The Newest Pampering Place in Cagayan de Oro: Nailaholics SM CDO Premier

You’re stuck in the office—amid the flourescent lights, meetings, deadlines and the humdrum of corporate life.


Sometimes, all you really need to get back in the groove is to get away for a bit. When the mood strikes, get up and head over to our newest nail salon – Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere, where you can get ushered away from the tedium of everyday life and into the relaxing world of pampering.

Set amid beautiful Hampton’s themed interiors, the destination is designed to whisk you off to sandy shores and sun-drenched landscapes with a seaside breeze. Best of all, you’ll be left under the care of Nailaholics’ expert technicians where you can expect to be pampered until your worries melt away.

You may visit us to experience the sincere pampering and nail grooming expertise of our Friendly Technicians. Located at 4th Level, Nailaholics SM CDO Premiere is NOW OPEN.

Book your appointments today: 0933-8581475


Celebrating Two Decades of an Active, Healthy Lifestyle

6,150 young athletes compete at the 20th Alaska Football Cup Championship

Two decades of commitment with the world’s most popular sport, Alaska Milk holds the 20th Alaska Football Cup at the Alabang Country Club in Ayala Alabang Village for a three-day event on November 28-30.

The biggest football event for young athletes attracted players of all ages, from as young as six years old. They have gathered in one venue to participate in one of the longest-running and most successful grassroots-development programs in the local football scene.

“This marks another monumental event for Alaska. We have 410 teams and a total of 6,150 football players together in one venue, all united by their love for football,” shares Wilfred Uytengsu, President and CEO of Alaska Milk Corporation. “It is of great pride to witness how the Alaska Sports Program has engaged young athletes into this kind of culture, and how they live by the values inherent in sports,” he further adds.

The Alaska Football Cup is one of the highly anticipated annual football tournaments for today’s young athletes. The weekend event will be played with more than 800 seven-a-side games, in 29 football fields, and officiated by over 168 fame officials.

School teams and football clubs from all over the Philippines including Masbate, Baguio, Negros Occidental, Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Legaspi, Laguna, Batangas, Bukidnon, Zambales, Pampanga, Tarlac, Ilocos, Bicol, Romblon, Davao Sur, Compostela Valley, Quezon, Cavite, Albay, Pangasinan, Bacolod, Iloilo, Mindoro and Metro Manila will participate.

Alaska on developing the child’s “winning form”

Alaska Milk encourages sports engagement, as it instills the value of determination, discipline, hard work, team work and sportsmanship during the early stages of a child’s life. Participation in sports like football helps them achieve the “winning form’’, which has been Alaska’s goal for children since it launched its first football cup tournament in 1995.

Football provides an active alternative for children in place of passive activities such as watching television, surfing the internet, or spending too much time on social media. The National Nutrition Survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) reported that health issues are best addressed by adopting an active lifestyle along with healthy diet, and regular drinking of milk, at least twice daily.

Sports tournament like this develops the athletic and social skills of participants through healthy competition among the same age group, while it boosts physical and mental development.

Become an inspiring athlete too and join Alaska’s sports programs – Nutrition. Action. Champion.

For general information about Alaska Milk Corporation, visit For general information about the 20th Alaska Football Cup, visit; Like Alaska Milk on Facebook for updates.

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Eat, Train, Sleep, and Drink Up: The Real Secrets of Fitness Success

When it comes to fitness, we always thirst for more, especially in the current health-conscious culture. Where we once were satisfied with quick fix diets, we now thirst for different health regimens, workouts, and fitness routines. However, no matter how many times we switch from one workout to another, we only want one thing at the end of the day and that’s to see the results of all of our hard work.

Believe it or not, many fitness enthusiasts still do not see the results they work so hard for. From the last five pounds to lose to the extra weights to lift, some fitness buffs still don’t see much progress. The truth is, there are many aspects to getting the body we desire, and our workout is just one part of it. Our activities comprise only ¼ of the regimen we need to get the results we want. Read on for tips on finally achieving the body of your dreams.[1]

Eat. When we want to lose weight, the first thing we cut off is food. Not only is this unhealthy, but it also gets in the way of achieving our fitness goals by messing up with our metabolism. Our body needs fuel to work its best. And not just any fuel, we need ‘good’ fuel to function properly. Choose real food based not only on their calorie count, but more for their nutritional value.

Train. It goes without saying that a good fitness regimen will help you lose unwanted pounds. It’s fun to discover a routine that works just for you. It helps when you switch up your workout regimens in order to avoid boredom and plateauing. The more you move, the more you lose, so get on your way.

Sleep. Recovery is an important part of any routine. Exercise is a stressor on the body, and it’s important to recover to achieve the core benefits of any workout. Results are more visible when we’re rested. Recovery is not limited to sleep; it can include a light Yoga or Pilates class, and even stretching. Don’t overtire yourself and learn to recover and rest.


Drink Up. One of the best-kept secrets of fitness enthusiasts is hydration. When the body is properly hydrated, all our functions work properly, thus maximizing each and every workout. This also keeps us fueled all day long, ready for just about any workout.

Gym buffs and the country’s premiere athletes have long trusted Summit Natural Drinking Water as their fitness partner of choice. Encouraging them to always thirst for more, Summit even makes it easier to keep track of one’s water intake through their 2 Liter easy to carry bottle unique to Summit. With this four-step process, and Summit, reaching your fitness goals has never been this easy.

Photo Blog #6: Instagood Dates, Meeting and Pinterest Whatnots

Been longing to post some photos and guess what? It always slip my mind. But hey, finally, it comes forward just as I’m about to log out… 😛

New favorite hot spot – Icings! #killdiet

New coffee madness – Cape de Lipa #beastly

PS – thank you to our friend from Fullybooked! 🙂

Pinned Image

Makes sense, right? #Pinterest

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Always been wanting to make one of this! #Pinterest #knickknacks #memoirs

Throughout the year, write down memories that made you smile. On wedding anniversary, open it up and reread all of the good stuff that made the year wonderful! Awesome tradition to start!

Ciao! 😉

Want more Photo Blogs? 😀

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Date at Fishman, The Fort

After our sunday Kingdom hall meeting, we decided to eat out on our latest favorite food house – Fishman.

Mom and Dad – sweet as ever 😛

My baby and Hubby – looking like twins 😛

And the rest of the gang –  after our sumptuous meals. 😀

Check out the food we order here!

I love our Sunday date out! It’s one of the ways we catch up on each other while filling up our tummy!

And I so can’t wait for our summer trips here and there! Swimming and hiking! I so miss Baguio so much! We will be having our 5-days vacation trip there this Holy Week! Yay!

What are your plans this coming summer? Share ’em!

Chronicles of a Young Wife: What Babies Long For – L.O.V.E.

No need for professional advise or expert’s recommendation, the moment you saw that little bundle-o-joy, you felt it. It was love.

And love is what babies want and need.

(7-months old baby Clyde posing for the camera)

Aside from feeding them with milk, we should also feed them with love. Showing them our emotional care and support boosts their immune system, giving them solid impact and direct advantage when it comes to mental, physical and emotional growth. ❤

How to show LOVE?

– I whisper to him – I LOVE YOU – whenever wherever, breastfeeding, cuddling even when sleeping

– I touch him – massage every tensed baby muscle – tired from crawling all day – using the techniques I learned from

Mommy Mundo’s Mommy On The Floor Event.

– I talk to him about where we’re going, what are we gonna do… sweet-talk him while feeding gerbers, cerelacs and mashed veggies and fruits.

zooming in, this is the cutest, very curious facial expression Clyde has ever had.. so far… hehe look at those eyes!!! and the lips.. lmao #momdoinghappydance #crazyiknow

being cute #yougottadowhatyougottado

– I hum him a lullaby, sing-rap kpops and sign-dance him to kingdom songs…

– I stop-dance him to his favorite Psy’s Gangnam Style, sweet dance him to waltz…

-pray with him before tucking him to bed…

Immediate response to baby’s need, cry and laugh helps build trust and strong bond that I know i will cherishly reap when the time comes. Happy sowing mommies! Keep those L.O.V.E.s coming!

Why not? When babe will reciprocate it with a gummy-drooling wet kisses!

“Your baby is learning to recognize emotions and moods, and finding new ways to demonstrate those feelings. One wonderful example: You might start getting kisses. They may be drooly and gummy at first, but they’ll be just as sweet! When your baby’s bored, you may hear a fretful squawk or an attention-getting squeal.” – so this is what this is all about! 😛 its drooly and gummy indeed!

Ahh… My precious!

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Family Bonding! :D

One of the things that make me happy is our family day. Why? Because family is one of the priceless treasures we should cherish.

Studying the Bible together is one of our ways to strengthen our family ties. Aside from hanging out inside the house together during stormy days and play some classic games or have a movie marathon while sipping chocolates and hotcakes, as much as possible, we try to eat together, so that we could chat and update one another on how our days gone in school, work and with friends. When one member is out-of-town, we always keep in touch, my dad really showed us how important to him to check on us, and that we update him every now and then on where are we, what we do, when we’ll be home. He even gave each of us a post-paid phone. We also love to do picnics during holidays, we love to travel together.

In the end, doing things together as a family really keeps the bond stronger. And personally, I think these traits helped me against peer pressure, and now I’m happy I don’t have vices.

How do you bond with your family? Share yours!