#GerifiedPH: Eden Cheese Comfort Food, Creaminess na Umaakap

Life is a roller coaster ride, and it’s not just the destination that matters, it’s the journey itself. It’s a good note to remember that life doesn’t require us to be the best all the time, we simply need to try our best – and that would be enough. Despite all the wrong turns, bad things happening, plans not working, and circumstances that could bring us down, it is important to take a deep breath and remember that there is no such thing as permanent and that change is the only permanent thing in this world.

Yes, sometimes life can bring you down. What do you do when you need a pick-me-upper? Maybe, gathering your friends or confiding in family members helps unload the weight. Sometimes, retail therapy also becomes a worthy cause.

But for most people, sitting in the kitchen and being served with your Mom’s delicious and beloved dishes brings the best type of comfort. Every spoonful of her adobo is like being given a warm and comforting hug at the end of a long day.

Flatlay 2.jpg

This is exactly what Eden Cheese aims to provide many Pinoys today – that extra comfort accomplished by adding Eden to turn beloved meals and recipes even more delicious and comforting.

EDEN: Providing Comfort Through Food

As the number one cheese brand in the Philippines, Eden Cheese has a 33-year long history being part of Filipinos’ lives, even beyond the first bite. Its creamy taste can make Mom’s dishes not only delicious but help enhance the feeling of comfort her cooking provides. Eden Cheese aims to continue giving comfort through Moms’ dishes by sharing creative ways to enjoy your favorite comfort foods,” shares Michelle Gan, Mondelez Philippines’ Category Lead for Cheese in the Philippines. Eden Cheese is a product of Mondelez Philippines and is one of the ways the Company has been creating more moments of joy for the past 55 years in the country.

31577840_1636924049756458_6404756270900838400_n.jpgYours truly with Ms. Dimples Romana and Chef JP Anglo, cooking traditional chicken adobo leveled up with Eden Cheese! Photo Courtesy: Wazzup Pilipinas.

Last May 17, Eden Cheese invited the media for an afternoon of cooking demo with Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa Resto + Bar, wherein we made traditional meals into not only delicious but truly comforting food! Hosted by Ms. Dimples Romana, the event started with a relaxing 5-minute back massage and grazing buffet that will truly satisfy your body’s need – pampering and cravings.

JC always bury his face on my back as he patiently wait for Dabi to fall asleep, so I could turn around and give him a hug every night. Every time I’ll leave the house, JC would stop me by the door so he could kiss and hug me first before good bye. I used to be JC. I kissed and hugged my mom just because. I used to take a deep breath so I could have a good whiff of her scent as I kiss her forehead, a peck on each of her cheeks, even her lips. I miss my mom so dearly…There is nothing comparable to a mom’s ability to make everything better and comfortable, and #Eden very well know this.

Eden Comfort Food Maker and Stories of Warmth

Eden Cheese is bringing closer comfort food to wherever you maybe with their latest brand innovation, the Eden Comfort Food Maker! A kiosk that will suggest the cheesy comfort food you should eat based on your mood – from sad to maddening sad, you’ll get what you deserve a yumayakap (embracing) na creaminess of delicious traditional dishes with a twist of #EdenCheese.

Eden Comfort Food Dishes.jpg


Even if you can’t have your Mom’s comfort food everyday, Eden Cheese has created ways to provide comfort to Filipinos. One way is through the Eden Comfort Food Maker, which is placed at strategic locations around the metro where people often need a pick-me-up like offices, hospitals and bus terminals. The Eden Comfort Food Maker produces a variety of warm and cheesy meals depending on the person’s mood and need – Cheesy Pork Steak, Cheesy Tuna Melt, Cheesy Pork Giniling and Cheesy Chicken Adobo.

More photos of the event here.

Michelle adds, “A delicious meal provides comfort just like Mom’s hug does. Eden Cheese wants to be present at these touchpoints because it’s important for people to know that they deserve this level of ease and hopefully, a stomach full of Eden Cheesy dishes will help them along the way.”

Whether you’re a regular employee needing a break from the demands of office life, or a stranded passenger in the bus terminal waiting for the next available trip, the Eden Comfort Food Maker can cook up a hot, simple dish in just two minutes. Eden will provide comfort to the people who need it through the best way the brand knows how: Your favorite dishes made more delicious and creamier with Eden Cheese.

These efforts will be made part of the brand’s Yakap Stories, a digital series launched in 2017 where Eden Cheese honors the many unsung heroes of today.

Eden is available in 35g (Php 10.75), 165g (Php 48.50) and 440g (Php 125.00) .

To know more, like Eden on Facebook (www.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH).

You may also visit http://cheeseanything.com/ for more Eden Cheese recipes.


#GerifiedPH: Cheez Whiz CheeseVentions

CW flatlay 2.jpgLast week, the boys and I had a cheese-tastic afternoon at Cowcium’s Thickness 101 Workshop with Chef DJ Santos and Mom-baby tandem, Bettina and Gummy Carlos. It was held at the SM Megamall Event Center wherein we were treated with cheesy delights and a “cooking demo” that deemed us to be Certified CheeseVentors!

Posted by Gerilen & Jer Sons on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dabibot’s Leaning Tower of Cheez Whiz

Dabibot’s very first cheesy masterpiece, the Leaning Tower of CheezWhiz! With the toddler-friendly anatomy of easy-to-squeeze-with-nozzle Cheez Whiz, this two-year old cheeseventor just can’t help his self from drizzling gooey cheese over and over again.


The viscous slow-motion effect of the CheezWhiz thickness is mesmerizing to his young keen eyes.

Kulayot’s Cheesy Indian Teepee for Cowcium

A twist to the Indian Teepee, this incident has been the cheesiest, gooey-est Cheez Whiz Cheesevention JC has ever made!


Kulayot’s personalized tepee for Cheez Whiz’s favourite cow, Cowcium is all about drizzling cheez whiz and sprinkling candies.

Cheesy Trees

Nutritious food will not sound boring and bland with a twist of Cheez Whiz!

Juicy, crispy broccoli fries with cheez whiz dip. Kulayot requested French fries kind of broccoli for meryenda. It is healthier and it’s Dabibot approved! And not just broccoli, as long as its a vegetable, be it the green leaves of kangkong, or the long crunchy baguio beans, as long as you have Cheez Whiz for dip, it would be a blockbuster! #beentheredonethat

What makes Cheez Whiz a sure hit to my Jersons?

Aside from being a good source of calcium, which makes it Mommy-approved, Cheez Whiz has

  • Explosion of Flavor! Each thick scoop, dollop, or spread is so packed with flavour, that every bite bursts with cheesy goodness.
  • Super Filling! With its thickness, you won’t just get a fullness of flavour, but also fullness in feeling.
  • One little scoop, one big spread! Because it’s so thick, every scoop goes a long way. So you also get more out of every bottle or pack! Sulit!
  • Partner with anything! Keep the boring away! Another awesome thing about thickness? It’s so easy to spread or put into any type of snack.

More Cheezventure photos here.

Rich in flavor, nakaka-busog, high in Calcium and endless cheesy possibilities! These are the very reason why we keep on making simot the Cheez Whiz till the very last drip on easy-squeeze pack and last pahid of pan de sal on the Cheez Whiz glass jar! Ha! Breakfast, meryenda in the morning and afternoon, even midnight cravings, solved!


#GerifiedPH: Beat the Heat with Jollibee’s Best of Summer Treats with a Kick!

Jollibee never cease to surprise us in offering something new!

This summer, Jollibee is serving the iconic Filipino Summer Dessert, the Halo Halo with a Sundae Twist and the Royal Float! Click the box to read more about these summer treats!

Posted by Gerilen & Jer Sons on Monday, March 26, 2018

What’s more? Jollibee will send you over to Japan for a summer treat with its latest extreme Jolly Crispy Fries venture, the Wasabi Fries!


Posted by Gerilen & Jer Sons on Monday, March 26, 2018

Arigato busaimasu, Jollibee for always having wild-kicking imagination!

Play the video below and see who’s more kilig? Dabibot or Kulayot?

Vote on the comment section below!

So, what’s your favorite in these Jolly treats?

#GerifiedPH: 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 (Little Penguin Pororo Vital Vitamin C)

One of the things my kids dread everyday is me cornering them; pushing them to gulp down brownish syrupy fluid I like to call Vitamin C.


In this age and time, fast-moving people tend to rely on fast-moving food aka the unhealthy almost non-nutrient fast food, and our household is no exemption. We try to eat healthier at home, but there really are circumstances when time isn’t in our side and fast food is a friend. Hence, we don’t normally get the proper portion of vitamins including Vitamin C that we should be getting from the food we eat.

And so are the kids.

Plus, like I mentioned earlier, the brownish syrupy fluid wasn’t exactly mouth-watering.

Did you know? Aside from Vitamin E, the body use and drain Vitamin C everyday.

뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로! 🐧(Little Penguin Pororo)


Pororo is one of the worldwide famous cartoon series and character that originated in South Korea, and Pororo Korea presented quality multivitamin supplements for kids in the form of fun, eco-friendly chewable tablets.

19402303_1777912735555412_2129801308_o.jpg#Kulayot asking for a photo with his Little Penguin Pororo Vital C before going to school.

One of the things I noticed when I showed my kids Vital C is that they don’t tear down the packaging right away. They appreciate the colorful illustrations first, Clyde made me read out the Hangul characters. He even got his notebook and pencil, and tried copying the characters on a paper. When done with satisfaction, he finally ask what’s inside and how does it taste.

Main Ingredients includes:

밀크칼슘, 유산균, 자일리톨, 비타민 C (Milk calcium, lactic acid, xylitol and vitamin C)

This cute Multivitamins is definitely an eye catcher, made for kids and kids-with-Pororo-at-heart! I like that it’s not sweet, it’s sourly-sweet and I thought Dave won’t dig into this, but alas, the toddler has a tooth for sourly treats, I need to hide it from Dabibot, or else he’ll consume them all in one sitting.

19427416_1777937782219574_1103582228_n (2).jpg


SRP: 1 chewable tablet for php20


They’re on sale! 30 Chewable tablets for Php120.00!

Little Pororo Vital C is currently available at www.asianskymall.com.ph and www.yumeimise.net


To make our food habit healthier, aside from packing fruits that are already washed and sliced,, it is also now a habit to include sachets of ready to go Vital C!

매일매일 크는 아이, 매일매일 비타민C! 감사합니다, #VitalPH for sending over cute Korean Vitamins! 🙇🏻‍♀️ 비타민 과 유산균이 사이좋게 쓱쓱 😋

#GerifiedPH: Mommy Mundo’s Mom Day Out!

14232013_1225571080847961_8605456162615201657_o.jpgTo be beautiful means to be yourself.

Photo above is a PLDT Artwork by freelance artist Samantha Abalos, the design depicts how technology influences and truly becomes part of everyone’s digital lives. As PLDT pursues its digital transformation, it constantly evolves to become more reliable, capable, and to better serve customers – that includes mothering in the modern world.


Being a mom starts from conceiving, or bringing up a child with care and affection even if they’re not your own… but once you are a mom, you’ll be a lifetime mom, for it doesn’t stop from feeding, burping, changing diapers, making sure they eat thrice a day and keeping them away from cold and flu.. not even after sending them to preparatory school and later to universities. Motherhood, it’s way more than that.


This event was not about the baby, nor the toddler, nor the teenager; it’s all about the mommy. Surprisingly refreshing, the event break one of the oldest wives tale ever told, shattering the huge proverbial glass wall into tiny insignificant fragments

that good mothers shouldn’t have time for themselves because they’re too busy taking care of her family and home.

Read on and that raised eyebrow and sarcastic glare will turn into a slow but steady nod making your lips smile involuntarily…

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Absolute adds a touch of Disney magic to inspire kids to drink water

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Philippines, promotes a “healthily ever after” for kids in its latest hydration campaign. The use of Disney characters will create an element of fun and excitement, to encourage kids and build on the habit of drinking water regularly.


Disney Princesses – Belle, Snow White, and Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa, as well as other iconic Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen, and father and son tandem Marlin and Nemo will be gracing the decorative Absolute Distilled 250ml bottles. The inclusion of these Disney characters and the positive traits that they embody are hoped to help in imparting the value of drinking water among kids.



The collaboration is in line with Disney’s Healthy Living Commitment, an initiative designed to help make healthy living simple and fun, and inspire kids to lead healthier lifestyles. . This makes Absolute Distilled Drinking Water an ideal choice partner, as it shares the same brand equity and values of endorsing healthier lifestyles amongst families.

“Absolute is a brand that espouses the absolute love between a mother and child, and it’s something best seen when they look after the family’s good health through quality products that share the vision. We are very honored that Disney shares the same vision in this pursuit to promote healthier living among children” said Asia Brewery Non-alcoholic Division- Vice President of International and Business Development, Joseph “Chay” Cruel.

Absolute’s Disney kiddie bottle is an innovative approach to heighten the appeal of drinking water among kids and prefer it over sugary and fizzy drinks. It makes use of the Disney touch to level with young consumers.

The Absolute Disney kiddie bottle is one of its continuing efforts to promote love for the family, by endorsing consumption of clean drinking water that ensures good health.


About Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. It is a member of the International Bottled Water Association, and is also the first and currently the only water brand in the country to receive a National Sanitation Foundation International certification (an independent, global certifying body for food and beverage safety standards).

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteDistilledWater.