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Chronicles of a Young Wife: Perks and Benefits of Being Pregnant! :D

So after ranting about the things I hate about pregnancy, I still enjoy the perks of having a bun in the oven that I know I have to share it as well! Are you ready for special treatments? 🙂 Here are the good things I personally experience while carrying this little babe! 😛

  • Will walk cross a busy road and guess what? Cars always slows down and the drivers gestures their hand to let me cross first instead of waiting for the queue of vehicles to pass. I always give a respectful nod and thank you in return. 🙂
  • I can eat whatever I want! heehee All I have to do is tell my hubby, mom or dad what I crave for, do the smoldering and a small pat in my tummy! I usually get what I want as long as my requests are for real! 😀 No DIET! ahahaha
  • I sleep whenever wherever I want! 😀 That’s also one of the perks of being home-based. 😛 There are those silly tired days I slept all day long and just get up when its time to eat or go pee! Slumber party anyone?
  • The worries of getting pregnant and trying to get pregnant is not an issue anymore when doing the deed. It’s all for fun! And wish it could be forever! Naughty much? 😛
  • Whenever I enter a public restroom, like in restaurants and malls, the queue is so long! Women tend to abuse that part of the building (I know you know it too) but people (other ladies and even janitorial staff ) always cut the line for me 😛 I get to skip the long wait hehe there are times when they open up another unused locked up cubicle just for me. I had a lot of thanks skipping my lips lately! 🙂
  • The honor of making and naming another human being. 😀 Well, technically my hubby did the honor of naming the little babe but he’s sharing the glory. And I think, we start a new forever, knowing that a small part of me will walk the earth long after we are gone as long as it’s not yet Armageddon! hehe
  • I always look fab on photoshoots! (or at least I thought) harhar Ok, all the ladies suck in their stomach when the camera snap while I’m happy flaunting my huge tummy! At last, no one will make an insensitive comment about my fats! lol Oh I also wish I could flaunt my pregnant goddess body in a two piece this summer! 😀 Can’t wait!
  • The “boyfriend-is-now-the-husband” is transforming in front of my eyes. Happy and contented to see him turning  from “husband-to-father” when he can’t help himself kissing, touching and talking to my moving belly! ahaha There’s a lot of time I woke up with him talking with my tummy. And since sleeping during pregnancy requires rolling like a dough, I tend to put my back on him and  he’ll beg me to turn around and knowing I wont, he moves on the other side just to face my tummy again! 😀
  • Hubby and I are playing “Guess” with the baby usually at bedtime and before rising. I think its his elbow sticking out. No its the his heels. Oh my that his head! Ahehehe And since hubby is always present during my OB check up, he always mimic how my doc check on my belly and he even try to imagine how the babe is moving inside. We are so fond touching and looking at my belly wave, like when I think he got the hiccups, stretching, somersaulting or just playing around with his umbilical cord.
  • My first ever experience on splurging not for myself and also for someone I haven’t met yet! Oh yeah! The joy of my babys-first-shopping-haul is surprisingly rewarding! Things are definitely cuter when they’re smaller! Tiny little clothes melts my heart. Always!
  • Pregnant Goddess Beauty Package: Strong nails and big boobs! 😀 Some preggers carrying a she will also experience a glowing aura with thick silky hair and smooth skin. Although some carrying a he will have bigger noses! :3
  • I always get the seat in a place crowded or not. 😉 We were just out from the plane and we need to transfer on a shuttle bus going to the airport. People tend to do the trip-to-Jerusalem until they saw my tummy. A foreigner stood up and told me to take his seat while smiling at my tummy. 🙂 In a park, mall wherever, when I want a seat, I just hold my tummy and those sitting around would clear up pretty quickly! 😀
  • Running errands like paying the bills and bank transactions is so easy! The guards and employees politely cut the line for me! 🙂 With smiles in their faces knowing their doing good deeds for the little babe! 😀 Plus, preggers can part the red sea like Moises! lol Just by saying “excuse me” or just by showing off the bumps, the path will be cleared. Really like a domino effect, everyone gets out of your way. I always get help. When I cant reach the top shelf, someone would magically appear whether a co-shopper or an employee to reach out for me since my huge tummy always got in the way. Ohhh.. I felt like a queen! Ahahaha
  • If you’re like me who track baby’s weekly progress, then you’ll also feel the continuous sense of accomplishment. It’s like a project “make a small human” with check list. The hearts’ pumping; check! Kidneys functioning; check! Fingernails growing; check! etc etc.I always talk to my babe like “hey babe, your ears are in place already! and I know you can hear me, oooh you’re stretching again? That’s my right rib, you know…”
  • I was watching TV when I yelp! I think that was when I’m 5months preggy and I think he jumps or hops inside! Ahahaha I was surprise to think he could do that already. And as he grows big and more active, I privately smile and give my belly a pat when he squirms. Always takes my breath away! I can say its our secret way to communicate, you know when I’m hungry so does he, when I’m happy or sad, so does he, (knowing this) I always try to keep a positive mood.
  • Dreaming! Oh yeah! When your pregnant, you have to try to always be on the positive happy thoughts. Hence, you should not or at least avoid people who can stress you out or bring you down. Dreams are intense and vivid and out of this world, you might not understand and couldn’t even believe who or what you dream about! Day dreaming about someone calling you “Mom” and can’t wait to hear him call my significant other “Dad”!
  • I squeeze ‘imagining the future’ in my hectic schedule! Spending so much day dreaming about the babe, trying to dig onto my head which nursery rhymes, children’s songs, lullabies and other kiddie stuffs I would share with my little one! And guess what, just this morning, I woke up with the radio on and hubby singing to it, the song title: ABC’s! The babe still in my belly and these are the songs floating in the air, we are so not excited! lol 😀 Aside from songs, we are excited to teach him his name, full address, how to introduce his self, learn to spell, count, write, read, and do some math like square roots and quadratic equations, etc etc.. 😛
  • I’m the Apple-of-the-Eye! My hubby’s more sweeter than ever! Mom and Dad babying me. Siblings doing me favors. Friends and family always checking me out, more often! 😉 People always look at my stomach, and sometimes they can’t help themselves patting my belly. At first, i felt awkward about it, but I learned that they are just genuinely excited about my baby so I just let them, I bet the tiny little bean made their day bearable if not happier hehe and they made my day too knowing, people close to my hearts are overwhelmed just like me. I’m not alone, I got their backs! 😉
  • I focus more on myself, thinking that taking care of myself means taking care of my babe. I try to eat healthier: nutrition during pregnancy and high dessert supplements, drink more water and uber careful on what I eat and drink. Even my family tends to be more health conscious these past few months, especially to me, the baby really makes the family happier, stronger and healthier! 😀

Nine months of fatigue, heartburn, bloating, swollen ankles and backache would mean nothing in the end when my womb would be empty and my arms full of baby! 😀 At the end of every favor, I pat my tummy and whisper “Thank you Babe!” and now I always make it a point to help other pregnant woman in a similar situation. Do you have any other perks you’ve experience during your pregnancy?

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Leaky Breasts During Pregnancy

I’m 25 weeks pregnant 6 months going 7, nearing my third trimester, when I notice something wet!

My breasts are leaking! Especially the right side! I was not really that paranoid about it but when it does happen, mostly in the afternoon until early at night, but I find it uncomfortable. Seeing wet spots on my shirt isn’t cute! I felt the dampness and when I touch my shirt with my fingers, I can squeeze the wetness out of it! It doesn’t smell and looks colorless but when it dried out, it looks yellowish, and my boobies are tingling and itchy!


Chronicles of a Young Wife: Nutrition During Pregnancy

In my journey of having a tummy like this:

I’m full of excitement like “Hey baby, come out! I wanna play with you right now! I mean not yet, you’re not yet due! But please make it fast! I wanna snuggle you up!”. I can’t wait to see my baby! BUT I have concerns too. And I learned the basic of what to expect when it comes to nutrition during my pregnancy. If before I could “abuse” myself in some tolerable level like sleeping super late at night, eat junk foods and skip meals…

Now, I must get myself ready on being disciplined and religious when it comes on nutrition.

First, drinking my prescribed medicines.  I took the vitamins my OB prescribe me which includes a multivitamins and minerals specially made for pregnant women, folic acid for my little bean, vitamin E to avoid or at least lessen the future stretch marks and to make my growing skin more elastic and IRON to avoid anemia.

Note: I’m sharing what my Doc told me, and please do not self medicate. Every preggers should always have a prenatal check up every month in a health center or private clinic or both. 🙂 Make sure to follow what the Doc has to say because we are all different. And it’s always fun to learn the weekly progress of your little bean and makes you worry less when you confine your doubts and questions to your trusty OB. 🙂

Aside from the prescribed medicines, there are important nutrients that pregnant women should get from the food we eat like fruits and vegetables. So far, I crave for these goodies and its so good to know that:

strawberries are rich in folic acid
kiwi is enriched with double the vitamin C of oranges and 6 times more vitamin E than apples!
longan which means 'dragon's eye' is extremely sweet, juicy and is said to invigorate the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and have a calming effect on the nervous system

Important nutrients pregnant women should be-friend with are:

Fiber – improves digestion and prevents or lessen constipation can be found on fruits , vegetables, wheat and cereal.

Iron – helps in aiding increase supply of blood to the fetus and own body. Iron can be found on fish, seafoods and vinegar. My Doc told me to eat fish with scales and avoid bottom feeders because no-scale fishes are high in lead.

Folic Acid – helps increase metabolism and red blood cell formation

Carbohydrates – provides extra energy, since our inside are busy prepping the baby 😛 Can be found on rice, pasta, corn and potatoes. Mind you potatoes are the best carbs! 🙂

Protein – helps in fetal growth and increases blood volume. Aside from meat and fish, protein can be found on milk, cheese, nuts, eggs and yogurt!

Calcium – humans cannot create its own calcium and the baby is dependent on our calcium to build bones and teeth. Hence, Calcium is important to mom and baby! This can be found on milk and other milk products like cheese.

I take milk formulated for pregnant women, it tastes good, available in different flavors and is a good source of Folate, DHA, GA and Vitamin B6 which helps me reduce the effects of nausea! 🙂

As for my case, I took the instructions very, very seriously but even though, there are times when I failed to drink meds because of my hectic schedule, sudden changes of priorities, stress at work, or for whatever reason. At first, I felt bad about it, guilty at most. But I realized I should not fret, I am taking good care of this little baby and hey! Women get pregnant for centuries even in times when there’s no doctor to prescribe or consult yet! *winked*