Looking for the right school is a personal thing, for me it’s like searching for your soulmate, like the right OB-Gyne and pedia doctor. There must be that sparkle, the feeling of comfort and ease; because after all, the experience is private and personal.

TBH, I’m torn on whether to homeschool Clyde (because we travel a lot) or just let him attend conventional school (because as of now, I don’t have enough time). First off, I’m wham-ing (work-at-home mom with no helper) and I ebf my almost two-month nursling (exclusive breastfeeding without pump; I patronize breastfeeding yet I hate the pump, what a convenience! But that’s another story).

Preschool technically means before school, so even when I’m so eager to make Clyde learn to read, write and do the math right away, I want to take it easy on him.

Having said that, I rely on Disney Junior’s High Five, Baby TV and Youtube’s The Mother Goose Club to do some teachings. One guilty mom here! So when Ms. May of FullyHousewifed invites moms with toddler to try Preschool at the Fort, I immediately said yes.

the calm before the storm…

Preschool that focuses on play is enough for kids to prepare themselves for real school. By play, means practicing children’s social skills, includes actively moving around which will strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.

Teacher Edgar reminds us to bring a bottle of water, towelette and extra shirt so apparently, Preschool at the Fort offers play-based learning – the best early childhood education practice. It is learning less the stress and more of the fun. They cater kids 3-5 years old to explore their environment, discover things while encouraging their talent. Learn based on their strength, do activities where they are good at, and support their interest be it music, art, numbers, etc.

I liked the idea of play-based learning. It is logical to think that the best way to get the toddler interested on learning is while they are having fun in a relaxed environment. No stress yet, besides they’re just toddlers, let them have fun, let them be. I now strongly believe in the idea of stress-free environment especially after reading the recent news about this tragedy.

I learned that what happens on the first years of life is a crucial factor of what they will become as adults. That is the reason why I breastfeed Clyde for the first 6 exclusive months and let him self-wean at age 3. That is also why I like Preschool at the Fort.

Early Years Learning Framework of Preschool at the Fort focuses on

  • Children’s Identity – the school addresses gender-biased point of view
  • Overall Well Being – physically and emotionally
  • To be a Contributing Citizen to Their World
  • Effective Communicators – socializing
  • Involved Learners – give and take relationship of teacher and student

Circle Time with Parents

The soft launch started with Kinder Music by Teacher Charis. Turns out, Teacher Charis is a professional singer and a pianist too.


Fast and Slow, Up and Down Dance with Teacher Cecille and Teacher Lei

Storytelling starred my kid – Farmer Clyde. Farmer Clyde who run around while the group sat on a circle – his classmates listening. My sister Beth told me, he is listening too while running around, he even answered correctly at times. I had a hard time making Clyde follow the crowd. Not because he doesn’t know anything about Wheels on the bus and the Finger Family, heck, Incy Wincy is his best bud! But because he is intimidated by other toddlers; he is not used on sharing his adult’s attention to others, that is why he is trying to go against the flow. As much as I want to start him schooling, I think he’s not ready yet, maybe next year? I had to start on doing something about his social skills first or else he will tire out his teachers and suck everyone’s energy. Oh Lloydie! The lesson ended in a song and a prayer too.

The best part about Preschool at the Fort aside from its relaxed environment, is that they are not very particular in taking school work at home aka homework. Schoolwork stays at school. Who wants burned out toddlers anyway? Plus, it may dismay them on entering the world of proper education, turn off their enthusiasm to learn because homework at this stage is just an unnecessary pressure.

Learn more about Preschool @ The Fort here: www.preschoolatthefort.com

For more information contact:

Edgar Cartera
Administrator – Preschool @ The Fort
0917 528 3933
0998 554 2982
(02) 510 8603
Preschool @ The Fort is on the third floor of Treston International College.

Just a quick post to invite all the breastfeeding mommies out there to join Hakab Na 2015!

For more details, please visit www.HakabNa.com

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

In this hot humid weather, I anticipated taking a shower with H&S’ cool menthol! It’s like having a short dip into a cool pond. Removes dirt and oil effectively; while the menthol removes not just the heat, but the stress inside my head. It’s a good way to pamper hair and mind.

3RD BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES (BFEP), the country’s largest consumer trade show for Baby, Kids, Pregnancy, and Parenting Products and Services, will be held from September 5 – 6, 2015 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

BFEP 2015_Event Poster

The most anticipated Family Ultimate Day-out, BFEP 2015, is dedicated to nurture family development and childcare.The 2-day event provides best products and services for the whole family, covering the stages of family growth from maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood, providing seminars and talks to parents and guardians that seek essential tips and trends to improve their children’s health, safety, security, education and more.


BFEP 2015 is packed with fun-filled activities for the entire family, such as the Family Fashion Show, Family pics, games and raffles. Special attractions and features like the Wonderland Playground, World of Science, Toy Museum, Arts and Crafts Studio, Star Photo Gallery, Face Painting Station, Dining Area, Breastfeeding Area, Diaper Changing Area, and Business Matchmaking Area, are prepared for everyone to enjoy!

IMG_1563 (2)

To top it all off, Baby and Family Expo Philippines gets bigger and better with more than 100 exhibiting brands to give away exciting prizes and exclusive discounts only available during the expo.

In 2014, the following brands participated at BFEP: Johnson & Johnson,Baby Mama, Enchanted Kingdom, Children’s Dental Center, Momsie Kitty SPA and many more. It was packed with talks and seminars from industry experts such as Edward Mendez of Sexy Solutions, Life Coach Ali Gui , and Successful Career-Mom Merlee Jayme.

Celebrities such as Thor Dulay of the Voice Philippines and Faith Cuneta entertained the visitors with their lovely voices. The whole family happily bonded together as they participated in the special program like the Bubble Show, Puppet and Magic Shows, Interactive Science Show and Mascot Showdown.


BFEP 2015, now on its 3rd year triples the FUN with more Family Bonding Activities, Ultimate Shopping Experiences, and New Learnings and Insights from our experts.

BFEP 2014 Exhibitors to join for this year's Baby and Family Expo

 Be part of this star-studded family event! Interested to Exhibit? Call 504 – 4724 / 0905 – 475 – 1331, or email barbie@babyexpo.ph, and join the community at http://www.facebook.com/babyexpoph and www.twitter.com/BabyExpoPH. See you all there!

Health is wealth. There is nothing more important than our well-being. You may have everything you may want in life, but being healthy is the most important condition to enjoy life, without limitation or fear. ATC Healthcare believes in the same principle; health is the greatest possession in life.

11805998_10205242706202517_2102503006_n (1)

Being healthy requires more than just working out and eating the right food. By taking food supplements like ATC Fish Oil. ATC Fish Oil contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Eicosapentaenioc Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which aids in lowering blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels. ATC Fish Oil is also known to have capabilities in protecting the body from heart attack and stroke. ATC Fish Oil is recommended to be taken one capsule with warm water before every meal. ATC Fish Oil is available at P6.00 per capsule in all leading drugstores nationwide. Protect your heart from the stresses of daily living, protect yourself with ATC Fish Oil.

For get more tips about heart health, like ATC Fish Oil on Facebook – www.fb.com/ATCFishOilSoftgel.

We’re too busy with school or with our day jobs that we often forget to relax, unwind and let our creative juices flow, naturally. Admit it, reality somehow is utterly draining especially if you’re often dealing with deadly deadlines! That’s why Memory Crafters and Artsy Cutsy thought of creating a creative gathering to cater people who want to do something new and fun without leaving the city!


PaperCutting101_Poster copy

Learn different ways on how to intricately create your own Paper cut masterpiece with Joanna Dela Pena of Artsy Cutsy! From a plain paper to a wonderfully carved letters and designs. Be part of our first-ever Paper cutting session this year! Lots of surprises and freebies awaits lucky attendees for this particular event.

Sample Works





Workshop Flow:

  • Introduction to Paper Cutting
    • Brief History of Paper Cutting
    • Knowing the different styles and kinds of Paper Cutting
  • Quick run-through of the tools needed inside the workshop kit
  • Learn the proper hand positioning
  • Essential Tips & Tricks in Paper Cutting
  • Work on practice sheets
    • Basic Activity (with tracing guide)
    • Demo with Joanna
  • Create Final Project

Paper Cutting Workshop Kit


Workshop Learning Fee is inclusive of Paper Cutting workshop kit, Certificate, Workshop Module, Food & Drink, and Freebies from our dearest sponsors!

Early Bird Rate: P 1500 (First 10 registrants paid on or before July 25, 2015)
Regular Rate: P 1800

Venue will be at 100 Miles Cafe at the Fort Strip, BGC. It’s at the 2nd Floor of the building of Whistlestop.

Map to the venue: https://plus.google.com/106851964413730207023/about?gl=ph&hl=en

About Artsy Cutsy


Joanna, also known as Mininay is a full-time single mom to a wonderful 7 year old girl, a goal-oriented woman, cupcake addict and a paper cut artist by passion. She used to work for PADI Americas in California but had to relocate in Manila to finish her studies. She discovered her love for crafting by accident. A late bloomer but glad she discovered her passion in the Art industry. Her purpose in teaching arts & crafts’ activitis is create to inspire and lives by with her favorite saying: Whatever you do, old or new, do it with all your heart.


Event Location

Venue:   100 Miles Cafe


The Fort Strip, 2/F 28th St. (same building as Whistlestop; Please use the elevator), Taguig City, Unknown, 1634

(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCMCPC1) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.


Bestselling author and inspirational speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag is organizing a parenting event dubbed as Hands-On Parents while Earning or H.O.P.E. Summit on August 8, 2015. It will be from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the AVR of PLDT TelTech Building, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. This whole day workshop on hands-on parenting and working smart in the new millennium seeks to inspire and teach parents how to marry hands-on parenting with earning for the family.

Gumap-as Dumadag, who is an expert in designing programs used locally and abroad and in helping people grow and achieve their goals, will be the main speaker and facilitator of the workshop. The other speakers in the summit include Martine de Luna, Jomar Hilario and Ginger Arboleda. De Luna is a work-at-home advocate, award winning blogger and blog coach. Hilario is the Philippines’ Internet Marketing Guru who teaches individuals how to be virtual professionals and online business owners. Arboleda is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and blogger. All the speakers are hands-on parents to their kids while running their respective businesses.

Facebook Ad - Panelists Rev3

Guest panelists who are successful Hands-On Parents while Earning themselves will be part of the summit also. These include Denise Bernardo of Indigobaby, Angeli Del Rosario of The Beadlady, Katrina Ambion of Mommyfide PH, Chef Jonathan Chua of Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts  and Jay and Cherry Castillo of Foreclosure Philippines.

“Being able to work with a lot of flexibility has been one of the biggest blessings I have received in life,” Gumap-as Dumadag shares. “I was able to witness all my children’s milestones, personally take care of them and breastfeed them because I am home almost all the time. I am able to shape my children’s character and educate them while pursuing my passions and earning through these passions. I want to share what I have learned through the years to my fellow parents so that they too can spend ample time with their children while contributing to the family income. This is my way of helping families grow and remain intact.”

Below are the workshop’s objectives:

  • to enable parents to discover their big why in aspiring to be Hands-On Parents while Earning (HOPE).
  • to enable parents to come up with a clear and compelling vision for their children and for themselves as parents and as earning individuals.
  • to help parents to come up with a list of new habits that they can easily and consistently implement after the workshop so they can be more involved in their children’s lives.
  • to help parents discover ways to work smarter so they can free up more time in their schedules to bond with their children.
  • to inspire moms and dads to be hands-on even while earning for their families and to learn tips and strategies on how to be successful in their careers/businesses through the stories of the featured moms and dads (guests) in the iHOPE Summit.
  • to introduce different earning options for parents while being actively involved in their children’s lives.
  • to give parents an opportunity to meet and interact with other parents who also want to become H.O.P.E. (Hands-On Parents while Earning).

Gumap-as Dumadag is the founder of the Hands-On Parents while Earning Network. Like Hands-On Parents while Earning on Facebook to join the H.O.P.E. Network and to get regular tips and doses of inspiration on hands-on parenting, work and business.

The workshop is valued at P3,500 per head at least but Gumap-as Dumadag wanted to help as many families as she can; so, she found a way to make the workshop more affordable to parents. Thus, attendees get a 43% discounted rate even as they pay the regular rate of P2,000 per head. Couples are encouraged to attend together through the couple rate of P3,000 only. Click here to read more details about the summit and to register to this life-changing event.

The H.O.P.E. Summit is co-presented by Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services, Sun Life Financial and PLDT Home Telpad. Participants of the summit will get a chance to win exciting prizes during the raffle from its sponsors which include Indigobaby, The Beadlady, Mommyfide PH, Bert Lozada Swim School, Gymboree Play and Music Philippines and Halo Philippines. One of the prizes to be raffled off is a free annual membership to Gymboree Play and Music Philippines worth P2,000! Winning this will not only translate into savings but many precious bonding moments for the lucky parent and child. Participants will also receive freebies like P500 gift certificates from Lozada Swim School, copies of Mustard magazine for kids and so much more.

For updates about the H.O.P.E. Summit, please like and visit https://www.facebook.com/events/419373114931304/.

Sent with this press release are event posters with photos of the workshop facilitator and speakers.

About Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

TERESA GUMAP-AS DUMADAG is a Filipino mom who shares inspiration and wisdom through her books, articles, blogs (Mommy Bares All and When My Bridegroom Comes), talks, trainings and workshops. She’s the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking. Her first two books are When My Bridegroom Comes and How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams. Her upcoming book is How To Become A Hands-On Parent while Earning. She works from home as a consultant for management, human resources and training solutions, a career coach and counselor and blogger. She’s also a freelance contributing writer for Smart Parenting Online, The Philippine Online Chronicles, Kerygma and Didache. She is the President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services (http://www.fulllifecube.com), through which she inspires and equips her clients to succeed in their businesses/careers while living out their priorities and life’s purposes. She does all these while homeschooling her two older kids and breastfeeding her baby. Connect with Teresa through Twitter (@TeresaGDumadag) and Instagram (https://instagram.com/teresadumadag/).

Media Contact:

Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag



teresa@fulllifecube.com, teregmps@yahoo.com


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