Local Mental Health non-profit strongly recommends opening the conversation on Mental Health in the workplace to achieve better productivity

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World Mental Health Day is recognized across many countries, including the Philippines, on an annual basis to raise awareness of the growing concern over Mental Health issues that continue to rise amidst changing times. In the Philippines, the entire Mental Health Workforce is only composed of 2 people per 100,000 people in the Philippines. The latest report from Department of Health stated that 1 in 5 Filipinos suffer from a form of mental illness.  More than 300 million employees according to the study by World Health Organization (WHO) suffer from it.


According to WHO, the workplace is one of the key environments that affect our well-being and health.  Globally, only 9% of mental health promotion and prevention programs are focused in the Workplace.


“We spend at least 9 hours a day at our workplaces. If it’s not a healthy environment for your mind, body, and soul, your output and morale will definitely suffer,” states Philippa Keys, ex-officio of InTouch Philippines. This non-stock, non-profit organization has been providing Mental Health Services in the Philippines since the 80’s.


“A recent study conducted by the World Health Organization revealed that the global economy loses up to 1 trillion US dollars annually due to lost productivity caused by Mental Health Issues such as depression and anxiety,” Keys shares. “There’s still a stigma that prevents people from talking about their Mental Health issues. The ever-increasing demand to deliver more in the workplace in shorter timeframes is still prevalent across different industries. And it’s time for companies to play their part by providing an environment that opens the conversation on Mental Health.”


In Touch Philippines has extended help to hundreds of struggling employees along the way through its Employee Well-being Program or EWP.


Among those who have availed of EWP from In Touch Philippines is Havas Ortega. As an organization that belongs to the highly competitive and evolving marketing and communications industry, achieving work-life balance is a difficult task to contend with. Havas Ortega partnered with In Touch Philippines to help its employee address the day-to-day challenges that affect employees’ Mental Health as they do agency work. Through its partnership with In Touch, the organization was able to create its TALK program which provides every employee a dedicated 24/7 Employee Hotline as well as subsidized private counseling sessions. Adding to these benefits, resource speakers from In Touch Philippine’s pool of professional experts has enabled Havas Ortega to conduct monthly In-house Skill Builder Sessions to educate and empower the workforce on a range of topics such as “Mental Health Awareness and First Aid”, “Stress Management” and “Finding Grit”.


Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega enthusiastically shares why upper management has given its full support behind this initiative, “Employees are the most important asset in the company. Here at Havas Ortega, we want to make sure that we look after their health with a holistic approach – and that includes putting a premium on mental well-being. At the end of the day, we want to keep them inspired and motivated. We want to ensure them that there is a solid support system to help them keep going.” The first of its kind in the local advertising industry, Havas Ortega’s internal mental health program became possible based on its cohesive partnership with In Touch Philippines.


For more information on In Touch Philippines’ Employee Well-being program, you can call 893 1893 or email intouch@in-touch.org.  In Touch Philippines also hosts a 24/7 crisis line, offers face to face counselling, and leads training sessions to build skills for healthier mental and emotional wellbeing for individuals and their loved ones.










Akari introduces collection of kids-safe LED lighting and mosquito zapping products

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Akari, the country’s leading lighting and technology brand, introduces Akari Junior. Fun and playful lighting options – ranging from character study lamps, to animal-shaped mosquito killers to themed chandeliers complete the new kids-safe Akari Junior line.


Akari Junior aims to bring kids’ dreams to light through a wide collection of products. Make any child’s room bright and inviting with the Akari Junior chandeliers that come in a variety of designs to complement the bedroom’s theme.


Study time can be more fun and productive with desk lamps available in different colors and designs to brighten up the mood. Protect children from mosquitoes that carry dengue or zika virus with the cute but effective Akari Junior’s mosquito killer bulbs and mosquito zappers.



“We at Akari continuously seek to make good use of technology to serve our customers better,” says Akari marketing manager, Marian Gomez. “Now that we have further expanded our product offerings with Akari Junior, we aim to make the lives of many more Filipino families, especially the children, even brighter.”


Committed to providing world-class lighting, electrical and energy-saving products, Akari continues to develop product lines to meet the varying needs of Filipino consumers.


Akari Junior is available in leading hardware stores nationwide. To know more about Akari and its products, visit www.akari.com.ph and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/AkariLights.

The right shoes for Piolo Pascual

Figlia_Stylish shoes for the stylish man_main photo

For stylish, versatile and masculine Piolo Pascual, Figlia UOMO shoes are the right fit, with a variety of high-quality pairs to complement his diverse lifestyle while for Figlia OUMO, he is just what they are looking for in a brand ambassador.

The popular actor represents the Filipino’s classic taste, strong fashion sense and very distinct style, qualities the new line of men’s shoes wanted in the person that will represent its brand.

The heartthrob formally marked his debut as the brand ambassador at a fashion show that launched Figlia UOMO. The show will feature Figlia UOMO’s three stylish collections: formal, semi-formal and casual.

UOMO means “man” in Italian. As the men’s line of a trusted brand, Figlia UOMO offers the same quality, style and comfort Figlia is known for. The new shoe line aims to set the trend in men’s shoes through its unique collection of impeccable designs at competitive prices.

For more information, visit https://www.figlia.com.ph/.

Rediscover the joy of eating with hands through Safeguard’s latest film

Feasting with our bare hands is probably one of the most loved of Filipino traditions. And for most Filipinos, eating with hands evokes positive thoughts, brings back great childhood memories, and even makes food taste better.

But if you are like most Filipinos, you probably have not eaten using your hands in a long time. With the convenience of utensils and hygiene concerns, most people opt not to eat with their hands anytime, anywhere. The embarrassment and self-consciousness of being caught eating with one’s hands have prevented many of us from enjoying that way of eating as often as we want.

Food 2.png

To let people rediscover the joy of eating with hands, Safeguard Philippines released a new film titled The Dinner. Starring Boy Abunda, AiAi delas Alas, Bianca Gonzalez, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Neri Miranda, James Deakin, LA Tenorio, Drew Arellano and Chef JP Anglo, the film revolved around these showbiz personalities enjoying a full course meal of Filipino dishes with a twist— they all had to eat with their hands—as they bond over a shared heritage and reminisce how going kamayan is something that all Filipinos should be proud of.

Shot without a script and in just one take, the film captured the celebrities’ real and natural reactions to the experience of eating using their hands. The reactions ranged from pure shock to perplexion when the waiters took away their utensils.

James Deakin says, “This is the oddest thing I think I’ve ever done”, while LA Tenorio wonders, “what’s going to happen here?”.

But over the course of the dinner, as conversations break out and guests start enjoying their meal kamayan-style, the uneasiness gave way to meaningful talks and bonding.

The celebrities delved into deeper conversations and talked more about the barriers that come in the way of Filipinos eating with hands more often. Boy Abunda asked, “Ano ba mga stigmas ‘pag nagkakamay?”. Neri Miranda answered, ““Nakakahiya naman diba. Kasi grabe naman – nagugutuman? Parang ganoon.

Despite the reasons that hinder Filipinos from going kamayan, one cannot deny the fact that there is really something special when you eat with your bare hands. “The taste of food changes when you eat with your hands. Everything is about the senses, right? You have the sense of smell, taste and touch when you eat with your hands. So, the whole experience is improved” shared James Deakin.

LA Tenorio adds “Kahit after practice nagkakamayan kami. May ibang lasa eh.” This depicts how eating with your hands is a way to bond and have fun with family and friends– which was very evident when the celebrities engaged in conversations and freely ate with their hands, finishing off even licking their fingers.

Boy Abunda then told to the group, “Earlier, when we were starting, we were all so stiff. Ngayon, wala na. Hahaha!”

Apart from showing how using your hands to eat food can bring about comfort toward the people around us and make the food taste better, the film showed how clean hands enable richer experiences.

“Clean hands as a result of proper handwashing is Safeguard’s pabaon to the nation. Through our latest film, Safeguard not only recognizes the health benefits of handwashing but it also wants to remind people of the joys that eating kamayan-style can bring. It is a celebration of the Filipino heritage that is made even more worthwhile with clean hands and allows us to create richer experiences with our loved ones.” said says Alex Vogler, Associate Director, Digital Transformation & Brand Communications for Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Division in Asia Pacific.

At the end of the video, the awkward moments among the celebrities gives way to genuine camaraderie. This shows how eating using one’s bare hands can bring about a sense of goodwill and bonding over meals which makes the food taste better, and the experience more satisfying.

Join the conversation and share with us your favorite moments eating with hands online with the hashtag #GoKamayan and #Safeguard. Watch “The Dinner” on Safeguard’s  Facebook and YouTube!

Learn more about #GoKamayan on Safeguard’s official website.

Stylish shoes for the stylish man

Shoes complete the look you want to achieve. Get the right pair from the new line of high-quality shoes for men – Figlia UOMO.

Figlia_Stylish shoes for the stylish man_main photo

UOMO means “man” in Italian. As the men’s line of Figlia, one of the country’s leading shoe brands, Figlia UOMO aims to set the trend through a unique collection that offers impeccable design, competitive pricing and top-notched quality.


To perfectly represent the brand’s diversity, versatility, and stylishness, Figlia UOMO taps celebrity heartthrob Piolo Pascual as the brand ambassador. Pascual is the epitome of stylish and well-dressed man. For his diverse lifestyle, Figlia UOMO offers a variety of shoes fit for any occasion.


With three stylish collections – formal, semi-formal and casual – men of different walks of life are sure to get the Figlia UOMO shoes they are looking for.


The formal collection includes dress shoes from derbies to oxfords to brogues. The shoes are available in a variety of colors like sleek black, mauve, taupe and brick red to match any color of tuxedos and suits, perfect for an important meeting or elegant event.


Semi-formal shoes are best paired with casual suits or blazers over t-shirt and jeans.  They are trendy and they highlight the wearer’s individual style.


The casual collection offers a lot of options, from loafers, sneakers, espadrilles, to trainers. Each pair is great for a casual stroll, on a vacation, running an errand or for a laid-back air travel fashion.


Figlia has become a trusted brand, over the years, strengthening its reputation by designing quality shoes for women and kids. With the launch of Figlia UOMO, it aims to provide men with the same quality, style and comfort it is greatly for.


For more information, visit https://www.figlia.com.ph/.


Make Today Magical: BDJ 2019 Launch Weekend

Launch Poster

Viviamo! Inc., makers of Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, makes this year magical with the launch of its newest products on October 20-21, 2018 at the Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons.
Going by the theme ‘Make Today Magical’, BDJ takes you to a whimsical journey at the launch weekend—a two day jampacked celebration filled with various activities, workshops, and talks that will help bellas transform their lives for the year ahead.
“We believe that the magic starts from within, says founder and president of Viviamo! Inc. Darlyn Sandra Ty. ”Our 2019 theme ‘Make Today Magical” reinforces the concept of paradigm shift– the magic in changing the way you think, how you perceive things, and how it can powerfully change the way you live,” she adds.
To make this possible, BDJ organizes a full experience that will help uncover your own magic and live life to the fullest. Get your inspirational boost and strive to achieve your goals with Passion/Purpose talks from various women, travel and entrepreneurial organizations. Unlock your creativity with fun skills workshops— Play, explore, and try out calligraphy methods including Basic Brush Calligraphy, Calligraphy Blends and Shadows, and Calligraphy with Backgrounds and Wreaths Calligraphy with Leah Ang of Calligraphy Love MNL; or master the skill of creating double-tap worthy Instagram photos with content creator Kenneth Amparo.
Visualize and design your best year yet with Serious Play workshops—Life Builds session with Lego instructor and life coach Ina Bacud, or Vision board-making with expert and coach Trixie Esguerra. What’s more, Make Today Magical also gives you access to team sharing and mentoring sessions on life and business with successful women entrepreneur and the brainchild of BDJ Power Planner Darlyn Sandra Ty, mental health advocate Dr. Gia Sison, MD., and the woman behind the famous Witty Will Save the World Co. journals and notebooks Chinggay Nuque. An exclusive one-on-one coaching session with a Gallup-certified strengths coach is also included in the launch weekend perks. Apart from these, event-goers also get to take home a wide array of BDJ products, a Make Today Magical kit with over Php5,000 worth of items, DIY beauty workshops, and goodies from several craft and brand partners.
To experience these amazing perks, buy the launch tickets that give you access to different levels of magic:
Basic ticket – priced at Php500 includes a planner of your choice (BDJ Classic, BDJ
Limited Edition, Navi Journal, EIP, or Focus and a Calendar Pad), passion/purpose talks, access to craft booths, glitter tattoo, and glambooth
Silver ticket – priced at Php1,000 includes everything above, plus, Calligraphy workshop with Leah Ang or IG Photography with Kenneth Amparo, boomie booth, and Gratitude jar design activity
Gold ticket– priced at Php4,000 includes all of the inclusions of the basic and silver ticket, plus a choice of either Life Builds with Ina Bacud or Vision Board Party with Trixie Esguerra, Tarot reading, Canvas Bag Stamp Station with Alessa Lanot, CoachMe Session with a Gallup-certified Strengths coach, MentorMe Session with Life/Business mentors, DIY session (cake decorating, DIY home remedies or makeup workshop), a scoop of Baskin-Robbins, goodies from craft partners, and a Make Today Magical kit.
Split the GOLD ticket with your bestie through the BFF Gold Bundle for only PHP4,500! Get access to all the experiences and products at the BDJ Launch Weekend with your friend! The magic starts when you purchase a Gold Bundle Ticket here: bit.ly/MTM_BFFGold
For the coming year, believe that the magic lies within you, and that you have the power to turn your goals into reality with Belle de Jour Power Planner. Buy your tickets for the BDJ Launch Weekend and get your products at all leading bookstores nationwide and on their official website at ilovebdj.com.



Jollibee’s latest ad showcases its best-selling crispy-sarap fries!

To highlight the crispy-sarap in every bite of its best-selling Jolly Crispy Fries, fast-food giant releases an ad that will get you rushing to the nearest Jollibee.

“Malata” (limp) means a general lack of energy, pep, enthusiasm, and when used to refer to food, a lack of crunch, lively flavor, or interesting textures. For many Pinoy French fry-lovers, there’s nothing better than enjoying crispy-sarap right from the first bite, like with Jollibee’s best-selling Jolly Crispy Fries.

Jolly Crispy Fries (2).png

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food brand, recently released an online video that hilariously captures how unfortunatemalata—especially in a traditionally crispy favorite—can be. With on-point comedic performances and crave-inducing beauty  shots of the Jolly Crispy Fries.


By focusing on situations where malata just wouldn’t cut it, the video—conceptualized by creative agency Dentsu Jayme Syfu and brought to life by Makina Productions—shows a scene familiar to many Pinoy teens: a volleyball game.





In this scenario, the character is put under the spotlight for a highly anticipated shining moment, only to let the cheering crowd down because of her malata, lackluster performance. This dyahe moment serves as the perfect segue into the direct opposite of malata: crispiness served up in every bite of the Jolly Crispy Fries.


Made with 100% real potatoes and covered with special fries coating to make every piece extra crispy, Jolly Crispy Fries serve as the perfect complement to classic Jollibee favorites or as a flavorful, satisfying snack on its own. And with different serving sizes—even up to jumbo—it’s the best treat to share with the whole barkada while hanging out or whenever the craving for bite after bite of unforgettably crispy potatoes strikes.


“This new ad is a great way to illustrate the unique crispy-sarap kada bite goodness of the Jolly Crispy Fries,” said Kay Segismundo, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager for Complementary products. “The funny scenario definitely captures the feeling when you get soggy, limp fries—it’s not fun and you end up feeling dismayed. Plus, malata fries don’t pack the flavor and the unparalleled enjoyment of snacking on crispy, golden, perfectly cooked potatoes. There’s truly nothing else like the Jolly Crispy Fries!”


Jolly Crispy Fries are available all day in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions. Pick your preferred serving size from regular (P39.00*), large (P60.00*), and when you just can’t get enough, the jumbo (P72.00*)! You can also watch the wonderful ads on Jollibee’s digital assets: on Facebook and YouTube!


For more information on Jollibee’s latest products and promotions, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Philippines on YouTube, and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

*Prices may vary across different locations.