Look back at all the Jolly Hotdog “todo sarap” ads from the year!

Starring the “Todo Toppings, Todo Sarap” Jolly Hotdog!

Whether you’re the over-the-top one in your barkada or another friend is, you can always be sure of one thing: Jollibee’s Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog can match you or your friends’ “todoness” with an abundance of extra cheesy dressing, ketchup, and a generous sprinkling of grated cheese on top of an extra meaty sausage.

The “todo” or all-out nature of Jolly Hotdog is exemplified in all its online commercials this year, where there’s always someone who can turn an ordinary activity into an extraordinary one, going over-the-top compared to everyone else. Here’s a look back at these wacky videos that have made fans like, laugh, and share on social media:

The Todo Drama Jolly Hotdog commercial, the first one of 2019 starring popular local actor Joshua Garcia, explores the namesake concept of going all out in dramatic acting. Garcia emotes heavily in front of his friends, who seem to have eaten their Jolly Hotdog sandwiches without him.


The Todo Clingy ad, the second Joshua Garcia commercial, reverses the roles—this time, it’s his friends who are extra dramatic and clingy with him. In the end, they all go for something that matches their “todoness”—the Jolly Hotdog!


The short Todo Wall Climbing video shows a climber struggling to move up, only to see someone else traversing the wall vertically and horizontally with minimal effort.


These ads should make you hungry for a snack right now—and there’s no better thing to have than that Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog from your nearest Jollibee! Indulge and get the Jolly Hotdog for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru in all Jollibee stores nationwide for only PHP 50.00!

#GerifiedPH: #TopYourOwn Jolly Hotdog!

Jollibee has another secret out! Aside from the return of #AmazingAlohaYumburger and the #unbeatabledouble of Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti, the happiest bee now let’s you choose your very own Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog toppings!

Extra cheese, extra jalapeno and extra bacon topping choices now available!

Take deliciousness all the way to the top with a new Top-Your-Own option for the Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog!

topyourown gerifiedph.jpg

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food brand, opens up a whole new world of flavors with its introduction of extra toppings for its best-selling snack offering, the Jolly Hotdog! For a limited time, diners can customize their favorite Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog with carefully selected toppings that add a new dimension of texture, zing, and delight!

This Jolly top-secret product was revealed to bloggers today, October 17th at Jollibee 1000th Store in BGC Triangle Drive, Taguig.

Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog is Php 50.00 only and starting, October 15, you can choose your own toppings from: Extra Cheese, Extra Bacon, and Extra Jalapeño. You can actually choose 2 extra cheeses and an extra bacon, of triple cheese or triple jalapeno!

You can add an extra topping for only Php 10.00! What’s more jolly about this DIY Jolly Hotdog is that, when you add three toppings, you’ll only have to add Php25.00 to enjoy an appetizing combination of crispy, savory, and spicy! What a jolly steal!

These extra toppings go perfectly well with the Extra Cheesy, Extra Beefy flavors of the Cheesy Classic Hotdog! The 100% beef hotdog, Jollibee’s special hotdog dressing, ketchup, and grated cheese all come together to bring unforgettably delicious experience with every bite!

“As a proudly homegrown brand, Jollibee has always taken pride in knowing the Filipino palate inside and out,” said Mr. Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee’s Marketing Director for Core Products. “One of the emerging needs of the Filipino diners is the desire to customize their favorites to their liking. That’s why we introduced the Top-Your-Own Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog that allows them to customize it differently every time. It’s a great spin on their classic favorite, and it lets everyone enjoy it the way they want.”

Mix, match, and share your signature Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog creation on Jollibee’s Official Facebook page (facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines) or tag @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

Since pigs for me are now friends and not food, and I rarely eat pork nowadays, its double cheese and jalapeno for me then!

If you’re too bored in your bland fast food menu, head on over to your nearest Jollibee branch, because there, the options of comfort food is limitless! The Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog and extra toppings are available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide!