Daily traffic gets so heavy nowadays that it’s become a running joke that commuters in the metro need to gear up for war every day. Between getting to the office on time, work meetings, lunch dates, last-minute night outs, and other activities, modern women have to look and feel put together anytime, anywhere. Here are some commuter essentials to help you maintain comfort and composure during rush hours:

01_Casual Bag

Hands-free Casual Bag

Bags with long shoulder straps are ideal for commuting. Hands-free bags make holding coffee, checking emails, and retouching makeup possible all at the same time. Opt for casual yet stylish bucket bags, messenger bags, and backpacks that can be casually worn on the shoulders and hold them in front the body to guard personal belongings.


Statement Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses are a must-have in every modern commuter’s arsenal. Its multiple uses include 1) protecting the eyes and blocking out the harsh sun rays, 2) keeping an #OOTD game on point even without a finished makeup look, and 3) as camouflage when taking a much-needed power nap after a late night.


Makeup Kit

Speaking of makeup, pack a small pouch with toiletries and makeup essentials to be able to refresh and retouch on the go. A compact mirror, lipstick, oil-control film, comb, and perfume will go a long way in making anyone look fresh for all appointments for the day.


Doodle Notebook

Gather your thoughts, make a to-do list, doodle, or write a journal entry while on the commute. Clearing the mind and putting ideas on paper helps any busy woman get ready for the day ahead.


Stylish Earphones

Listen to a playlist of favorite morning music to keep the pep in every step despite the morning rush. Try downloading audiobooks and language courses too, and learn new stuff while on the go.

AnytimeAnywhere with Butterfly Twists_square

Chic and Comfortable Footwear

Even the best outfits can look average with the wrong pair of shoes. Women-on-the-go with things to do and places to go to need footwear that can keep up with their daily sartorial needs. Butterfly Twists’ collection of stylish folding footwear can be worn for everyday use and are perfect for almost any occasion – from driving to clubbing and shopping to traveling.  Butterfly Twists’ innovative design and soft memory foam soles make walking around the metro more enjoyable. Redefining style, comfort, and fashion, Butterfly Twists helps every woman walk tall – even in flats.

For more information, like www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and follow @BTwistsPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Time & Productivity

Time Management and Productivity Workshop

Workshop Description

Discover your time management style to become aware of your weaknesses.  Know what is important to you and learn to prioritize your tasks.  Stop procrastinating and be more productive.  In this workshop, you will learn various ways of minimizing your time leaks to lead a more prolific and stress-free life.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

a) Know where your time goes;
b) Understand the different methods of prioritizing tasks;
c) Minimize, if not, stop procrastinating.
d) Set goals and organize your life around them; and
e) Practice ways of declogging your life.
Workshop Outline

1.0 Understand the Challenge of Managing Time
1.1 Know Your Time Management Style.
1.2 How You Value Time.
1.3 Where Your Time Goes.
1.4 Myths About Time Management.
2.0 Prioritize.
2.1 The ABC System.
2.2 The Index Card/Post-It Notes System.
2.3 The Inventory System.
2.4 The Payoff System.
2.5 The Pareto Principle.
3.0 Don’t Procrastinate.
3.1 Why You Procrastinate.
3.2 The Eight Factors of Procrastination.
4.0 Establish Goals and Deal with Blocks.
4.1 Establishing Goals.
4.2 Clustering.
4.3 Discovering Patterns.
4.4 Scenarios.
5.0 Delegate.
5.1 What to Delegate.
5.2 How to Delegate.
6.0 Say No.
6.1 What to Say No to.
6.2 How to Say No.
7.0 Anticipate.
7.1 How Well Do You Anticipate?
7.2 How to Anticipate.

Plugging Time Leaks – a booklet of tips to be provided to each participant.

Workshop Methodology

This course uses lectures, examples, and applied exercises.

Learning Fee:

Early Bird Rate: (until July 22, 2015): P1,200

Buddy Rate (2 persons): P2,000

Regular Rate: P1,999

PWD Rate: P1,200

Event Location

Venue:   SM Aura Convention Center


along McKinley Parkway and C5 Road cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCTMP1) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.


With lots of attributes to consider, which is really better for you? Let’s scale it down.


CFL also known as compact fluorescent is your mini version of a standard fluorescent light bulb.

CFL gives lighting efficiency and has been used for decades now and it has graced our homes as it fits perfectly in an ordinary socket without using an adaptor.

CFLs normally takes a few moments to warm up and reach its full brightness.

However, CFLs contain a small amount of mercury which normally does not cause any hazard but if the bulb breaks accidentally, that’s where the problem comes in. Mercury has been banned in the medical field due to its harmful effect on human health.

Regular CFL bulbs lasts up to 6000 hours

Average energy use per year: 767 KWh/yr

Average cost in the Philippines: Php 125 to 300


LED or Light Emitting Diodes was introduce several years back with the promise of lowering your electric bill.

According to the study made by Lighting Research Center, LED light bulbs work by bringing together currents with a positive and negative charge to create energy released in the form of light. The result of this is a fast source of light that is reliable and instantaneous.

LED bulbs also fits an ordinary socket without the need of an adaptor and it bright up as soon as you switch it on.

LED bulbs is considered good for the environment and are endorsed by green movements.

LED bulbs generally cost more to buy although manufacturing technologies are lowering these prices as we move along.

Regular LED lasts anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours.

Average energy use per year: 329 KWh/yr

Average cost in the Philippines: Php300 to 800

Equal Factor

Both serves your lighting needs efficiently.Both fits in sockets of your lamps and fixtures. Meaning, if you don’t consider the chances of your bulb breaking then you would likely choose CFL over LED because of the price difference.

Points to Ponder:    

CFL might cost less but it requires you to buy more bulbs over time whereas LED lights last longer, so even though you’re paying more at purchase, you buy fewer bulbs in the long run.

Considering the humid weather in the Philippines, we should also consider that CFL bulb emits more heat than LEDbulb, thus, by choosing wisely, you can reduce the heat index in your home.

Moreover, if you care for the environment, Lower energy consumption decreases carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur oxide, and high-level nuclear waste.

CD-R Kings makes it easier for you to decide

CD-R King, your one-stop media provider gives you the ease of choosing by taking away the drawback of price difference by making LED bulb available to the General public at a more affordable price.

This is effort compliments their advocacy in encouraging people to care for the environment during their California e-bike campaign early this year.

It is also noted that CD-R King offers several choices of LED bulbs with different price range both for personal and industrial use.

Below are some of the choices for regular household use.

CDR LED bulbs

For other variants, you may visit CD-R king branches or check out their website at www.cdrking.com.

Serenitea Tea Confections_horizontal (1)

As the country’s leading homegrown milk tea brand, Serenitea has always been at the forefront of the industry, introducing new flavors and pairings when it comes to their offerings. Now with their Tea Confections line, tea lovers can enjoy Serenitea’s flavors in various forms with chocolate bars, candy bits, and tea jams.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to give customers a different kind of milk tea experience which is why we added a line of sweets and other treats to our ever-evolving menu,” said General Manager Juliet Herrera.

Serenitea Tea Confections - Chocolates

Serenitea Chocolate Bars

Indulge in Serenitea’s decadent, tea-infused chocolate bars made in partnership with local brand Theo and Philo. Choose from four exciting chocolate-tea flavors, Matcha Marble (Php 150), Hokkaido Milk Chocolate (Php 135), White Chocolate with Taro (Php 150), and Milk Chocolate with Assam (Php 135).

 Serenitea Tea Confections - Candy Bits

Hokkaido and Okinawa Candy Bits

Curb your Hokkaido and Okinawa milk tea cravings with Serenitea’s candy bits for only Php 110. With the help of Made in Candy, Serenitea packed their best-selling flavors in bite-sized candy bits – ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Serenitea Tea Jams

Spread the love of tea all over your snacks with these tea-infused jams available in two flavors: Strawberry Rose and Salted Caramel. Made exclusively with the freshest Serenitea ingredients, grab a jar of goodness for only Php 180.

Serenitea Tea Bags

Have a moment of Serenitea in the comforts of your own home with Serenitea’s tea bags. Choose from the five available flavors – roasted tea, peppermint, white tea, blueberry, and gyokuro genmaicha tea – and enjoy freshly brewed tea for only Php 185 per pack.

Available in selected branches nationwide, these goodies are sure to give you your fill of Serenitea goodness wherever and however you want.

For more information on Serenitea, like https://www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea and follow @iloveserenitea on Twitter and Instagram.


A lightweight moisturizing cream that helps retain the moisture while preventing further dehydration of the skin, Its harmless silicone protects the skin by entrapping moisture in the body.


How to use: Apply a dollop of cure water treatment on dry hands. Once the skin has absorbed enough moisture, the excess cream will turn to water droplets.

Fact: Cure Water Treatment was originally produced for Toyo Life’s staff members that suffer from dry hands from opening the cardboard boxes that are delivered each and every day.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, glycerin, Butylene, Glycol, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 Crosspolymer, Sodium Chloride, Methylparabem, Sodium Citrate, Glycosyl Trehalose, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate

Water Treatment Skin Cream is not  easy to find out there, I don’t even know a store that is selling this locally. It’s fortunate though that I’m one of the winners from the recent tie up of Cure Ph and bloggers.

Thank you Ms. Nikki Tui of AskMeWhats.com!

I’m quite excited to try this as this product is the buzz in Japan when it comes to younger looking skin!


This is best used right after Cure Natural Aqua Gel cleanser that is also water-based and is gently in exfoliating skin – removing dead skin cells – while leaving skin soft and supple.


Squeezing a pea size, this cream is in gel form. After spreading this on to skin, it later on becomes droplets of water.

Since this product is safe and gentle, this is perfect for those sensitive areas such as face, and neglected areas like back of hand, back of neck, neck to collar bones and even the elbows, knees and ankles.

We are inviting all sales and marketing professionals or those who likes to understand how to convince effectively your target clients, for the first workshop in the Philippines under CEO Rebecca Bustamante Mills on July 9, 2015 at FullyBooked BGC Taguig from 2PM to 5PM.

Rebecca began her 20-year career in Canada. Her most recent position was Senior Sales Director for a large international cosmetics organization. Some of the many awards she received from the company over a period of years included: Top Rookie Sales Director for North America, Top 10 Unit Sales Award Canada (for each year of service), Top 10 Personal Sales Award Canada (for each year of service). Because of her success, Rebecca was regularly asked to provide training presentations for up to 500 people at national and international company functions.

This will be the first time that CEO Rebecca Bustamante will share her step by step sales techniques and strategies for us also to attain the success in sales.

TAG Media and Public Relations made this event affordable to help budding professionals to attend.

For registration please contact grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph or send message to 09166299381.

3 easy steps to register:

1. Deposit the registration fee to TAG Media and Public Relations BPI Checking Account # 1680 0010 29
2. Scan the deposit slip
3. Send the scanned copy to grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph

The towns of Tubigon and Maribojoc in Bohol province now have clean and safe drinking water due to a joint effort of the Coca-Cola Company and Habitat for Humanity Philippines. The two towns have newly rehabilitated water supply systems, a project which began in February 2014.

 HFH-CocaCola 1

In Tubigon, a redeveloped 105,000-liter water storage tank will be able to provide clean water to 500 families in the barangays of Panaytayon, Ilijan Norte and Ilijan Sur. Meanwhile, 2,000 families across nine barangays in the town of Maribojoc will benefit from a new multi-filtration water system that outputs 1.2 million liters of clean water per day.

 HFH-CocaCola 2

Representing the provincial government of Bohol, Atty. Anthony Damalerio expressed his gratitude to Coca-Cola Philippines and Habitat for “this good example of public-private partnership. This is one way to honor our strong commitment to deliver that basic commodity to our barangays.

 HFH-CocaCola 3

Damalerio said that the province’s demand for clean water will be increasing this year since Bohol will be embarking on massive infrastructure projects. Due to this, he explained, providing barangays access to clean and safe drinking water is a topmost priority. “We must not forget the role of our barangays.”

Coca-Cola Philippines Foundation President, Cecile Alcantara, said that the two projects are the company’s way of giving back to the community the water they’ve consumed for their products. We call this ‘replenish,’ and we are happy to say that we have given back 40 to 50 percent of the water we’ve consumed back to the communities,” she said.

Alcantara also requested local government officials to educate their constituents to take care of the resource entrusted to them. She emphasized that “[since] water is not an infinite resource, we have to conserve it.”

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Managing Director and CEO, Charlie Ayco, says they took on this project as part of the organization’s goals of ensuring that Filipino families can have more decent and secure lives. “We are known for shelter, but in our housing-quality standards, clean water and sanitation are a vital components of a decent home.”

Both the Coca-Cola Company and Habitat for Humanity Philippines see themselves as partners for development, eyeing more projects together with the local government of Bohol to help rebuild the lives of those who have been affected by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake last October 2013.

“Perhaps the blessing is that the earthquake brought us all together, to work together so that we can [also] rise up together,” Coca-Cola’s Alcantara said.


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