#GerifiedPH: Gelare’s Limitless Imagination

Gelato is an original Italian word that means frozen. Gelato today, is the people’s layman term for the Italian ice cream – typically made of cream, milk and sugar flavored with fruits, nut crumbles and other nice ingredients you could think off to add in ice cream.

The Italian ice cream, gelato is generally lower in fat and contains less air than ordinary ice cream in the market. What amazes me is the Gelare’s version of gelatos.

Did you know? Gelare Gelatos are airless.

This makes Gelare Gelatos the ultimate gelato experience with density and richness that’s unlike any other frozen desserts!

No limit to your imagination.JPG

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read more and discover this Aussie cafe! Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Gelare’s Limitless Imagination”


#GerifiedPH: No more Peligro every Petsa de Peligro!

Petsa de Peligro is a term that originated in Spain but was adopted in the Philippines in the Spanish Era – the time when the Spaniards colonized the Filipinos. It is term that defines “troubled times”.


In the corporate world, employees defined the days before their payday, usually the 14th of the month and the 29th of the month as their Petsa de Peligro due to the fact that most employees are hanging on to the last one hundred peso bill in their pocket simply because they do not know how to handle their finances or simply because the salary just isn’t enough.

Read more about Jollibee’s first ever web-series, #1429JolliSerye here.

Episode 1: Meet the office barkada na magpapasaya sa atin every Petsa de Peligro in 1429 Petsa de Peligro Episode 1 below!

Cast members include Bryan Mendoza as Pare, the “Diskarte Dude” ng Sales; Charlon Untalan as Jiro, the “Eat Guy” ng I.T.; Aldrin Angeles as James, Mr. Pogi ng Marketing; Justine Pena as Nina, the “Kikay-Diva” ng Accounting; Thea Yrastorza as Alex, the “Hugot Girl” ng Art Dept.; Arielle Roces as Queenie, H.R. Royalty; Almira Joverto as Terry, the Secretary/Businesswoman; Gerlie Hemilo as Ate Flor, the Janitress; and Cesar Batistis as Manong Gardo, the English-speaking Guard.

Episode 2: Namimiligro ba ang diskarte mo tuwing Petsa de Peligro? Nandito si Janno Gibbs for Episode 2 para tulungan ang barkada.

Stay tuned on November 29 for the 3rd webisode of Jollibee’s 1429 Petsa de Peligro serye!

I can’t wait to find out how Alex the Hugot Girl of Art Department will use her three wishes to turn things around for her and her friends na na mimiligro!

When asked what is the message this Jollibee webserye wants to tell the world, they just


looked in each other’s member and nod in agreement, they simply  want us to understand that it’s okay to be broke and that we should not be shy or be embarassed about it but instead accept it and be smart enough to get through it with Jollibee’s Jolly Savers Meals: Jolly Yumburger for Php 30.00, Jolly Spaghetti for Php 50.00 and Jolly Burger Steak for Php 50.00.


Dahil hindi lahat ng masarap, mahal!

Follow Jollibee for the 3rd Episode here: https://www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/

#GerifiedPH: At PastaMania, qui è tutto buono!

The serving bowl on our table was considered empty with some strands of pasta left still generously covered with the marinara sauce. I tried to remember the taste – the taste of freshly harvested tomatoes from the 20 acre PastaMania’s farm in Parma, Italia.

And just to be doubly sure, I scooped some sauce with my spoon.

Since the farm and the processing facilities are just a stone’s throw away from each other, I can definitely feel the delectable bold tangy citrus-y with a hint of fruity sweet taste of selected tomatoes based on the right level – color, brix, bostwick and other microbiological characteristics – freshly picked, completely processed and preserved in its original nutrients and qualities.

In short, I simut the bowl clean – scooping the last drop of marinara goodness, good thing my seatmate didn’t mind me!

pastamania gerifiedph.jpgThis was the clam before the storm.


It all started with Timothy Ghinn, an expatriate European working in Singapore in the 1990s  as an answer to his simple question:

“Why was it possible to find good local food at affordable prices, while good Italian cuisine was so expensive?”

Timothy wanted a wide selection so that he had the choice to have great tasting Italian food everyday for a fortnight; at everyday prices. This was not only a question, but an ambitious and lofty goal. In 1998, Timothy took his dream to Scotts Shopping Centre in downtown Singapore and opened the first PastaMania store!

Did you know? PastaMania is an Italian restaurant originated in Singapora.

Shortly after, Timothy sold his shares to the Singapore’s GlobaMatrix Holdings Group (now Commonwealth Capital Group), who built the brand further into one that has now grown to become Singapore’s Largest Italian Chain, and has spread it’s presence to more than 50 outlets in 12 countries. ! Accelerating its expansion plan, the next 5 years for PastaMania looks poise to be even rosier than the past with PastaMania’s brand equity and exposure growing in the wake of it’s scalable business model and a brand that is synonymous with authentic Italian taste, culinary excellence and gourmet freshness.

And now, it is in the Philippines! Last Thursday, I went south to witness the grand launch of PastaMania’s flagship restaurant opening, strategically located at SM Southmall.

More photos of the event here.

PastaMania is not just another pasta player in the market as there is more than meets the eyes to this Singaporean brand.


Did you know? PastaMania is the largest Italian Restaurant Chain in Singapore in 2017.

Before reaching the Philippine shore, PastaMania has already  strategically established strong regional presence in relevant markets with a coverage of more than 50 outlets in South Asia, China, Middle East Regions, South-east Asia like in Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

In Philippines alone, PastaMania will also open its 2nd store at SM Fairview this December! I surely hope they will cover SM Trese as well as it’s also one of the biggest mall in the South.

Now you can satisfy your Italian cravings without the need to step on the Italian soil, PastaMania will bring Vintage Italian Pizza and Pasta concept to their customers with main ingredients harvested from farms in Italy and Europe.

What’s more? You can choose your own pasta with their customizable menu.

Choose your own pasta – 5 pasta choices and more than 15 selection for toppings for your pizza, making the menu offer over a 100 items and making preferred unique taste of each individual a possibility.

PastaMania also guarantees freshly cooked pasta served within 5 minutes and 8 – 10 minute top in baking your pizza pie!

The single minded idea behind the PastaMania concept was to bring..
“…great tasting Italian food into the mass market, making it affordable to everyone.”

Italian Heritage

Inspired by the Italian Piazza aka City Square, PastaMania’s interior designing is a unique eye catching Italian setting that offers a relaxed laid back environment for fun exchanges between friends and families! Bright interior and al-fresco dining concept adds a dramatic shift from formalism and dimness of a typical Italian restaurant.

The Italian Piazza is the center of public life in Italy. It allows public access and activity in various forms like walking, driving, shopping and playing.

This Italian vibe was conceptualized in every PastaMania store design. To add more, PastaMania features inspired fun and vibrant artworks like Edicola and Alimentari that captures the interest of diners. Definitely a distinctive and difficult to replicate restaurant dining experience!

Brand Promise: Moments & memories of simple pleasures for families and friends, brought to you by the convenience of wholesome Italian experience.

Simple Pleasures

And by pleasure, PastaMania means seeing how your food is coming along together, the Open Kitchen format allows customers to catch a glimpse of their pasta and pizza cooked a-la-minute. Definitely a gastronomical treat to your Italian cravings!

Aside from having fresh tomatoes for your pasta sauces, PastaMania has a lot more to offer!

Did  I mention I scooped clean the Seafood Marinara bowl? It just goes to show how scrumptious the dish was for me, and my question afterwards was obvious, is there a chance that PastaMania will offer their pasta sauces ready to-go? Sir Wilson Lim, Executive Director for International Business of Singapore Commonwealth Capital answered me with one word.

The Alimentari

It is a small and local based grocery store, selling general food products. A good place to procure basic food needs like milk, eggs, breads, cheeses and meats at the deli section; and for PastaMania’s Alimentari section of the store is where you’ll find their secret formulas stored in the most canopic-ish jars – their pasta sauces made with tomatoes harvested on their farm.

What’s more? This is also where they will offer their very distinct pasta that contains more protein than regular pasta noodles in the market.

End it on a Sweet Note

After delighting yourself with your customized savory pasta and cheesy pizza, you can select from these variants of sweet to satisfy the cravings!

Pizza Banana Split – pizzas here can be sweet too! With fresh fruits, chocolate shavings and crispy crumbles, Pizza Banana Split is unique, delicious and crispy! Suitable for dessert after a full meal. It is also a perfect delightful snack when partnered with a hot drink.

Blueberry Cheesecake Pizza – another sweet pizza from PastaMania. Crispy bed of pizza topped with sweet blueberry, drizzled with savory cheesecake crumbles.

Gelato – PizzaMania’s freshly made Italian ice cream is lower on sugar and fat content when compared to traditional ice cream hence priding itself to the satisfaction of your sweet cravings. Part of a sundae, topped on your dessert pizza and waffles, or simply by itself, you can never run out of choices when it comes to PastaMania’s delectable Gelato!

Aside from being nutritious, healthy, experiential, and inclusive, PastaMania is also about community, quality and is educational.

pastamania figurines gerifiedph.jpgWe witnessed Lorenzo, Isabella, Sofia, and Francesca come to life and they guide us in our learnings about the dishes served on our table and made sure we are comfortable and enjoying our Italian cuisine experience!


Yes, PastaMania is also educational! Doughworkz is PastaMania’s Pasta Academy established within the casual dining restaurant. It runs programs customized for children of all ages. Providing children with opportunity to have hands-on experience in making their own pasta and pizza. Aside from the culinary works, PastaMania also shares trivia and interesting facts about Italian ingredients and dining culture.

doughworkz gerifiedph.jpg

PastaMons – Such fun to melt the gelato in your mouth, but what caught my attention were these monsters on my gelato cup. True enough, they aren’t just there without a purpose, and they are called PastaMons! PastaMania never ceased to run out of ideas for kids! To enrich fun and educational value for Doughworkz Program, PastaMania integrated four Monster Buddies – Tomee, Creamee, Ollee and Crumbee! PastaMons are into their educational curriculum, making it even more exciting and appealing to the kids. Through engaging and interactive short stories, they were able to educate even the youngest of PastaManiacs about proper eating habits and table manners, too.

PastaMania really caters to everyone’s need! Their quick service is perfect for the working adults; different sections of the restaurant like Alimentari grocery store, Edicola that offers not newspapers and magazines but DVDs and a variety of weekly issues of encyclopaedias, Panificio bakery, Negozio della Pasta that offers handmade pasta and gourmet ingredients provides aspirational yet affordable dining experience and for families with kids, PastaManias Doughworkz Academia with the PastaMons can surely give them quality time oer a casual lunch or dinner with an array of dishes suitable for both parents and kids.

pastamania gerifiedph smsouthmall.jpgFrom left to right: Mr. Wilson Lim, Executive Director for International Business of Singapore Commonwealth Capital, Ms. Roselle Calixihan, Country Operations Director, and Mr. Lam Yew Kwong, PastaMania’s Regional Manager.

One can expect authentic Italian ingredients when dining at PastaMania from producing their very own tomatoes in the northern part of Italy,one can relish the Parma-harvested preservative-free tomato sauces found in the pasta and pizza selections to the Gelato Pronto with its unique Gelato Cart Design, you can get to taste the best quality artisan gelato hand-made fresh daily from imported raw ingredients, you can definitely have the enjoyment of an authentic Italian cuisine experience!

#GerifiedPH: Pop Up Town 2017

We are half way off the ber-months and sales are flashing here and there. Now, all you have to do is pick which stores are you going. But, if you have no idea where to shop first, and which sale events should you go to… Let me help you navigate and see why you have to stop over at the Pop Up Town and shop ’till you drop!

Make Circuit Makati and Arca South your ultimate entertainment and hassle-free shopping destinations this Holiday season! The holidays are just around the corner and the only thing better than the breeze getting colder and nights getting longer, is the fact it’s now the time, the best time actually to do some shopping! With bazaars in various parts of the Metro that offer almost always similar items, it may be hard to find something unique for loved ones. But don’t fret! There’s a better way to get a head start at crossing out items on your list without having to go from one place to another to find that one-of-a-kind present for your loved ones.

If you happen to live in the city, you’ll be a stone’s throw away to the much-awaited ultimate holiday shopping and entertainment experience! Introducing Pop Up Town – the biggest and hippest Holiday bazaar happening at two of Ayala Land’s sustainable estates: Circuit Makati and Arca South.

These are set on November 17 to 19 at Circuit Makati, and December 2 to 3 at Arca South in Taguig. The bazaar is on its fourth year at Circuit Makati and promises to jumpstart the holiday shopping mood through Pop up Town.


The event will feature over 200 curated shops, dining options and a ton of activities for the whole family.

What’s in store at Pop up Town? With a variety of shopping options to choose from – everything from quirky novelty gifts, to hard-to-find local products, Pop-Up Town will consist of four zones – – Pop Up Shop, Pop Up Market, Pop Up Gallery and Pop Up Local.

Pop Up Shop

Pop Up Shop will have a variety of well curated goods and pre-loved items from Karl Edwards, Passion Fly, UP JMA, Mommy Mundo, and big discounts by Folded and Hung. Unique brands and pre-loved items from our favorite stars will also be featured under the Star Avenue such as Janice De Belen, Karla Estrada, Inah de Belen, Ara Mina, Danita Paner, Maricar Reyes Poon, Marissa Sanchez, Nene Tamayo, Nilki Valdez, Christine Babao, Maria Lopez, Mara Lopez, Gretchen Fullido, MJ Marfori, Aubrey Carampel, Cherry Lou Damaso, Denise Joaquin, Mike Agassi amd Miriam Quiambao.

Mommy Mundo – Online Community of Moms and Momenterprenuers showcases wide range of mom and baby-friendly products like Maternity belt, Sun Life Insurances and more

Botanicals in Bloom – aside from essential oils, they also offer All natural skin care locally handmade made from premium ingredients like olive oil and bees wax and food grade flowers and leaves infused to become oil. These long lasting scents could calm your senses

UP JMA – students on businesses like Medjas, a Korean pop culture inspired socks. UP JMA support millennials discovering potential in the business markets. What’s more? It is for the benefits of the kids they support every semester – 40 kids are sent to school.

Karl Edwards – old company that support small businesses and Start up businesses to give back to the community, basically making dreams come true!

LukieBear – named after her first born, this swaddled blankets has many uses with beautiful verses that could comfort and inspire new moms.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Outdoor blankets, Gawang Pinoy Candle Soy, water based oils, and home sprays are some of their offerings. Fashion design clothes will also be featured at Karl Edwards pop up shop.

Bake Goods by Janice De Belen – homemade cheese cupcakes, pulvoron

Gretchen’s Fashion – preloved shinning shimmering splendid fashion items and size 5 shoes

Isabelle Glamour and Mara Sports- Mara’s surfing stuff and gears like rashguards, wetsuits, and bikinis and Isabelle’s Glamour beauty and the red carpet pre loved selling for only a fraction of the cos.

Miriam Quiambao’s Tubo – freshly squeezed sugar cane juice comes in natural flavor of tubo skin tonic, good for the liver, and high folic acid. Other flavors tubomango, tubomansi, tuboguyabano. Sweet taste for a healthier you! Sometime in 2015, Miriam and husband walking in Cebu and tried tubo juice. Long story short, they franchise one to make it available here in Manila.

Nikki’s Homemade Goodies – homemade goodies and chocoloco brownies Classic butter polvoron Red velvet cocoa polvoron and cakes bazaar best seller 2012 backings MissButtercream by Nikki Valdez on Instagram.

Pop up Market

A wide variety of scrumptious dishes will gibe everyone a taste of the season with Pop Up Market with Mercato. It features Takoichi Authentic Takoyaki – Squids fresh from Calaguas, and other great Filipino street food!

Pop Up Arena

Ayala Land’s estates, being a one-stop destination f leisure and entertainment, will be the perfect venue to spend the long weekend and holidays. Complementing all the shopping choices are activities like outdoor movie screenings, art workshops, battle of the bands and live acoustic performances. Kids and the kids at the heart will even be able to enjoy an inflatable obstacle course dubbed as Wacky Obstacle Run.

Bringing war into the town! Go up on different inflatable of giant activities with a twist.! Obstacle courses, swirl ball experience of different types of inflatables,  giant jackstones, speed racks and wacky activities for kids and kids at heart. Open for all ages but kids ranging 10 years and below should be accompanied by a guardian. WackyObstacleFun.com

Pop Up Lokal

Home grown and locally-sourced and locally-made products will be showcased under the Pop Up Local. It features crafts like accessories and jewelries made and designed by PWDs.

Papelikhaan – recycled papers made by partner communities.

Pop Up Gallery

Appreciate and own a piece of art at the Pop Up Gallery featuring works curated by Para sa Sining.

Para Sa Sining – Non government organizations collaborated to celebrate arts – music, poetry, music and more! Philippines community of collaborators also features Digitized artworks like postcards and stickers like I am, I create, and we create Filipino identity – pagkilala sa iyong sarili at paglikha ng obramaestra.

Siklo Pilipinas – upcycle materials arts and crafts like products made out of airplane tires! That’s very interesting!

There’s definitely something for all at the Pop Up Town. Pop up Town offers a comprehensive collection of merchants that highlight the rich heritage of flavor and culture in the country with their local products from different regions. Student entrepreneurs will feature their innovative and unique products. Celebrity and blogger merchants will also offer everything from artisanal delicacies to pre-loved fashion items. This is the most wonderful time of the year, especially in the city that makes it happen, bringing together family, friends and colleagues. And since the success of the previous Circuit Makati Christmas Bazaars in the past years, Ayala Land ups the ante by bringing it to another Ayala Land estate, giving more people the chance to create new memorable holiday traditions.

At Pop Up Town, surprises awaits Mastercard holders as they have the chance to win prizes during the bazaar, and experience a variety of perks–from hassle free cashless shopping to free entrance to both bazaars at Circuit Makati and Arca South!

In addition, Circuit Makati and Arca South also partnered with Grab to offer discounted Grab rides heading to and from venue, free shuttle rides in select areas across the metro, free parking and option to go cashless shopping via Mastercard. This is truly the easiest way to create fun and exciting memories to remember this holiday season by. Drop by on November 17 to 19 and December 2 to 3, and get a head start on your shopping list! Pop up Town is co-presented by Mastercard and Fox Life, in cooperation with Grab.

What are you waiting for? Save the pennies and prepare your Mastercard for the great fashion, food, family run and art feast for all! See you there!

#GerifiedPH: Eden makes the Holiday more exciting with the Limited Edition Queso de Bola Cheese

Can you say Eden Cheese? I definitely could! I could even put Eden Cheese in any dishes, even better! Well actually, Kulayot and Dabibot can eat Eden cheese straight out of the box – and I let them. What, with Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Calcium and Iron, I don’t have the heart to stop them! In any case, I even encourage them!

This milky, creamy goodness of natural cheese, milk proteins and buttermilk a.k.a. Eden Cheese is my secret (well, not anymore) to my delicious blockbuster homemade carrot siomai! Made out of carrot pulps from the juicing, I simply add tuna in flakes or ground beef whatever is lying around the kitchen, and add Eden Cheese cubes to make the kids eat carrots without the crying and shouting, running and trapping and bribing them!

Did you know? Eden Cheese is the first ever cheese packed in a carton box!

Carlo Licuanan Mondelez.jpg

SAY CHEESE! with Mr. Carlo Licuanan, Southeast Asia & China Marketing Director Meals Category (Cheese & Grocery) of Mondelez International Upgrade your Pinoy traditional dishes with the new and affordable Eden Queso de Bola flavor!


Eden Cheese, the market leader in the Philippines cheese category, introduces a new flavor innovation exclusive only for this Holiday season the Eden Queso De Bola (QDB) flavor.

The Eden Queso de Bola launch was held at the Limbaga 77 Cafe in Quezon City where media guests and blogger friends unraveled this cheesy delight! The event held a station where we carved our cheeses before the proper program began! Check out my super cheesy carvings!

edenquesodebola gerifiedph.jpg

Chef DJ Santos’ Tip: Put Eden Cheese on the fridge for 15 – 20 minutes before carving or grating the cheese bar. This will prevent the cheese from being sticky, will slide out more easily on food molds and will hold its shape longer.


We were surprised with a series of Acoustic OPM hits sang by OPM Rockstar Musician, Mr. Raimond Marasigan. Check out a sample of his live performance here:

Hosted by Ms. Issa Litton and Mondelez’ very own hunk, they introduce the first part of the program, Chef DJ Santos’ Three Cheesy Recipe demo para sa creaminess umaakap na sarap!

Cheesy Caldereta – Yours truly helped the Eden Cheese Chef spread a fondue of fresh milk and Eden Cheese on top of the Caldereta to level up this traditional recipe! Tip: Do not mix the cheese on the sauce, always put it on top before serving. Add pizzazz by sprinkling a dash of paprika.

Triple Cheese Morcon – Chef DJ showed us that the Morcon was made with bits of cheeses, the sauce on top contains melted Eden cheese and thirdly, with the help of Sir Ros of WhatsUp Philippines, the dish was topped with grated cheese and was torched to add a sting of smokey flavor!

Eden Buko Pandan – Every cheese in my Buko Pandan was fished out by my kids. Well, with bigger chunks of Eden Cheese they won’t feel like my Buko Pandan is boring anymore, plus, they’ll have fun time fishing out different molds of cheeses, be it star, a heart or whatever food mold you have! With the help of Ms. Working Mom, the plain Buko Pandan became cheesier!

More photos of the event here.

Did you know? Eden Queso de Bola is proudly developed in the Philippines.

Proudly developed and produced by Mondelez Philippines, Eden Cheese aims to strengthen its market leadership position through Eden’s deep understanding of the Filipino consumers’ taste preference, especially during Christmas season. Carlo Licuanan, Mondelez’s Marketing Director for the Meals category shares that this move is a step to hopefully grow the carton cheese category.  “As a pioneer and the market leader of the carton cheese category, we want to accelerate our growth and that of the category by providing a new taste, innovation and experience for consumers to enjoy. We take pride in launching our Queso de Bola-flavored Eden Cheese.

After the hearty recipe demonstrations, we were treated for an on-the-spot watercolor sesh! What a fun-filled event! Well, that doesn’t stop there. Ms. Michelle Gan, Meals Category Manager of Mondelez Philippines finally introduced the Eden Queso de Bola! One way of leveling up the dishes this Holiday season is by adding new experience to the traditional style of cooking meal. New Queso de Bola flavor of Eden Cheese will help you upgrade your celebrations through an experience that’s traditional and sought after in an affordable price.

Did you know? Eden Cheese was established in 1981, marking its 36 years this 2017.

It is the first flavor innovation by Eden exclusively for Christmas and is proudly developed right here in the Philippines. We put great value in our product that not only reflects the traditional and memorable ‘Paskong Pinoy’ (Filipino Christmas) but also is sensitive to the pockets of Filipinos. Eden QDB, at P59 SRP for the 165g pack and P159 SRP for the bigger 440g carton, can now grace the table of every Filipino family during Noche Buena and any occasion for family gatherings.”

Did you know? Eden Cheese Queso de Bola is the first ever Queso de Bola in a carton box! Another first for Eden Cheese!

As the marketer of globally iconic snack brands such as  Cheez Whiz, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo cookies to name a few, Mondelez Philippines tapped its global expertise in food innovation to develop the new cheese flavor that will help upgrade Pinoy Christmas traditions. “We believe that by introducing this new flavor in the carton cheese category, we are opening more possibilities for our consumers to upgrade their Christmas dishes and provide a whole new level of food enjoyment with their families this coming holiday season,” says Michelle Gan, Mondelez Philippines’ Category Lead for Meals. “Eden has already become a Christmas food staple by making holiday dishes more delicious through its creamy taste.

Did you know? Eden Cheese Queso de Bola is the first ever flavor innovation from Eden!

However, we want to further entice the hearts and palates of Filipinos by combining a classic Christmas cheese product which is the Queso de Bola, together with the taste preference of Filipinos who look for that rich and creamy texture in their cheese.  Now moms can have a wider opportunity to upgrade their Christmas food specialtiesfrom cheese appetizers to spaghetti, from a traditional pan de sal and cheese to the special Caldereta and even Buko Salad—using our Eden Queso de Bola flavor.”

Eden Queso de Bola flavor is a limited edition product and is available only until the end of the Christmas holidays.

gerifiedph edenquesodebola.jpgThank you so much Castro PR and Ms. Janlee for allowing my sister, personal photographer, blog-event partner Elizabeth of Girly Mom Raising Boys to accompany me on this cheesy event! Fact: We both are Eden Cheese Monster Divas!

Like Eden Cheese on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH/

#  #  #

About Mondelez Philippines

Mondelez Philippines, formerly Kraft Foods Philippines, has done business in the country since 1963, providing consumers with delicious snack products like Tang powdered beverages, Eden cheese, mayonnaise and sandwich spread, Cheez Whiz spread, Oreo cookies, Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The company employs about 400 people in the Philippines, with a manufacturing facility in Parañaque City.

#GerifiedPH: #TopYourOwn Jolly Hotdog!

Jollibee has another secret out! Aside from the return of #AmazingAlohaYumburger and the #unbeatabledouble of Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti, the happiest bee now let’s you choose your very own Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog toppings!

Extra cheese, extra jalapeno and extra bacon topping choices now available!

Take deliciousness all the way to the top with a new Top-Your-Own option for the Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog!

topyourown gerifiedph.jpg

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food brand, opens up a whole new world of flavors with its introduction of extra toppings for its best-selling snack offering, the Jolly Hotdog! For a limited time, diners can customize their favorite Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog with carefully selected toppings that add a new dimension of texture, zing, and delight!

This Jolly top-secret product was revealed to bloggers today, October 17th at Jollibee 1000th Store in BGC Triangle Drive, Taguig.

Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog is Php 50.00 only and starting, October 15, you can choose your own toppings from: Extra Cheese, Extra Bacon, and Extra Jalapeño. You can actually choose 2 extra cheeses and an extra bacon, of triple cheese or triple jalapeno!

You can add an extra topping for only Php 10.00! What’s more jolly about this DIY Jolly Hotdog is that, when you add three toppings, you’ll only have to add Php25.00 to enjoy an appetizing combination of crispy, savory, and spicy! What a jolly steal!

These extra toppings go perfectly well with the Extra Cheesy, Extra Beefy flavors of the Cheesy Classic Hotdog! The 100% beef hotdog, Jollibee’s special hotdog dressing, ketchup, and grated cheese all come together to bring unforgettably delicious experience with every bite!

“As a proudly homegrown brand, Jollibee has always taken pride in knowing the Filipino palate inside and out,” said Mr. Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee’s Marketing Director for Core Products. “One of the emerging needs of the Filipino diners is the desire to customize their favorites to their liking. That’s why we introduced the Top-Your-Own Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog that allows them to customize it differently every time. It’s a great spin on their classic favorite, and it lets everyone enjoy it the way they want.”

Mix, match, and share your signature Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog creation on Jollibee’s Official Facebook page (facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines) or tag @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

Since pigs for me are now friends and not food, and I rarely eat pork nowadays, its double cheese and jalapeno for me then!

If you’re too bored in your bland fast food menu, head on over to your nearest Jollibee branch, because there, the options of comfort food is limitless! The Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog and extra toppings are available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide!

MUST WATCH: Jollibee and Hetty show why they are an #UnbeatableDouble in latest digital ad

The Philippines’ #1 fast-food brand Jollibee released its latest digital ad today featuring their lovable mascots Jollibee and Hetty!


The best friends take on fun challenges and prove to everyone why they are the ultimate duo! Watch how the #UnbeatableDouble’s story unfolded:

Just like Jollibee and Hetty, Jollibee’s Crispylicious, Juicylicious, Gravylicious Chickenjoy and sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti form an #UnbeatableDouble! This best-selling combo pairs two well-loved and world-renowned comfort food in one winning plate. Filipinos take pride in this irresistible combination—the perfectly seasoned Chickenjoy, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, paired with the cheesiest and meatiest Jolly Spaghetti.


Get a taste of the #UnbeatableDouble and enjoy a scrumptious, value-for-money meal with your family and friends at your nearest Jollibee branch. The #UnbeatableDouble is available for dine-in, take-out, delivery and drive-thru transactions, at only Php 99.00 for a Solo Meal! For more information on your classic Jolly favorites, like Jollibee Philippines’ Facebook page and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.