A Granting Genie in the Adult Realm

Adulting is hard, specially when financial obligations and responsibilities constantly slaps you every 15th and 30th of the month. Yes, you can always accept gifts but sometimes, gifts are a bit of a burden, too. Well, sometimes, I turn gifts into cash by selling it online or on a garage sale, but it always take time, effort and the reality is, it’s hard to turn unwanted gifts into cash when you lack luck.

  1. a spirit of Arabian folklore, as traditionally depicted imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned. – Google

Once I fancy to have an enchanted item that could magically turn into something I need the most – basically to save the day! In my toddlers’ language, it would be like the wandering latina girl’s backpack, some famous clubhouse’s mouseketool; or if you’re a fan of classic stories, you’ll appreciate an oil lamp rubbed thrice; or Ginie Gives if you can relate to a local fast food web-serye.

One can dream, right? But did you know that this enchanted item also exist in the adults’ world? Believe it or not, it is! And we very well knew it on its more popular name, the Sodexo Gift Certificates!

Sodexo Gift Certificate is a Shapeshifter.

Several times over, I had learned the wonderful convenience of having Sodexo Gift Certificates just in the nick of time! And below I’ll share to you my top rewarding experiences whenever I use this shapeshifting gift in the adult world!

It can turn to scrumptious gastronomical discoveries – With more than a hundred participating food & beverage restaurants, having Sodexo Gift Certificates could surely fire your bravery to try a new cuisine and discover a new set of palette. Since Sodexo Gift Certificates are as good as cash, it can be used alongside with your regular discount cards like HappyPlus or Bistro Card, and can usually be paid even for limited time offer deals. From the comforting food of best friend Jollibee to Tong Yang cravings to your Vikings appetite! Everyone can be satisfied with a burp with Sodexo GC!


Sodexo Premium Pass – Ang Gift Certificate ng Bayan!

It can give the most relaxing treat I deserve – I sometimes discover new spa and massage destinations via my Sodexo Gift Certificates. What’s more, it can also be used as payment for hotel staycations – Dakak, Microtel, Subic Bay Yatch Club, and Holiday Inn  for some!

It can open the doors to more road trip adventures – Aside from using it on almost every food and restaurant establishments along the way, Sodexo Gift Certificate can also make sure that you’ll get to your destinations as it can be used on Shell Gas Stations as well. So fasten your seatbelt, gas up and fill your soul with the goodness that traveling can do!

Sodexo Gift Certificate can save the day!

It can make ends meet. – At the end of the day, people just wanted to get by. And during these times of economical crisis and recessions, you can really be a friend in need if you consider giving friends and family Sodexo GC as gifts on their special occasions or just because you remember them.  Read about how you can make hassle-free gifts here.

The best news about this shapeshifting item beside from the fact that it’s so flexible and convenient to use, is that, Sodexo GCs have always been and forever will be valid, and that revalidation and replacement of Sodexo GC’s are free of charge once the validity date is reached. Check out the list of Sodexo Merchants here. 

I sometimes get Sodexo GC as a gift from my relatives, friends and as a token whenever I attend events; and I always keep my non-expiring Sodexo GCs in the back pocket of my planner as an emergency fund.

Sodexo Gift Certificates sustains us especially when my checks are in late-clearing or payments were delayed; and as a freelance designer, these kinds of incidents usually happen more than occasionally, so I always make sure that before heading out, my Sodexo GCs are inside the bag.

As a practical mom, I usually opt to use our Sodexo GC as an emergency fund for grocery items and medicines. Sodexo can be used as a cash payment for almost all the leading supermarket and pharmacy nationwide!

Sodexo GC can really save the day as it can be used to sustain one’s life – from grocery items to curb hunger to paying medicines to heal the sick.

From creating hot meals on a stormy night, to be able to buy the medicine for the sick, to just filling up the tab when I ran out of cash, Sodexo GC got my back and those were surely the most rewarding experiences my family and I had!

Thinking of gifting someone? Give Sodexo Gift Certificate! It’s like giving a them a portable genie that could grant wishes to save the day!

Prize from Hardy’s Wines and Nuffnang Philippines







It really gets better with time! First off, thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines and Hardy’s Wine Asia for choosing my blog entry as one of the consolation prize winner! 🙂

Finally, yesterday, we (hubby and babe) dropped by to their office to get the goodies! You know I’m a breastfeeding momma, so that Rustan’s gift cheque is pretty much the center of my attraction! The box, it’s all hubby’s now! Hehe


The box contain assorted wines from Hardy’s Stamp of Australia, Nottage Hill and VR (Varietal Range).

Shall we have a Hardy’s wine pairing then?

Nottage Hill


Chardonnay – 7.7, full-bodied white wine with tropical fruit and melon flavors

Cabernet Shiraz – 8.0, medium dry red wine with a hint of ripe plum and dark berry

Shiraz – 8.3, dry red wine in classic Australian style

Stamp of Australia


Cabernet Merlot – 8.0, ripe berry and plum fruit with a soft, sweet vanillin oak hint

Chardonnay Semillion – 7.7, citrus fruit with subtle oak and crisp dry finish, perfect with seafood, white meats, mild cheeses and salads

Reisling Guwerztraminer – 6.5, fresh medium dry with citrus fruit, ideal for Asian cusine, white meats and antipasto

Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon – rich mulberry and cherry fruit with vanillin oak and soft finish, ideal for red meat, pasta dishes and matured cheese



Moscato – fresh, sweet with a gentle spritz. Summer fruits, aromatic and lively finish

Chardonnay – 7.7, fruity, medium bodied white. Melon and peach, perfect with pasta, seafood and chicken dishes



Merlot – 8.0, smooth, medium bodied red. Cherry, red currants and plums flavor with velvety tannins and toasty oak notes with a lingering finish

Shiraz – 8.0, soft, medium bodied red. Rich plum and ripe blackberry with a subtle black pepper and soft oak characters best suited with full flavoured dishes

Cabernet Sauvignon – 8.0, juicy, medium red. Rich and generous dark berry with vanillin oak and a linger finish best suited with full flavoured dishes

I’m not so into wine but I do buy a large Carlo Rossi in california red which is 13% alcohol or a Paul Mason in red which is 11%, I’m not quite sure about the exact amount of alcohols in it but it’s definitely higher than 10%. Surprisingly, Hardy’s wines are less than 10% (or atleast that’s what I got) and this made me realize that these wines are for conversations, for socializing and for making great memories.

Again, thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines and Hardy’s Wine Asia for my loot. ❤ My dad and hubby will be having late night sessions for the rest of the week! 😛