design than makes it rock hard. Features an integrated braided cable, inspired by climbing ropes, that’s strong enough to hang with you on your next adventure.


Wireless Retrobuds. Your everyday buddy…
Compact, tangle free design for easy use and storage on the
go. Uncompromised sound, Boompods sound isolating ear tips are held
securely in place with Boompods uniquely designed integral adjustable
cable. Boompods trademark 3D control ensures quick and easy access
to volume, track and answering calls with inbuilt microphone.


Double Blaster 2. Re-designed from the ground up, Doubleblaster has been working
out! Shhhh mode is smart! Place your hand over the speaker for silence, remove for an acoustic treat capable of shaking your desk.. A new 7watt speaker and chamber channels sound to a Boompods specially developed sub-woofer. Finger recognition on the touch bar controls volume, skip tracks or take calls. Wrapped in a tough IPX6 shell to protect from everyday knocks and spills.

Boompods now has its headquarters in UK, and operations in Hong Kong and China.



The Future (#Gerifiedph Questionnaires)

One of the things I look for companies is its value for accountability to their laborers and employees. I’m quite fascinated on how the company culture is nurtured when it comes to business’ working environment.

Did you know? Girls (more commonly known as the Radium Girls – factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from using self-luminous pigment for painting watch dials) are the reason behind the creation of an organization for the protection of the laborers in their workplace area, the ISO, International Standardization Organization.

Q1: Do you have social responsibility program at the moment?

A: Although, recently launched, 2 years ago in the Philippines, Boom Pods is already available to 40 countries worldwide, and as a British Company, we hold strong and true to high standard and quality of products. We educate factory workers and employees to safety standards and procedures while following protocols and ISO requirements.

And in the future I hope, Boom Pods will not only make life more comfortable with high-end gizmos but also reach out to the community more – scholarships and charity works.

Did you know? According to Google: Different kinds of plastic can degrade at different times, but the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade! That’s a long time for even the smallest bottle. Its a no brainer to think that’ll take forever for a hard plastic to degrade.

Rokpod is love at first site. Rokpod is love at first sight. Hang it, throw it, drench it, it will still do what it do best, provide good quality music – jazz, rock, acoustic or whatever set the aura right. I like the long battery life, durability, design and vibrant color choices – the color alone can lift up the mood! But what if it gets broken? Do we lament and dip it to the trash?

Q2: Do you have post-costumer service center? Where is your factory located?

A: All of our products has a 1 year warranty. For 2 months, it will be exclusively distributed by Globe Telecom. We have service center here in the Philippines. Our company is a British brand, with England design and manufactured in China, just like our phone partner,  Apple.

And in the future, I hope that the company will also open for Android users, as well.

Did you know? A study for the past five years revealed that growing numbers of new gadgets and more people who can afford it has led to an electronic gadget garbage waste to a 63% increased.

As a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I seek for company that is eco-friendly and self-sustainability as well.

Q3: I know you guys hate wire, are you open to switch to solar charges? How do your company manage to lessen your carbon footprints?

A: One of the mandates of being a certified ISO in the industry is by having a proper waste management and standards on plastic and packages.

And in the future, I hope that they will look more onto where factory scraps and electronic spare parts really go or be better, donate it to robotics/electronic schools or reuse it.

Boom Pods is a very promising high-end brand just like Apple, thus my commentary.

The Event: Press Conference and Product Preview

The press conference was held at the Infinity Ballroom of F1 Hotel, BGC last Monday. The founders introduced the latest 5 exclusive products they are launching and opened the platform for question and answer, as mentioned above.

After the press conference, Boom Pods host a product showdown hosted by Mr. RJ Ledesma. The event was also graced by Ms. Leah de Guzman of Globe Telecom and Ms. Aimee Manzano of Mac Power Marketing. The event was also showered with raffle prizes, buffet of scrumptious food and overflowing wine. I gulped down 3 glasses of red wine and a champagne in my heart’s content. *hick*

18742295_1742747045738648_1343175688_o.jpg Major Prize Winner Beth, Mommy Blogger behind Girly Mom Raising Boys on Facebook


Stay tuned for my Rokpod review!


About MacPower

logo1.pngMacpower Marketing Corporation (MMC) is a privately held corporation engaged in the business of marketing and distribution companies in the Philippines and has presence in the market. MMC is among the Philippines TOP 1 Distributor in 7-eleven, Globe, Power Mac Centers, Switch, Lazada, Odyssey, All Day Supermarket and Landmark. It has been in operations for 2 Years.

MMC is engaged in a wide range distribution of food-related businesses, including the manufacture and distribution electronic toys, bags, audio products, wearable’s, photo, mobile and gadget accessories

MMC mission is to bring the best electronics brands, gadgets and accessories, from global market to the Filipino Retailers and Consumer. Our vision is to be the exclusive and the first importer & distributor of unique electronics toys, gadgets & accessories in the Philippines.

Macpower Marketing Corporation aims to bring the best products the Filipino retailers and consumers. We guarantee the features and the high quality standard of products that we represent. Our brands:

  • Belkin, an American brand of consumer electronic devices and accessories including cables, chargers, surge protectors, and mobile accessories.
  • Boompods, a UK Brand of unique and colorful audio speakers, cables, mobile chargers, power banks, headsets and ear buds.
  • Dog & Bone, Australian based brand known for smart cases for tablets and smart phones. Creators of the world’s first topless direct touch screen waterproof mobile case, and the world’s first shockproof wireless charging case military tested with fast wireless charging.
  • Fluxmob, World’s smallest battery backup + wall charger.
  • Homido, smart phone based virtual reality headset from the USA.
  • Lumee, This brilliant front-lit Smartphone case is changing the way people shoot and share social media.
  • Manfrotto, based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range f camera and lighting support equipment including tripods, heads, lighting stands, bags and accessories.
  •  MB Quart Audio, Founded in the 1960’s in Obrigheim, Germany, MB Quart has established itself as a key manufacturer of high quality audio components and speakers.
  • National Geographic bags, lifestyle and photo bags.
  • Onanoff, are the best headphones for kids with built n volume control.
  • Rhinoshield, the world’s strongest mobile case and screen protector.
  • Runtastic, Founded in 2009 in Austria, it tracks your runs, rides and other fitness and sports activities, works with a App for monitoring and a wide array of products from wearables, scales, and armbands.
  • Ubooly, is a magical stuffed animal that talks and listens. Learn while you play with interactive games and play packs.
  • Unu, known as the world’s fastest charging power bank, featuring Ultra-X Charging Technology, significantly increases recharging speeds and saves time.
  • Woodford, quick draw cables for iPhone and iPad products.

Macpower guarantees that the products are of high quality and covered by warranty.

#gerilenmbf: Of Postiche and Tresses

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


You know someone is glowing even when they’re not wearing makeup, or is not even turning their head on you, when their crowning glory is well maintained and healthy-looking… After-all, the scientific study of the human mind when it comes on how the hair actually affects our functions and behaviors are simplified and summed up in a modern cliche we like to call “A Good Hair Day”!

So the million dollar question is, are you having “a good hair day”? Continue reading “#gerilenmbf: Of Postiche and Tresses”

#gerilenmbf: Review on services and products by Goods PH

shop online 1.jpg
Last week, I tried Goods.Ph and purchased some items from their online shop. The shopping experience and the process of purchasing was a breeze – from filling up the online form, to tracking to delivery.
After choosing from these Modes of Payment:

  • CREDIT CARD For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Credit Card with 2 Valid ID’s within 48 Hours otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • GCASH For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip within 48 Hours otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • SMART MONEY For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip with within 2 Business Days otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • CEBUANA LUILLIER For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip with within 2 Business Days otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • BANK DEPOSIT For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip with within 4 Working Days otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • CASH ON DELIVERY For orders P3000 & Above to be processed Bank Deposit of 50% is required. Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip within 48 Hours otherwise order will be Cancelled.

  • PAYPAL For order to be processed Upload Photocopy of Payment Slip with within 48 Hours otherwise order will be Cancelled.

Goods.Ph will then wait for the payment. Your order status indicates “Waiting for Payment”€. If payment is Required for an order prior for it to be processed; or when we have not Received your Payment and need Documentation such as your Payment Slip or photocopy of your ID’s when payment was made through credit card.
I chose Cash on Delivery and via this method, an online representative will call your given number to validate the products to be purchased and the amount to be paid. The agent told me that I’ll be expecting my products 3-4 weeks, and I was like, OK… I ordered in the afternoon of March 02.  But after the weekend, I received messages via text.
Tracking When my order was picked up by the courier, a Tracking Number is generated was send via text message and via email as well. The tracking number allowed me to track and follow my orders in real time. Tuesday, March 07, after 5 days, I already received my purchases, free shipping! So I can legibly say that

My goods came early! Check out #gerilenmbf: Why Shop at @goods_ph?


 The Package: I received a medium size plastic pouch and I was wondering if it already included the bag – and it did! The plastic pouch was half the size of the bag you can see from the photo below.
The bag was folded in half but as you can see from my photo above, it didn’t crease because of the material. The packages are also wrapped properly and covered by separate bubble wraps as well.
My orders:

Women Polarized Vintage Fashion Sunglasses Buy 1 Get 1 Fashion Tree Printed Women Watches Php 259.00

goodsph gerilenmbf.jpg

New Blue Sapphire Silver Jewelry Set Earrings with Necklace For Women Buy 1 Get 1 Retro Oracle Women High Quality Handbag Php 339.00

goodsph gerifiedph.jpg

What else to do but the mandatory OOTD? 🙂

Beautiful hot summer day! As much as I love the pitter patter of the rain drizzling on the rooftop, I also love the warmth of the sun baking my roof deck slab.
#concretebatter #ovensun #gerilenmbf

Shades from #goodsph, nails from #nailaholicslove, top from #hnm. #ootd

Meeting with the architect ngayon, book launch later! #gerilenmbf

Accessories from @goods_ph.

online shop 2.jpg
Check out why you have to shop at Goods.PH here:
The items are in good conditions and was wrapped securedly. The online repres, tentatives are always ready to help, tracking is a breeze and if you haven’t noticed already, there’s a LOT of freebies, discounts and whatnots!

Thank you #goodsph for these! ❤️

Follow Goods.PH on SNS:

#gerilenmbf: Why Shop at Goods PH

Gas and diesel are constantly on hike.

Mall parking fees are freakishly expensive.

Parking spaces are either always full, or unsafe.

Park at your own risk may also mean high chances of rubbing (when double parking), carnapping or plates being confiscated by the authorities (due to illegal parking).

The elusive forever has been found lurking in EDSA.

The above mentions are just some of the obvious reasons why I prefer to shop online aside from the fact that malls are too huge to roam around with running toddlers in tow.

But buying in the internet, with a lot of online stores and shops sprouting in the cyber universe, can be more than a bit tricky; and I had my fair share of bitter consequences of trusting too much and trusting easily (hugot?) especially on online shopping websites, so I created a mental checklist for things to look for.

And if you want to more than just the safe-but-boring shopping online, my recent find website, Goods.PH can give you the unique, perk-packed online shopping experience!

It has everything – the goods (items from men/women fashion, electronics and home appliances, to baby stuff) in its best deals and prices, and these online store must-haves:


1 a secured and established website.

Official Website: https://www.goods.ph

2 a physical identity.

Goods.Ph Main Office is located at 2501 Raffles Corporate Center, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center 1600 Manila, Philippines

Phone: (02) 72-46637/ 570-9858/ 570-9857

Mobile Phone: +63 917-4151041

E-mail Address: inquiry@goods.ph


3 a secured privacy policy

Goods.ph will use your name and other information, ONLY when it is relevant to mutual dealings between the parties, like personal information of the payer provided.


4 an online customer service

Goods.PH Customer Service is open from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM on Mondays to Saturdays and 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Sundays. Live chat support is available at the right lower corner of http://www.goods.ph . You can also email at inquiry@goods.ph


5 and perks!


Goods.PH can really give you the best Online Shopping in the Philippines as it really lives up to its tagline:

Simply Better Shopping

because it got regular sales, discounts and these unique perks:


GOODS REWARDS Membership Program

Every purchase you make comes with a corresponding points system that accumulates.

You can USE these points as CASH to PURCHASE from the Goods.ph site! Plus! You also get to enjoy the EXTRA PRIVILEGES and BENEFITS listed below as an esteemed member.

Get Php 1.00 with every 10 points.

The more you shop, the more you earn points to enjoy the many perks and freebies at Goods.ph!


Refer A Friend Program

1 friend = Php 100 GC

Refer a friend and get P100 Gift Certificate! Invite your friends to sign up on Goods.ph with this personal referral code!After each successful registration, you will receive this fabulous gift certificate without any mininum amount required.

Be a friend, and sign up using my referral code, just click here: https://www.goods.ph/referral.html?code=wqmecp

And since I like sharing, because I believe that sharing is caring, the most attractive and unique feature I like about Goods.Ph is their


Automatic Membership in our Affiliate Program
Earn up to 30% commission by signing up in http://affiliate.goods.ph with a guaranteed lifetime membership.
Goods.PH Affiliate Program:

1st – The affiliate will share the link of the product

2nd – The customer will click the ad and will make a purchase at Goods.PH

3rd – The affiliate network records every details of all the transactions

4th – The purchase will be confirmed by Goods as a valid sale

5th – The affiliate will get the commission through various payment methods such as Bank Deposit, Credit or Debit cards, Paypal and Offline Payments

6th – Repeat and earn as much as you can!

Signing up is easy-peasy. All you have to do is register your email or link a social networking site like Facebook to the website.

What’s more?


Best Online Shopping in the Philippines


Follow Goods.PH on SNS:

#gerilenmbf: Holy Carabao’s Holistic Farm


a six-inch scar across my back… and now that I have two sons to take care of, this scar will be a reminder to not just be thankful for my second chance in life but to always pursue a more optimistic perspective, to appreciate and give back and to look out for healthier choices including quality of friends, work, time and for this particular post, quality food. Sharing to y’all my impromptu poem I made for @holycarabaofarm just today.

In this fast paced lifestyle, my life was a blur

of puyat and stress and a series of burr…

Slave of gluten and food – processed, instant and fast,

a promise of real extracts, and the infamous saturated fats.

That’s why, Oh my cow! Ako ay napahiyaw!

Farm to Family, Holistic Food in Holy Carabao!

You see my heart’s broken, physically

Survived a surgery through a pump of chemical steroids periodically.

Local Organic farm? Growing food from the heart?

It tickles my ears,believing I could restart.

No fungicides and no synthetic pesticides sa soil.

Only means delicious and nutritious food without the spoil.

Parti pris, I’m  a self-proclaimed environmentalist,

I think we are meant to be, you promote to segregate waste!

I’ve been thrown to the abyss, but now I’m in bliss.

I think I found forever in your hearty Holy Carabao dish!


Holy Carabao’s Clean Eats Harvest Box (Php1,500.00)

Stay tuned for more!

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