Chronicles of a Young Wife: Versatile Toys

There are toys, and there are versatile toys. Toddlers learn more when they are having fun. How else to do it but by having versatile toys. This kinds of toys are helpers; toys that will teach them.


Just like these toys from Tahanang Walang Hagdan. I’ve talked about these for quite a while now and we (the toddler and I) still is loving it.

Toy blocks help kids develop their physical aspects such as large and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, ability to analyze if the blocks would fit or fall down (this will give them a head start on following orders). It also help creative juices to  start spilling  when the opportunity to create something without limits is presented. When playing with others, it encourages them to make friends. Interaction and imagination together with other kids makes them sociable; this will be a good start to have a stronger form of quality relationship with friends and loved ones when they become adults. What’s  more? You could count the blocks, match them, group them by certain number. It will help them learn colors, shapes, sizes even math depending on which blocks you are using. The possibilities are endless when it comes to toddlers intellectual benefits.



What’s good about these toys are that they are made of wood. Easy to clean and sturdy. Big pieces – so no choking hazard and Clyde could pass these to Dave still looking brand new.

It’s heartwarming to know that when you buy toys from Tahanang Walang Hagdan, you also get the opportunity to help others as well.

MBF: Milna Toddler Instant Pudding

Last Wednesday, Kalbe International and Mommy Ginger of Manila Workshops invited mommy bloggers to this fun, intimate and (sure is) memorable afternoon of quality time with our toddlers.

Clyde busy perfecting his #abstract #art#masterpiece#nighttime!

This is where they introduce and launch the newest brand of Kalbe International – Milna! I will talk more about this yummy brand on another post because in this MBF episode, I will just focus on Jerson Clyde’s apple.

One of the things that come to mind when I hear the word dessert aside from the obvious ice cream and cake, is pudding. There I said it, pudding – I like to think of it as an old kitchen tale, err, recipe (tipong era pa ng King of England na si Lord Henry the 8th of 1500s).  Since I don’t know how to cook, I searched and learned online (thank you, Google buddy!) that pudding is formed by mixing grain products with binder that forms a solid mass. Awesome balls!

Clyde with his favorite construction vehicles (which apparently means all of them), his favorite books and with his new favorite snack, @milnaphilippines#MilnaToddlerPudding! #raiseareader#lovemommyhood #milnaph

Bonding moment of the day: #diy #toddler #puddingfrom #milnaph!

The mandatory How To:

Items neededmolds – to make it more fun, we replace silicon moldings and choose different shapes from his toys. If you want to do it too, make sure that you clean the shapes completely, including hard to reach corners. Kung wala kang molds and shapes, pwede na din sa ice cube silicon ng ref (naisip ko nga next time sa ice cube silicon ko ilalagay and lalagyan ko ng toothpick para pudding popsicle na siya!) #genius medium to large size bowl – for easier mixing especially if you will let your toddler do the mixing

mug (for measuring 300ml) but since I want to make it more fancy, say hello to our juicer’s beaker

fork (for mixing, pwede din spoon or chopstick para Asian, whisk kapag sosyal) and small ladle (for pouring)

Hot water
@milnaphilippines #MilnaToddlerPudding
Sugar (as needed)

Pour hot water

Mix the powder until completely dissolved (in less than 3 minutes)

Pour on moldings

Easy, fun to do, delicious! If you’re a sweet toothed mom, good luck to your kid! lol Kidding aside, be careful on hot water to avoid scalding.

Hindi ko pa naalis lahat sa mold, gusto na niya kainin! Ganon kasarap!

What’s more is that it’s packed with

Inulin – a mineral that helps maintain healthy digestion

calcium – to support and help develop strong bones and teeth

protein – for tissue and muscle development

10 vitamins – for optimum growth and development

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Pantothenic Acid

making this pudding a healthy snack! Now, you have another reason (yet again) to let the toddler have a dessert. Kung gusto mo share pa kayo, tutal it’s for kids 1 year and up. Pwede din sa mga sweet toothed and kids at heart. In our case, simut in less than 5 minutes! Parang mas matagal pa namin siyang ginawa kesa kinain? lol

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Dave’s Funhouse

Clyde’s first day of trial preschool at Preschool at the Fort is not a total success. He did have fun but his social skill needs improvement very badly. It’s partially my fault like I said here, because we stay at home alone most of the time and when we’re out, he usually plays with an adult – hello fellow engineers and architects! Having said that, we need to help him out on his social skills, and I suggest that we could start by letting him play outside. So far the best way we could come up with is by letting him play on fun houses like Dave’s albeit expensive.

This Dave’s Funhouse was located at the 3rd floor of Market! Market! This playhouse was quite small compared to others which we prefer –  manageable, easy to guard. The entire house was well-lit and the mini roofs are dainty with the name of their establishments. I love these small ceilings and the detailed corners.

There are at least 3 staff attending the kids and 1 at the counter who attend on kids too whenever the counter is free. What’s more comforting other than Clyde will have so much fun in here, is that it is the staff are friendly with long patience on kids that are good in making tantrums when the time ran out and that the children are secured. They have a state-of-the-art security when it comes to collecting your kid. The adult whose fingerprint was used to enter the child must also be the adult to get him. Here are some of the evidences that Clyde had so much fun.

on bike


Clyde inside Biggy’s supermarket

He is serious on choosing which banana to get. Must be ripe and yellow.

At the Check Out Counter

Giving out dine in order

Tita Beth’s orders. Really Tita Beth? How healthier can you get? 😛 (there you go, if you’re asking who’s inside with him)

Clyde inside the mini house. That watermelon looks juicy! now you’re learning his favorites!

The kitchen is a mess! A big mess!

I really want him to share his toys and play around with other kids. Sometimes he makes ice cream and give it to a random kid nearby and on the other, he and another kid’s tugging on a cookie in spite of other cookies in the playroom. Sigh. I still let him be, he is only three. I’m praying and hoping he’ll grow out of it. I think he’ll outgrow it. Is he a certified spoiled brat or just have a spoiled behavior? I think it’s the latter. There are times that what he is having should be present to everyone else’s hand – like a stick-o, or a grape. And he will not leave you alone until you bite or chew what he has given you, according to friends and family.

Back to Dave’s, I think it is a safe place for socializing. You could leave your kids there while you shop and it’s nice to know that Dave’s has a secured high-tech way of releasing kids. Next time, he is keen on trying out Kevin’s Toy and Library. I think he won’t be disappointed. 😛


3RD BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES (BFEP), the country’s largest consumer trade show for Baby, Kids, Pregnancy, and Parenting Products and Services, will be held from September 5 – 6, 2015 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

BFEP 2015_Event Poster

The most anticipated Family Ultimate Day-out, BFEP 2015, is dedicated to nurture family development and childcare.The 2-day event provides best products and services for the whole family, covering the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood, providing seminars and talks to parents and guardians that seek essential tips and trends to improve their children’s health, safety, security, education and more.


BFEP 2015 is packed with fun-filled activities for the entire family, such as the Family Fashion Show, Family pics, games and raffles. Special attractions and features like the Wonderland Playground, World of Science, Toy Museum, Arts and Crafts Studio, Star Photo Gallery, Face Painting Station, Dining Area, Breastfeeding Area, Diaper Changing Area, and Business Matchmaking Area, are prepared for everyone to enjoy!

IMG_1563 (2)

To top it all off, Baby and Family Expo Philippines gets bigger and better with more than 100 exhibiting brands to give away exciting prizes and exclusive discounts only available during the expo.

In 2014, the following brands participated at BFEP: Johnson & Johnson,Baby Mama, Enchanted Kingdom, Children’s Dental Center, Momsie Kitty SPA and many more. It was packed with talks and seminars from industry experts such as Edward Mendez of Sexy Solutions, Life Coach Ali Gui , and Successful Career-Mom Merlee Jayme.

Celebrities such as Thor Dulay of the Voice Philippines and Faith Cuneta entertained the visitors with their lovely voices. The whole family happily bonded together as they participated in the special program like the Bubble Show, Puppet and Magic Shows, Interactive Science Show and Mascot Showdown.


BFEP 2015, now on its 3rd year triples the FUN with more Family Bonding Activities, Ultimate Shopping Experiences, and New Learnings and Insights from our experts.

BFEP 2014 Exhibitors to join for this year's Baby and Family Expo

 Be part of this star-studded family event! Interested to Exhibit? Call 504 – 4724 / 0905 – 475 – 1331, or email, and join the community at and See you all there!

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Johnson’s #PlayForReal

What’s inside Jerson Clyde’s #playforreal Sensory Toolkit?


This cute little wooden Sensory Bin


Activity Ideas Booklet, Food Coloring – in red, orange and blue, Colored Pebbles


Beach Toys – this orange rubber fish and ducky and of course, these Johnson’s Baby products: cornstarch powder, regular cologne, baby oil, milk bar soap and Johnson’s baby active lines products which includes active fresh shampoo, active fresh bath and active fresh powder.


This special toolkit will help us parents to be equipped, empowered and inspired to enrich our child’s day and have a fun quality time together, one little and easy activity at a time!


If you have Johnson’s baby products and want to try this #playforreal activity ideas, you could improvise materials, keep your eyes peeled and check this blog out as we both unravel logical science while encouraging him to learn about the world using his enticed senses.


Gadget-free quality time together is quite unique this days of high-technology and digital world. And, moms like me who still prefer the traditional ways of learning is thankful for this bright idea from Johnson’s Baby! Albeit the fact that I sometimes rely on Youtube, Baby TV and Disney Junior to keep the toddler accompanied, while learning lessons as I do my chores and deadlines, there really is a must for every busy parents to hang out with our kids – making them learn while having fun.

Active play foster bond between parents and kids aside from waking their senses. Play time is indeed so much more!

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Johnson’s Baby Let Kids Play For Real

PlayforReal logo

Johnson’s and child development experts rally for active sensorial play to enhance a child’s holistic development

 PlayForReal (4)

(L-R) Host Eliza Ypon, Teacher Monica Javier of Keys School Manila, licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist Fiona Sandoval, mom Kris De Guzman, and Johnson’s Associate Marketing Director Trina Tanlapco pose for the camera after a very engaging discussion on the importance of active sensorial play in the children’s holistic development during the gadget-free playdate held by Johnson’s baby.

PlayForReal (1) PlayForReal (2) PlayForReal (3)

Children learned so much more from playing with multi-sensorial activities in a gadget-free playdate hosted by Johnson’s baby

In a society that is highly becoming more digital by the minute comes the swell of gadget use. It is said that 36% of Filipinos have about 10 gadgets per household*, which could tell why it has become a normal scene at homes that even kids use it for play. More so, giving them the latest gadgets has been a way for parents to give their kids so much more, with their digital acumen considered as an advantage.

While it is true that gadget play can teach children in many ways, it is through active sensory play when all their five senses are awakened to discover and learn the world around them.  This has been proven by Johnson’s baby in a social experiment to see how children respond to gadget play versus playing with textures and shapes, water, different implements, and even with other children. Captured in a heartwarming film, this initiative has unveiled the wonders of learning using the five senses through active sensory play – as witnessed by the moms themselves.

“As a brand committed to the happy, healthy development of children, we at Johnson’s believe that every activity that a child does can mean so much more to him,” said Trina Tanlapco, Johnson’s Associate Marketing Director. “Active play is integral and essential in the holistic development of children to let them discover the world around them. As a brand, this is something we would like to keep reminding parents of. With the information and products we offer, parents can let their children turn playtime to a time of learning while they #playforreal. ”

Apart from fostering the bond between parent and child, it is during active sensory play when all five senses of the child are awake, making him more receptive to learning the world around him. According to Fiona Sandoval, a licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist, a child reaps the maximum benefits of active sensory play when his senses are enhanced and maximized in these activities. “The brain grows up to 90% of its adult size from birth up to five years old. It is important that all the different senses get stimulated in activities like active play during this period so that the neurons and brain connections are formed better. If this is achieved, there will be more synapses and connections, which can optimize the brain development.”

“In sensory play, children develop their fine motor, language and cognitive skills. The stimulated senses work hand in hand in helping a child achieve holistic development,” she added.

Meanwhile, Monica Javier, a teacher who has worked with preschool children for more than ten years, also added that active sensorial play help children prepare for bigger things ahead of them which is why it is encouraged to be integrated in early education. “More than fun and entertainment, play actually helps children to expand their knowledge about themselves, allows communication with others, develop new competencies that may prepare them for challenges of the bigger environment.”

In school, sensorial activities are used to teach children about different concepts. For example, encouraging them to play and explore with blocks allow children to distinguish shapes, sizes and weight; it also encourages them to plan strategically. Providing opportunities to paint with different implements or with their body develops creativity and teaches them about colors and textures. Running, jumping, crawling or any form of movement can help them develop gross motor skills. Pretend play in these areas encourages communication among them.

“Sensory activities allow children to go through a scientific process in a very natural way. While playing, they ask questions, predict, make hypothesis, test hypothesis and make conclusions,” shared Javier.

For mom Kris De Guzman, a mother of two, introducing sensory play to her children balances out their time from other forms of play. It also makes them more imaginative, creative, and resourceful in the activities that they do together. “At home, bath time is also playtime for my kids. We play with bubbles, make up stories, and learn about body parts. Through simple activities like this, we are able to make enjoyable moments together and strengthen our connection toward each other,” said de Guzman.

Indeed, playtime can mean so much more, so let your kids #playforreal. To learn more about how you can do sensory play at home or in your school, visit


*Survey conducted by Microsoft Philippines in 2011