Pampers, Lazada, and Hundreds of Babies in Southeast Asia to Co-Create Record-Breaking Video for Super Brand Day

A 42-minute virtual #babymarathon and exclusive product offers await shoppers on Super Brand Day on August 29!

The Asian Games are here, bringing with them a flurry of excitement to fans all over the continent! But while we expect the best athletes to show up, we keep overlooking the most skilled players – our babies.

It’s no secret that babies are unstoppable at play. In fact, they can run the equivalent of a marathon in a week! The only thing hampering their fun: wet, lawlaw diapers. To  showcase   our babies’   prowess,  Southeast  Asia’s   biggest   e-commerce  portal   Lazada   and  the world’s   top   selling   diaper   brand   Pampers,   are   joining   hands   to   produce   the   first-ever   virtual #babymarathon.


This one-of-a-kind feat is part of the Pampers x Lazada Super Brand Day, which will take place on August 29. For one day only, Super Brand Day allows consumers to discover the best of what a brand offers, which includes exclusive gifts, limited offers and even offline experiences.

Be Part of the Record-Breaking #babymarathon The 42-minute #babymarathon video montage, which will be aired on August 29, will feature hundreds of babies and toddlers in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore, all “running” in a relay race. In the final video, parents may even find their children racing alongside Seve, son of Filipino celebrity and Pampers ambassador Toni Gonzaga.

Ready, get set, go!

All diapering babies aged 5 months and above are welcome to join Lazada and Pampers in creating this one-of-a-kind record! The virtual #babymarathon featuring the little athletes who joined across Southeast Asia will be aired on Lazada on Super Brand Day on 29 August.

You can join the fun in two ways –

– Take a video of your baby walking, playing or running about in their Pampers diaper and post it using this link, with the hastags #babymarathon and #PampersxLazadaPH

– You can also join our professional crew at Gymboree Greenbelt 5 on August 27, 2018, to film your little one in action during the #babymarathon celebration. Register in advance at this link.

Not all videos can be featured in the 42-minute video montage. But the most liked videos will win a cash prize of PHP30,000 or 6-month supply of Pampers diapers.

Join a marathon of Pampers Deals on Lazada

To help babies enjoy their weekly marathons free from wetness and the discomfort of lawlaw diapers, Pampers has put together a series of exclusive offers on 29th August 2018:

Starting from 12am midnight, there are promotion offers up to 35% off on Pampers Baby Dry Newborn Diapers and PHP100 discount vouchers for minimum PHP3000 purchases, which are limited to a 1000 units only.

Lazada’s   Group   Chief   Business   Officer   Robin   Mah   said:   “We   are   proud   to   be partnering   with Pampers,   one   of   the   world’s   leading   diapers   brands   for   Super   Brand   Day   to   showcase   the unstoppable energy of babies while offering moms exclusive offers and delight. It is also a chance to spotlight their babies through fun experiences.”

Akhil Meshram, Pampers Philippines Brand Manager said: “Pampers recognizes that one of mom and baby’s biggest frustration are sagging diapers, and how this can affect babies’ ability to move and learn from their surroundings. The #babymarathon is part of our My Baby Can Do That Campaign, where we hope to show how babies can do nakaka-WOW and amazing things when they have the freedom   to  move,   especially   in  a  less   lawlaw   diaper.   Lazada,  given  its  massive   footprint  across Southeast Asia is the ideal platform to amplify our efforts.”

For more information on Super Brand Day, visit and its social media pages.




For more information on Pampers, visit and its social media pages.



About Lazada Group

Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia   –present  in  Indonesia,   Malaysia,  the   Philippines,  Singapore,   Thailand  and   Vietnam.  As  the pioneer of  the   eCommerce  ecosystem  in Southeast Asia,  Lazada   has  155,000  sellers and 3,000 brands serving 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions. With 300 million SKUs available, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers   multiple   payment   methods   including   cash-on-delivery,   comprehensive   customer   care   and hassle-free returns through its own first and last mile delivery arm supported by approximately 100 logistics partners. Lazada Group is majority owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).

About Pampers®

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Every day, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pampers. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers and pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development. Visit to learn more about Pampers products, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.

#GerifiedPH: Goodbye Law Law, Go Galaw with the New Pampers Baby Dry!

Dabibot has been using Pampers since birth, and we never thought it could even possibly be better! And guess what, it did!

Introducing the Gift of Go Galaw Mornings with the New Pampers Baby Dry!

Hands-on mom cringe at he sight of saggy diapers, but there’s really more to the lawlaw than you think. Pampers, the trusted brand committed to your baby’s comfort and care, helps with your baby’s happy, healthy development by giving you lesa lawlaw diapers.

The much loved magic gel channels found in the Premium Care line will be available in Baby Dry Taped and Pants variants. Less Lawlaw means more freedom of movement!

28584256_2070864886260194_1153353968_oNew Pampers Baby Dry Pants has the same design, in here its a kitten with a kite, but with support lines drawn – no more diaper sag!

Studies have shown that learning to walk without any bulk in the body may be the best for baby’s motor development. All that bulk in lawlaw diapers compromises balance as he or she learns to walk. Moving, playing, and walking are crucial for a baby’s growth and development. Unrestrained movement allows babies to discover the world, and learn like there’s no tomorrow!

28548147_2070865142926835_179705198_oCriss-cross design to keep the pee in place and the magic gel intact on its place.

When babies pee, wetness is often accumulated in a single spot on the diaper. This causes the lawlaw! Moms know that when a diapers sags, it’s full and time to change. The diaper is wasted because all the wetness is concentrated in one spot, instead of spread through the whole diaper. The accumulated wetness increases the likelihood of leaks so if a diaper easily sags, moms end up changing the diaper more often and spending more.

With magic gel channels, Pampers will allow moms to get more bang for their buck! Moisture is absorbed faster and more evenly so they change less and save more! Bye Lawlaw, Hello Go Galaw All the Way With the New Pampers Baby-Dry! Pampers understands that lawlaw is a major problem for moms and babies alike. This is why Pampers will be introducing a new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry, now with magic gel channels. These new cores absorb wetness faster and distribute it evenly throughout the whole diaper preventing sagging. This not only offers overnight and dryness but makes the diaper thinner and drier, putting an end to lawlaw, and promotes unrestrained movement for your baby.

As these are your child’s most crucial years, it’s important to make sure they are provided with only the best products – especially qualiw diapers! Choose the new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry for less lawlaw and go galaw mornings! That way, baby is kept dry and comfort for a longer time, less diaper changes in between is needed, and most of all, you can finally focus on quality bonding time with your baby, as he moves and learns to go galaw.

#GerifiedPH: Pampers and Mommy Luncheon Meet Up

21016003_1501050886604833_4089161122887195411_o (1).jpg Pampers guarantee babies superior skin protection to ensure restful sleep and happier mornings!


Pampers held a Luncheon Meeting with mommies at Single Origin BGC last September 7, wherein friends from Pampers and Procter & Gamble share Pampers history, Pampers innovation through out the years and why Pampers is truly the sulit diaper for moms and little ones!

Did you know? Pampers created the first ever disposable diaper in 1950.

Pampers is dedicated to every baby’s happy and healthy development, they partnered with several companies and organizations world wide to make this a possibility to as many babies as possible. One of their partners includes Unicef which is known in supporting and defending the children’s right. And one of their rights, to have a long uninterrupted sleep!

Diaper is one of the most important newborn and baby must-have because for one, no other product touches baby’s skin as frequently as diapers!

Did you know? Over 2.7 Billion diapers are worn by babies in the Philippines!

In the Philippines, Pampers is active in thier socio-community services which includes informative presentations to moms with newborn in several hospitals. They always are up and ready to upgrade innovations just like their latest Japanese innovation – the Pampers Best in the World, Pampers Premium Care.

My verdict?

21248158_1509893805720541_7768340168624449151_o.jpgPampers is the best in the world!

Cheaper by the Dozen

Common for first time moms, to looked at Pampers, decisive to buy it for baby but then looked at the price tag, and back out. Don’t fear the price tag because although one pad of the leading brand is Php 6.75 only, while Pampers is at Php 7.16. Pampers may looked expensive at first sight, but friends from Pampers do the math for us, and guess what?


Yes, Pampers in the long run is cheaper than the cheap leading brand more or less Php4625.00 per annum! What’s more? Aside from being wise-financially, you won’t sacrifice baby’s comfort with Pampers!

Healthy Sleep equals Happy Baby

Sleep contributes to a person’s well being, that goes the same to adults and babies! Sound sleep is associated with more positive feedback – sociability, good mood and physical & cognitive development. Pampers no-leak diaper is a sure way of keeping the baby sound asleep.

A Dry Baby is a Happy Baby

Baby’s skin is protected with Pampers because it locks in moisture and hence, keep the sensitive skin dry.

As Soft As Silk

Pampers Premium Care wraps your baby in all around silky softness.

Absorb Away Liner*

Pampers Premium Care has a specially designed topsheet which can absorb runny mess. It reduces skin irritation and prevents diaper from sticking to skin. 

Magic Gel Channels

Thanks to our new gel channel design, Pampers Premium Care absorbs and distributes wetness even better than before. So say goodbye to saggy diapers!

360⁰ Breathability

Pampers Premium Care features breathable micropores in its backsheet. This allows wetness to evaporate, helping keep baby’s skin dry.

Skin Protection Lotion

A light layer of baby lotion has been applied to create an extra layer of care for your baby’s skin, especially at night.

Wetness Indicator

No need to take a peak, just wait until the yellow line became blue for diaper change.

My favorite Pampers TVC got me LSS-ing for all these years.

I guess this is also one of the reasons I like this stuff toy we named Pengel, because of my love for this witty dancing elephant!

28800_124479984249915_7777836_n.jpgSpot something blue.

Let the fresh air in, even when he is inside the diaper. Isn’t it great to see your baby enjoying the fresh air while he discovers the world? Fresh air is not only something he enjoys, it is also beneficial for his skin. Pampers Premium Care with 5 star skin protection has a breathable cover that lets fresh air in and humid air out, helping to maintain his skin in its ideal condition.

Be financially savvy without compromising your baby’s comfort and dryness, use Pampers for your baby!

#GerifiedPH: Millennial Moms Ph’s #MomTribe Meet-Up for First-Time Moms

It takes a village to raise a child.


The quote above was an old African proverb originated in Igbo and Yoruba now commonly known as Nigeria; it depicts the importance of an entire community in its active role in contributing to the rearing of one’s child.

Photo on the left: #Dabibot munching on a peeled carrot. Instead of eating chips and deep fries, toddlers can munch on finger food like carrots, cucumbers and parsley. Just make sure that the toddler is always under an adult supervision.

One of my determined goals when I was a first time parent, was to breastfed my child exclusively for the first six months of his life and then, let him self-wean. It was a success. That is what I’m doing now for my second child. But my first-time mom journey wasn’t all wet kisses and tight hugs, and I can’t tell it is now that I’m a mom of two little gentlemen. I still have a lot to learn and I’m opening my mind to it; aside from wet kisses and tight hugs, I’m so ready for that still-hot poop and sour pukes, especially now that I got a millennial tribe behind my back.

Millennial Moms are mothers who were born between 1978 and 1994.


The quote above was what came into my mind the moment I learned about this offline meet up – a transition into the modern era that Millennial Moms Philippines summed up to be hashtag #MomTribe.

Millennial Moms Ph

Millennial Moms Ph provides an offline avenue for moms to SHARE, INSPIRE and CONNECT with other moms in a workshop or seminar type of events  where they advocate to help and teach millennials parents to be good in keeping their homes and family in a good state – just like how women of tribes do to cultivate and nourish the village. Hence, moms would love to work inside the home.

  • To be good homemakers
  • To survive when maids are not around
  • To train and guide helpers in the household


The #MomTribe Meet Up event held last June 24 was very laid back. Breastfeeding moms are everywhere. Crying babies and laughing running toddlers was a norm and no one judged anyone.

19396684_1441211965922059_4998812595384145849_n.jpgOn our way to the event, Dabibot fell asleep after breastfeeding.

Everyone was welcomed and understood. I feel like I belong… I didn’t bring my toddlers with me because the hubby is gracious enough to make pasyal the kids in the mall while I’m in the event but I like how moms with crying babies for the first time will not look others in the eyes apologetically – I wished I brought Dabibot.

I love how everyone was whispering that the baby’s is cute, so chubby. Humbly excusing and proudly excused were the exchanges of the conversation – babywearing, using strollers, breastfeeding, bottle-fed, mix feeding, using disposable diapers, cloth diaper users. Just a smile and a nod, no mommy shaming.

Everyone was dog-eyed seeing the babies cue or smile. And everyone gasp when a baby smacked her face on the table.

Finally, an avenue for moms.

The event was hosted by millennial mom behind the Millennial Moms Ph, Ms. Dette Zulueta. She introduced us to the Mom Tribe Community, its advocacy and its sponsors that made the event possible.

Then we were grouped into four. The Super Moms, the Hot Mommas, the Anata Hearts and the Wonder WoMoms (our group). We introduced ourselves to each other and talked about our backgrounds.

19437661_1441201149256474_7835238445709402408_n.jpgMommy Rich, Mommy Amy and Mommy Kath during our Introduce Yourself Activity.

In our group, one’s a nurse, two are full-time moms, two are mom-prenuers and one corporate mom. Like a good mix, we learned and picked something from the other. It was really a refreshing intimate conversation for me after years of only talking to the drooling infants – I’m a work at home mom, afterall.

I didn’t get the chance to get a decent photo, the lactating treats from SugarSensationsPh went down the throat in less than a minute. I saved the lolly for later.


Aside from the group activities, Asian Parenting held a human bingo.


One of the things I learned the hard way is that when you are young, you are idealistic, but as you age, you should embrace the reality as well. One of the things I do to fight against the pressure of idealism is by practicing Stoicism – the art of not giving a care to people and circumstances that doesn’t help or improve you.

I never had a night life. Other moms in the group also has a limited social life after having the baby – and like a said earlier, everyone was refreshed on finally talking to another adult after a year of baby talking. Personally, one of the things I can’t do now is to travel alone. I don’t have anyone to leave the kids with and I’m a breastfeeding momma who hates pumping – add that to the equation and you’ll end up knowing I breastfeed even during my site inspection visits.

Usually, just an encouragement and affirmation that it’s okay, everything will fall into place is all I need to keep on striving and moving forward.


The #MomTribe held last Saturday and the future #MomTribe events was and will be held at Makansutra, 2nd floor of SM Megamall.

It rained prizes and gifts from sponsors like PLDT Home Fibr, Bite Lock, Smart Steps, Baby Company and a sample giveaways and live demo from Pampers.

More photos of the event here.

#MomTribe Meet-Up Schedule for the next few months are as follows:

August 12, September 16 and October 14, 2:00PM to 4:00PM at Makansutra, SM Megamall. Stay tuned on their official Facebook Page:

and join the tribe here: 

Other Social Networking Site:

Blog –
Instagram –

#GerifiedPH: Neonatal and Premature Infant Skincare

You’re preparing yourself to be patient in a waiting game called Pregnancy that usually take 40 weeks before meeting your new bundle-of-joy, but then, for whatever reason, the baby arrived too early.

Now you enter the world of preemie babies, you need all the support and guidance you can get while taking on this journey with your little baby. It’s overwhelming – an unknown water, so brace yourself – take a deep breath and exhale. Release everything that you’re holding in and plunge!preemies_still03.jpg

Read more to learn more about Preemie Care by Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc.  Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Neonatal and Premature Infant Skincare”

The Care that Preterm Babies Deserve

Everyone knows that newborn babies need special care. It almost goes without saying that babies who are born preterm should get the same special care and a little more.


In the Philippines alone, an estimated 15 million* babies are born before they complete the 40 weeks of gestation required for a normal delivery. While technology has advanced to a point that we can provide the best possible treatment for preemies, preterm birth complications are still the leading cause of death among children under 5 years old. It has been the cause of almost 1 million deaths in 2015—three-quarters of which could have been prevented through various interventions that mothers and medical practitioners should be aware of.

On June 22 at Shangri-la at the Fort, Pampers Philippines hosted an intimate media event to begin the conversation on premature birth in the Philippines. Alongside the screening of a video in collaboration with film genius Pepe Diokno, Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc., spoke about the realities that preterm birth present. “Preventing complications from preterm birth, of course, begins by making sure that you have a healthy pregnancy. But for whatever reason that preterm birth occurs, know that there are essential care guidelines that you can do to ensure the strength and development of your baby,” begins Ms. Bambi.

The first months of a baby are the most delicate and crucial stage in their lives. It is important that parents consider not just the practical aspects—like proper medical interventions—for your newborn, but also the emotional ones. For instance, something as simple as providing comfort through skin-to-skin contact, often referred to as ‘kangaroo mother care’, is critical to development, as is frequent breastfeeding.

One seemingly mundane element in the care of preterm babies covers both the emotional and functional needs of a baby: changing their diapers.

The simple process of diaper changing offers parents a rare moment to connect and bond with their baby despite the challenges they are facing. Preemies have sensitive and fragile skin. They require extra gentle care so even the diapers they use should be made with the softest, driest, and best quality materials.

“Preemies are more sensitive and prone to infection. Unfortunately, because they were born pre-term, it’s inevitable that they will be exposed to negative touch: uncomfortable tubing, physical examinations, blood tests, IVs, and unnecessary repositioning. And this is where Pampers comes in,” adds Jan Ang, Marketing Manager, Pampers Philippines.
Although preemie diapers are not yet fully available in the Philippines, starting this conversation on pre-term birth is a necessary first step. As a recognized and trusted brand worldwide, Pampers strives to not only innovate products gentle for babies of all skin-types but also would like to bring forward the issue of preterm birth in the country.

“By creating awareness, providing information, and revolutionizing products, we hope to make a difference in the lives of medical practitioners, parents and most importantly, babies,” ends Troy Bautista, Assistant Brand Manager – Pampers


About Pampers®
For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Every day, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pampers. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development. Visit to learn more about Pampers products, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.