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29214583_1698116993564887_810122070015868928_oI like how sturdy the hardbound covers are. The photo book comes with a paper box for extra protection and it is also bubble-wrapped!

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How does Marian Rivera make Garantisadong Ginisarap dishes?

MARIAN RIVERAMarian Rivera-Dantes is used to playing different characters: Primetime Queen, recording artist, brand ambassador, style icon, and philanthropist. But her favorite roles by far have been those behind the camera: as wife to Dingdong and mom to Baby Zia.
As a modern homemaker, who manages her time between work and
family, Marian has found comfort in cooking as one of the best ways to make her family feel loved and to improve her culinary skills. On her social media pages, the Kapuso actress has posted some of her own culinary creations that range from baby food for little Zia, stews, soups, and veggies. And on days when Marian is short on time, stir-fry dishes have become her go-to choices for easy, yummy meals.
Topping her stir-fry list are Chopsuey and Fried Rice made with AJI-GINISA®
Flavor Seasoning Mix, as seen in the seasoning’s two new TVCs which began airing last June 4, 2017. In both versions, Marian dances and sings to the tune of her hit song, “Sabay-sabay Tayo,’ while she adds AJI-GINISA® to each dish to make them more delicious and “Garantisadong Ginisarap.”
Like Marian, you can also whip up “Garantisadong Ginisarap” dishes – even non-vegetable ones – by adding a touch of AJI-GINISA® to your favorite stir-fry recipes.
Visit http://www.ajinomoto.com.ph/recipes/ and like facebook.com/AjiGinisaPH and
facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH for more dishes to try.
Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is an affiliate of Tokyo-based Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Established in 1958, APC lives by its promise to provide consumers products that will always give the delicious taste to healthy and nutritious meals as embodied in APC’s slogan Ajinomoto® “Eat Well, Live Well.®” APC’s complete line of quality food and seasoning products are produced by international affiliates and local toll manufacturers using Ajinomoto’s license, quality standards and technological expertise. APC’s products include AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, Ajinomoto® Brand Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, AJI-SINIGANG® Cube, Ajinomoto® Brand Chicken Powder, PORKSAVOR®
All-in-One Seasoning Mix, CRISPY FRY® Breading Mix, CRISPY FRY® SEASONED CRUMBS®, TASTY BOY® All Purpose Breading Mix, AJI-SHIO® Seasoning Mix, SARSAYA® Oyster and Sweet and Sour Sauce and “amino Fres-C” Instant Drink Mix.