#GerifiedPH: It’s Extra Bright at the Circuit Makati!

Circuit Makati welcomes the Holiday season extra brightly with the hippest bazaar Pop Up Town! In partnership with Mastercard, Alveo, and Samsung Air C onditioner, Circuit Makati officially welcomes the Holiday by lighting it up majestically over the city’s most upbeat lifestyle and entertainment destination.

Co-presented by Mastercard and Fox Life, in cooperation with Grab, Pop Up Town’s wide array of offerings as it will feature over 200 curated shops to thrill gift buyers, dining options for those who seek bonding moments, and assorted activities for the whole family.

Consisting of four zones: Pop Up Shop, Pop Up Market, Pop Up Gallery, and Pop Up Local, it is sure to delight every Christmas shopper.

Pop Up Shop offers  a variety of well curated goods and pre-loved items from Karl Edwards, Passion Fly, UP JMA, Mommy Mundo, and big discounts by Folded and Hung.  At the Star Avenue section, fun brands and pre-loved items will be available from the likes of Janice De Belen, Kaila Estrada, Inah de Belen, Ara Mina, Danita Paner, Maricar Reyes Poon, Marissa Sanchez, Nene Tamayo, Nikki Valdez, Christine Babao, Maria Lopez, Mara Lopez, Gretchen Fullido, MJ Marfori, Aubrey Carampel, Cherry Lou Damaso, Denise Joaquin, Mike Agassi and Miriam Quiambao.

Shopping could make your tummy growl! A dizzying array of scrumptious favorites will be at the Pop Up Market with Mercato. For  those who love art , the Pop Up Gallery features works curated by Para sa Sining. Home grown, locally-sourced and locally-made products will be showcased under  Pop Up Local.

For a fun holiday vibe, there will be outdoor movie screenings, art workshops, battle of the bands and live acoustic performances. Kids can have hours of fun with an inflatable obstacle course dubbed as Wacky Obstacle Run.

Mastercard holders will have the chance to win prizes during the bazaar, aside from enjoying free entrance to both bazaars. What’s more, Grab will offer discounted Grab rides heading to and from venue using promo code Grab50, free shuttle rides from Park Square to Circuit Makati, free parking and the option to shop cashless with your Mastercard credit card.

Indulging your loved ones with fun memories and lots of bonding time is easier with Pop Up Town! Drop by the Arca South on December 2 to 3!



#GerifiedPH: Make Up & Styling for Plus Size Ladies

I used to be a small, but after my steroid intake to have a successful life-saving heart surgery, I ballooned to a size L and despite the sudden unwanted change, I try to keep a positive outlook about it. This change in my physical appearance, 6 inch scar across my back and a set of chubby cheeks signifies my 2nd chance in life.

But let’s face it, the beauty standard of the world is the petite type, stomach in and chiseled cheeks of unrealistic models, and admittedly, I get depressed whenever I think about my 23-inch waist back then. I used to stare at my jeans and grieve – with long deep sighs and tear-less cry.

I used to. Like I said, I want to keep a positive outlook in this sudden change, so after almost a decade, I let go of the past. I gave away my still looking brand new jeans and started praising myself in the mirror.

What I also do is follow empowered plus size icons – Melissa McCarthy, Adele, and Plump Pinays to name a few; I also join workshops and seminars that could aid me to be more confident, that is why I am so excited about this up-coming event by Ms. Michelle Lim Padrelanan, an event organizer and the brains behind Event Detailer Events Management Services. Ms. Michelle conceptualize seminars and workshops that could  empower and hence, effectively help attendees.

For Event Detailers upcoming event, the target audience are plus size women who wants to update style and learn new make up tricks from a pro. It is hard to pick the right shade of color and the shape of the dress that will complement a plus size body.

This workshop will help plus-size ladies to look good and feel good. Learn how to create two looks – a day look and a night look with Make Up Artist and Fashion Stylist Ms. Jana Silao this November 25, at the Crumbsis Cafe, Makati City.

Ms. Jana will demostrate how to properly put on make up, from foundation, to brows, to countouring and getting that glow. You will learn by following with the make up you already own.

Aside from that, you’ll learn which looks are right for your body shape and know which pieces of clothing to invest in to build a capsule of clothes that you can mix and match.

Now at parties, we take lots of photos and it is a struggle to try to hide yourself – behind others or with a scarf or a huge bag. At this workshop, you’ll know the best angles for you so that all your photos will be memorable.

What’s more? Attendees for this event will receive giveaways from Suesh Make Up and Love Curves Ph.


For all these, your beauty investment is only P1800.00. In exchange, you’ll be more confident as your beauty shines through.

I learned that no matter what reason it may be, being a size L should not be something to be shy or embarrassed about. I also learned to embrace the change, be adoptable and only think about the things you could change. So why not embrace the beautiful you and empower yourself with the right makeup technique and fashion tips to level up your game?

Go to this link to register: bit.ly/plussizeMUS.

See you there!

#gerilenmbf: Different Trimesters of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You just found out you are pregnant! You are about to embark on one interesting journey. Expect to experience joys, as well as challenges, and discomfort throughout your pregnancy. The pregnancy journey is divided into three distinct trimesters.  Each one represents different joys and challenges. LIsted below are the three trimesters of pregnancy, and the descriptions of what to expect with your own body, and the development of the fetus in each one.

The First Trimester

The first trimester spans weeks 1-12, and is the shortest of the three trimesters of pregnancy. In fact during weeks 1 and 2, a woman is not technically pregnant. Week 1 starts the day of the woman’s last menstrual period. Around day 14 of the cycle, or later depending on the woman’s cycle, fertilization happens when the sperm meets the egg. And then the fertilized egg ends up finding its place in the uterus, and implants itself in the lining. Sometimes light bleeding can happen as a result, and at times women may mistaken this kind of light bleeding as a mild and short period.

During this time, the fertilized egg has split into a ball of cells called the blastocyst. The blastocyst splits into 3 sections that later on becomes the mesoderm, ectoderm, and endoderm. The mesoderm creates the  connective tissues, skeletal system, and blood system. The ectoderm will be forming the nervous system, the skin, and your baby’s hair. The endoderm will become the liver, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract as well as other organs. The placenta is being created as well which will be at work making maternal blood to feed the baby.

The fact of the matter is, a woman usually has no clue that she is pregnant until at least she is 4 weeks along. If she suspects it, she may buy a home pregnancy test from the drugstore which can find the pregnancy hormone in urine.That is what gives the test a positive. What may make her suspect that she is pregnant is the symptoms that are already starting. These symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, nausea and vomiting which is referred to as “morning sickness” (but the sickness can last through the day), and either no period or an incredibly light one.

She may also be experiencing painful and tender breasts which are worse than experiencing sore breasts during PMS. Another common first trimester symptom is increase in urination which will pretty much last throughout the pregnancy.

At this point, the baby is an embryo and it is approximately 1/16th of an inch long. It cannot be seen well by the naked eye, and the spinal cord and heart have started to develop at this point.

However, by week 6, the baby’s heart starts beating and you can have a vaginal ultrasound done at this point to confirm at heartbeat, but most doctors don’t feel it is necessary for pregnant women to go for an ultrasound this soon. That is unless the baby was conceived via IVF or you have had a history of miscarriages. The size of the embryo is ½ of an inch at this point, and is also growing little nubs where the arms and limbs will develop later on. The digestive system also develops at this point, as well as facial features, and the brain and bloodstream do as well. The creation is at its peak right now.

Symptoms are going to be experienced by the mother a lot more. The fatigue may be severe, as well as the nausea and vomiting. If that is out of control, then she must report the severity of her sickness to her doctor. She may require hospitalization if she can’t hold even water down. The reason these symptoms may be worse right now is because the pregnancy hormone levels are extremely high.

As the first trimester comes to an end, after 9 weeks, the baby’s facial features are quite present as the nose and ears form. Nail and teeth buds have started to form. The baby is moving even though it can’t be felt this early, and he or she is swallowing amniotic fluid. All internal organs start to form by the end of the 12th week which marks the end of the 1st trimester.

The Second Trimester

The second trimester which starts from week 13 and ends at week 27. For the majority of women, this trimester is referred to as “the honeymoon phase”, because the dreadful first trimester symptoms such as nausea and fatigue begin to ease off by now. Unfortunately some women still experience these symptoms if they are extreme. But the reason that symptoms die down for the majority of women is because the hormones have leveled off.

By week 13,  your baby has developed the vocal chords. The organs are functioning, and the baby’s bone marrow is developing red blood cells, and even the hair is starting to grow. The uterus is about the size of a grapefruit and will continue to grow. Your breasts will develop colostrum as well, and our areolas begin to darken, and you will experience other skin changes. Beware that blood pressure will increase, and sometimes varicose veins can form.

Your baby’s heartbeat can be heard on the Doppler device, but between 17 and 20 weeks, the heartbeat can be detected by a stethoscope, and the baby will be sucking his or her thumb a lot now. Other changes that are happening is that movements are stronger and are felt, finger and toe-nails are forming, the hair keeps growing and the baby responds to light and noise, heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope.

Your OBGYN will want to arrange an ultrasound to be done at this time too to make sure the baby is developing well, and you can also find out the sex if you choose.

By 21-24 weeks, the baby’s eyes are open, a creamy substance covers the skin called vernix, and skin is wrinkled making the fetus appear very thin, because he or she is!

Your appetite may be high at this point, but be careful to eat within limits, as you could end up developing complications such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia if you gain too much weight. You will either way be getting large and uncomfortable as you near the third trimester, the last one before you meet your baby!

The Third Trimester

The third trimester starts from week 28 until week 40 (or birth as many babies are born before 40 weeks) and this is a hard period. The baby at this point is really bulking up, as a result you are as well. So getting around may become a challenge. Sleeping is hard because you are constantly being interrupted by having to urinate. You will experience more backache, heartburn, shortness of breath and leg cramps. And around this time you may have false contractions called The Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are light but they prepare you for the real thing.

The fetus will keep getting fatter in the meantimes, the body stores iron and the bones are no longer cartilage.

This is the time to have a baby shower, if you choose, start getting the nursery ready and you will be feeling a mix of excitement and worry as the time to meet your new little one comes closer. You may be taking lamaze classes to help you prepare for labor and delivery.

You will be so uncomfortable at this point that you will feel like this pregnancy will go on forever. Especially if you are having twins, then all of the above symptoms will be felt ten-fold. However, there is one promise and guarantee. The pregnancy never lasts forever! Once it ends, you will meet your new baby (or babies) for the first time, and then a whole new journey of parenthood begins!

#GerifiedPH: Gelare’s Limitless Imagination

Gelato is an original Italian word that means frozen. Gelato today, is the people’s layman term for the Italian ice cream – typically made of cream, milk and sugar flavored with fruits, nut crumbles and other nice ingredients you could think off to add in ice cream.

The Italian ice cream, gelato is generally lower in fat and contains less air than ordinary ice cream in the market. What amazes me is the Gelare’s version of gelatos.

Did you know? Gelare Gelatos are airless.

This makes Gelare Gelatos the ultimate gelato experience with density and richness that’s unlike any other frozen desserts!

No limit to your imagination.JPG

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read more and discover this Aussie cafe! Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Gelare’s Limitless Imagination”

#GerifiedPH: No more Peligro every Petsa de Peligro!

Petsa de Peligro is a term that originated in Spain but was adopted in the Philippines in the Spanish Era – the time when the Spaniards colonized the Filipinos. It is term that defines “troubled times”.


In the corporate world, employees defined the days before their payday, usually the 14th of the month and the 29th of the month as their Petsa de Peligro due to the fact that most employees are hanging on to the last one hundred peso bill in their pocket simply because they do not know how to handle their finances or simply because the salary just isn’t enough.

Read more about Jollibee’s first ever web-series, #1429JolliSerye here.

Episode 1: Meet the office barkada na magpapasaya sa atin every Petsa de Peligro in 1429 Petsa de Peligro Episode 1 below!

Cast members include Bryan Mendoza as Pare, the “Diskarte Dude” ng Sales; Charlon Untalan as Jiro, the “Eat Guy” ng I.T.; Aldrin Angeles as James, Mr. Pogi ng Marketing; Justine Pena as Nina, the “Kikay-Diva” ng Accounting; Thea Yrastorza as Alex, the “Hugot Girl” ng Art Dept.; Arielle Roces as Queenie, H.R. Royalty; Almira Joverto as Terry, the Secretary/Businesswoman; Gerlie Hemilo as Ate Flor, the Janitress; and Cesar Batistis as Manong Gardo, the English-speaking Guard.

Episode 2: Namimiligro ba ang diskarte mo tuwing Petsa de Peligro? Nandito si Janno Gibbs for Episode 2 para tulungan ang barkada.

Stay tuned on November 29 for the 3rd webisode of Jollibee’s 1429 Petsa de Peligro serye!

I can’t wait to find out how Alex the Hugot Girl of Art Department will use her three wishes to turn things around for her and her friends na na mimiligro!

When asked what is the message this Jollibee webserye wants to tell the world, they just


looked in each other’s member and nod in agreement, they simply  want us to understand that it’s okay to be broke and that we should not be shy or be embarassed about it but instead accept it and be smart enough to get through it with Jollibee’s Jolly Savers Meals: Jolly Yumburger for Php 30.00, Jolly Spaghetti for Php 50.00 and Jolly Burger Steak for Php 50.00.


Dahil hindi lahat ng masarap, mahal!

Follow Jollibee for the 3rd Episode here: https://www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/

#GerifiedPH: At PastaMania, qui è tutto buono!

The serving bowl on our table was considered empty with some strands of pasta left still generously covered with the marinara sauce. I tried to remember the taste – the taste of freshly harvested tomatoes from the 20 acre PastaMania’s farm in Parma, Italia.

And just to be doubly sure, I scooped some sauce with my spoon.

Since the farm and the processing facilities are just a stone’s throw away from each other, I can definitely feel the delectable bold tangy citrus-y with a hint of fruity sweet taste of selected tomatoes based on the right level – color, brix, bostwick and other microbiological characteristics – freshly picked, completely processed and preserved in its original nutrients and qualities.

In short, I simut the bowl clean – scooping the last drop of marinara goodness, good thing my seatmate didn’t mind me!

pastamania gerifiedph.jpgThis was the clam before the storm.


It all started with Timothy Ghinn, an expatriate European working in Singapore in the 1990s  as an answer to his simple question:

“Why was it possible to find good local food at affordable prices, while good Italian cuisine was so expensive?”

Timothy wanted a wide selection so that he had the choice to have great tasting Italian food everyday for a fortnight; at everyday prices. This was not only a question, but an ambitious and lofty goal. In 1998, Timothy took his dream to Scotts Shopping Centre in downtown Singapore and opened the first PastaMania store!

Did you know? PastaMania is an Italian restaurant originated in Singapora.

Shortly after, Timothy sold his shares to the Singapore’s GlobaMatrix Holdings Group (now Commonwealth Capital Group), who built the brand further into one that has now grown to become Singapore’s Largest Italian Chain, and has spread it’s presence to more than 50 outlets in 12 countries. ! Accelerating its expansion plan, the next 5 years for PastaMania looks poise to be even rosier than the past with PastaMania’s brand equity and exposure growing in the wake of it’s scalable business model and a brand that is synonymous with authentic Italian taste, culinary excellence and gourmet freshness.

And now, it is in the Philippines! Last Thursday, I went south to witness the grand launch of PastaMania’s flagship restaurant opening, strategically located at SM Southmall.

More photos of the event here.

PastaMania is not just another pasta player in the market as there is more than meets the eyes to this Singaporean brand.


Did you know? PastaMania is the largest Italian Restaurant Chain in Singapore in 2017.

Before reaching the Philippine shore, PastaMania has already  strategically established strong regional presence in relevant markets with a coverage of more than 50 outlets in South Asia, China, Middle East Regions, South-east Asia like in Brunei, Cambodia, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

In Philippines alone, PastaMania will also open its 2nd store at SM Fairview this December! I surely hope they will cover SM Trese as well as it’s also one of the biggest mall in the South.

Now you can satisfy your Italian cravings without the need to step on the Italian soil, PastaMania will bring Vintage Italian Pizza and Pasta concept to their customers with main ingredients harvested from farms in Italy and Europe.

What’s more? You can choose your own pasta with their customizable menu.

Choose your own pasta – 5 pasta choices and more than 15 selection for toppings for your pizza, making the menu offer over a 100 items and making preferred unique taste of each individual a possibility.

PastaMania also guarantees freshly cooked pasta served within 5 minutes and 8 – 10 minute top in baking your pizza pie!

The single minded idea behind the PastaMania concept was to bring..
“…great tasting Italian food into the mass market, making it affordable to everyone.”

Italian Heritage

Inspired by the Italian Piazza aka City Square, PastaMania’s interior designing is a unique eye catching Italian setting that offers a relaxed laid back environment for fun exchanges between friends and families! Bright interior and al-fresco dining concept adds a dramatic shift from formalism and dimness of a typical Italian restaurant.

The Italian Piazza is the center of public life in Italy. It allows public access and activity in various forms like walking, driving, shopping and playing.

This Italian vibe was conceptualized in every PastaMania store design. To add more, PastaMania features inspired fun and vibrant artworks like Edicola and Alimentari that captures the interest of diners. Definitely a distinctive and difficult to replicate restaurant dining experience!

Brand Promise: Moments & memories of simple pleasures for families and friends, brought to you by the convenience of wholesome Italian experience.

Simple Pleasures

And by pleasure, PastaMania means seeing how your food is coming along together, the Open Kitchen format allows customers to catch a glimpse of their pasta and pizza cooked a-la-minute. Definitely a gastronomical treat to your Italian cravings!

Aside from having fresh tomatoes for your pasta sauces, PastaMania has a lot more to offer!

Did  I mention I scooped clean the Seafood Marinara bowl? It just goes to show how scrumptious the dish was for me, and my question afterwards was obvious, is there a chance that PastaMania will offer their pasta sauces ready to-go? Sir Wilson Lim, Executive Director for International Business of Singapore Commonwealth Capital answered me with one word.

The Alimentari

It is a small and local based grocery store, selling general food products. A good place to procure basic food needs like milk, eggs, breads, cheeses and meats at the deli section; and for PastaMania’s Alimentari section of the store is where you’ll find their secret formulas stored in the most canopic-ish jars – their pasta sauces made with tomatoes harvested on their farm.

What’s more? This is also where they will offer their very distinct pasta that contains more protein than regular pasta noodles in the market.

End it on a Sweet Note

After delighting yourself with your customized savory pasta and cheesy pizza, you can select from these variants of sweet to satisfy the cravings!

Pizza Banana Split – pizzas here can be sweet too! With fresh fruits, chocolate shavings and crispy crumbles, Pizza Banana Split is unique, delicious and crispy! Suitable for dessert after a full meal. It is also a perfect delightful snack when partnered with a hot drink.

Blueberry Cheesecake Pizza – another sweet pizza from PastaMania. Crispy bed of pizza topped with sweet blueberry, drizzled with savory cheesecake crumbles.

Gelato – PizzaMania’s freshly made Italian ice cream is lower on sugar and fat content when compared to traditional ice cream hence priding itself to the satisfaction of your sweet cravings. Part of a sundae, topped on your dessert pizza and waffles, or simply by itself, you can never run out of choices when it comes to PastaMania’s delectable Gelato!

Aside from being nutritious, healthy, experiential, and inclusive, PastaMania is also about community, quality and is educational.

pastamania figurines gerifiedph.jpgWe witnessed Lorenzo, Isabella, Sofia, and Francesca come to life and they guide us in our learnings about the dishes served on our table and made sure we are comfortable and enjoying our Italian cuisine experience!


Yes, PastaMania is also educational! Doughworkz is PastaMania’s Pasta Academy established within the casual dining restaurant. It runs programs customized for children of all ages. Providing children with opportunity to have hands-on experience in making their own pasta and pizza. Aside from the culinary works, PastaMania also shares trivia and interesting facts about Italian ingredients and dining culture.

doughworkz gerifiedph.jpg

PastaMons – Such fun to melt the gelato in your mouth, but what caught my attention were these monsters on my gelato cup. True enough, they aren’t just there without a purpose, and they are called PastaMons! PastaMania never ceased to run out of ideas for kids! To enrich fun and educational value for Doughworkz Program, PastaMania integrated four Monster Buddies – Tomee, Creamee, Ollee and Crumbee! PastaMons are into their educational curriculum, making it even more exciting and appealing to the kids. Through engaging and interactive short stories, they were able to educate even the youngest of PastaManiacs about proper eating habits and table manners, too.

PastaMania really caters to everyone’s need! Their quick service is perfect for the working adults; different sections of the restaurant like Alimentari grocery store, Edicola that offers not newspapers and magazines but DVDs and a variety of weekly issues of encyclopaedias, Panificio bakery, Negozio della Pasta that offers handmade pasta and gourmet ingredients provides aspirational yet affordable dining experience and for families with kids, PastaManias Doughworkz Academia with the PastaMons can surely give them quality time oer a casual lunch or dinner with an array of dishes suitable for both parents and kids.

pastamania gerifiedph smsouthmall.jpgFrom left to right: Mr. Wilson Lim, Executive Director for International Business of Singapore Commonwealth Capital, Ms. Roselle Calixihan, Country Operations Director, and Mr. Lam Yew Kwong, PastaMania’s Regional Manager.

One can expect authentic Italian ingredients when dining at PastaMania from producing their very own tomatoes in the northern part of Italy,one can relish the Parma-harvested preservative-free tomato sauces found in the pasta and pizza selections to the Gelato Pronto with its unique Gelato Cart Design, you can get to taste the best quality artisan gelato hand-made fresh daily from imported raw ingredients, you can definitely have the enjoyment of an authentic Italian cuisine experience!

#GerifiedPH: Nurture Every Child’s Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats!

Most moms are like Miss Susan of the Pevensie household. Susan is no longer a friend of Narnia as The Last Battle states, Susan no longer believes in Narnia, dismissing it as a childhood fantasy. Admmitedly, although it breaks my Aslan heart, for some reasons, I, at times am like Susan Pevensie as well. Su was later on trapped in a rigid box of black and white without hues, and forgot all the reasons why 1 + 1 could actually be 1.

Sweet Susan is the second-eldest of the Pevensie children, the pretty one in the family, dark-haired, tender-hearted, and occasionally cautious to the point of being a bit of a wet blanket.

Occasionally cautious to the point of being a bit of a wet blanket, and in this particular post,  occasionally cautious to the point of being a bit of a wet blanket actually fits the definition of how Moms are when reacting to dirt and mud, unintended explosive poops, silent but deadly farts and spills of slimy or sticky substance anywhere in the house – the very beautiful imperfection of her toddler child.

Be one to know one.

Wyett Philippines turned back time to let mommy bloggers understand their kids in depth and hence for a day, we opened a time portal just like the C. Lewis’ grandfather’s Wardrobe – a magical portal that linked Earth to a whole new world.

I became a five year old again and enjoyed every bit of it! Click read more and help me part clothes on the side so we could pass through the narrow hall. Or if you’re more of an Alice fan, let’s hold hand as we tumble on all sides of the rabbit hole! Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Nurture Every Child’s Gift to Build Tomorrow’s Greats!”