Mang Inasal marks Pambansang Araw ng Chicken Inasal on Jan. 26 with P15 off on select Chicken Paborito Value meals

Mang Inasal, home of the country’s No.1 Chicken Inasal, will once more celebrate Filipinos’ love for its great-tasting grilled chicken on January 26.

Now called as the Pambansang Araw ng Chicken Inasal, the celebration will feature a one-day only promo where customers ordering the Chicken Paborito Value Meals (PVM) at Mang Inasal stores nationwide will enjoy P15 off.

Araw ng Chicken Inasal Poster Oct 8

The promo applies for dine-in and takeout transactions only.

“It’s our treat for solb eaters out there – those who love to indulge in Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal the way they want to – that is, with their bare hands, with unli rice, or doused with their favorite mix of condiments. They can enjoy the 2-in-1 sa Laki, Nuot sa Ihaw Sarap Chicken Inasal with their family and friends at an even greater price for one day only,” said Mang Inasal Brand Manager Schubert Quilinquin.

“It’s our way of thanking our customers for their loyal patronage over the last decade and a half, while at the same time, inviting new customers to come to our stores and taste our best-selling grilled chicken,” he added.

The Pambansang Araw ng Chicken Inasal is part of the leading quick service restaurant’s year-long celebration of its 15th anniversary, where one of their achievements is having perfected the formula of delivering consistent superior quality and taste of their products.  Established in 2003, Mang Inasal has grown to over 500 stores nationwide.

Satisfy your craving for Chicken Inasal! Join the celebration of Pambansang Araw ng Chicken Inasal at the Mang Inasal store nearest you!

AXA Philippines receives Visionary Award for MyAXA Café

AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, recently
received the Visionary Award from Vision Critical, an international firm that provides
continuous customer intelligence to power companies with the collective wisdom of the
people that matter to them. The winning entry was MyAXA Café, a branded online
insight community that provides secure, ongoing, and real-time feedback from
Created in partnership with global service providers ABN Impact and Vision Critical,
MyAXA Café is designed to generate faster, research-driven insight to help improve
customer service and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also helps AXA
create new and better products that are responsive to the needs of customers, while
supporting an ongoing, two-way dialogue with them.
MyAXA Café has now become a vital tool to guide customer-centric decision-making
processes within AXA Philippines, across multiple departments and stakeholders that
may use it as a first step to making business decisions.
“By understanding our customers better through MyAXA Café, we are then able to
design even better solutions to improve constantly the delivery of a frictionless customer
experience,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and CEO.
MyAXA Café has already made a difference in customer engagement. Through
messages from customers left on MyAXA Café, AXA Philippines launched an engaging
and simplified online financial needs analysis tool called Coach Finn that can support
customers with their financial game plan. Customers helped AXA Philippines identify the
approach, tone, and persona that will solicit their engagement. By iterating feedback
from MyAXA Cafe, Coach Finn was a guaranteed success.
MyAXA Café received earlier the Silver Award from the prestigious Efma-Accenture
Innovation in Insurance Awards 2018. For more information, visit

Reshape your mindset, reshape the future

Raise future-ready kids in this ever-evolving world.

Failure is life’s greatest teacher but few parents want their children to experience its pains.  In today’s increasingly complex world, raising children can be a challenge for parents, most of who would not want to see their children experience difficulties.


Massive technological changes, changing worldviews, and constant disruptions have made the world much more complex, but these have also created ample opportunities for learning and growth.  Amidst uncertainties and continuous change, parents have to ensure that their children learn and grow from the challenges that they will inevitably encounter in their growing-up years. By developing an optimal growth mindset and adapting an optimal diet and lifestyle, parents can help set their kids up for the future.


Recognizing that parents need support in reshaping the future of their children, Nestlé NANKID utilizes expertise with advocacy, to help reshape the future for the next generation, with Parentology+.


Achieving an optimal growth mindset begins with optimal nutrition. And this year, Nestlé NANKID is giving parents the opportunity to be able to foster a holistic and continual growth of a child in all aspects—emotional, nutritional, physical, psychological, and social development, through Parentology+: The Reshape Effect Forum.


The forum, held last January 15 at Whitespace Makati, aimed to help parents better understand their role in reshaping the future of their children. Hosted by the Philippines’ premier talk show host, Boy Abunda, the event was joined by well-known parenting experts from the international and local scenes.




Among them were Melissa Benaroya, LICSW, a renowned parent, coach, and speaker from Costa Rica whose extensively studied the Growth Mindset movement. In addition, Melissa aims to be able to share unique strategies on raising children; Didi Manahan, MSEd, a progressive learning advocate and co-founder of Keys School Manila, where she serves as head directress, and Dr. Josephine Sunga, MD, FPPS, MSc, pediatrician and epidemiologist who champions nutrition as a key ingredient towards children’s optimal development through her research.


Parents and guests of the forum were also able to participate in activities that allowed them to learn practical tips and lessons on how they can nurture an optimal growth mindset within themselves and their families, thereby creating an environment that will nurture their child’s minds and hearts.


Some of the activities were “Reshaping Your Language”, where participants learned that adults have the power over how our language can affect kids. Phrasing statements to curiosity questions can help the kids get a feeling of being included in the decision-making.


In “As Easy As Riding A Bike”, guests were asked to reminisce their first time riding a bike, and its process. Melissa retells the story, but instead of biking, she likens the experience to parenting – the joy of seeing others’ kids, the challenge once you’ve had your own child, the constant toil of new developments, the parental instinct imbibed in you once you’ve experienced it after a long time.


Nutrition plays a vital role in the development of a child. Without providing proper action, a child’s diet may greatly affect his or her overall growth. However, despite the potential health risks children may face due to the environment or because of genetics, there are ways parents can prevent these from happening and help ensure their children are not restricted to achieve their full potential for the future.


“Nestlé understands that children and their parents face a complex reality, which is why parents should have the tools that will help them pave the way toward their children’s optimal growth and development. Nestlé NANKID provides the optimal nutrition which is essential to growing children’s needs. Coupled with supportive care from parents who allow their children to learn from every opportunity, Nestlé aims to let parents reshape the future, today.” said Ms. Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing, Nestlé Premium Milks.


Furthering the Optimal Growth Movement


With its aim to promote the Growth Mindset movement, and how this can be applied in school, Nestlé NANKID also worked with SMILE Group (Specializing in Modern Interactive Learning Experiences), an advocate of STEM and STEAM Methodology committed to help Filipino children develop a growth mindset and 21st century skills, to host a learning symposium entitled “Childproof Teaching: Applying the Growth Mindset in School” with Melissa Benaroya, LICSW, held in Miriam College on the 16th of January; where she imparted her knowledge of child development, empathy, and 21st century skills among students and children that can prepare them for life’s hardships. The event was attended by educators from the Philippines’ progressive schools.


Indeed, embracing challenges and opening up possibilities are a child’s greatest teacher, and with an optimal growth mindset, backed by optimal nutrition, parents can help reshape their children’s future so they can become the best version of themselves.


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to foster optimal development through optimal nutrition and an optimal growth mindset. Help #ReshapeTheFuture today.  Check out Parentology+ at Trinoma Mall on February 2 and 3. Visit for more details.




Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, and are not breastmilk substitutes. NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure optimal weight advantage and optimal development advantage, NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.

Three Time Tested Tips to help you Declutter when you don’t have the time!

International Queen of Clean Marie Kondo has taken over Netflix TV with the life changing magic of tidying up living spaces. Whether you live in the metro or in the country sides, reorganizing your home opens to new opportunities for a fresher 2019.

If you don’t know where to begin your Konmari journey, there are some home improvement products that are at arm’s reach to help you decide which item sparks joy!


Tip 1: Segregate Your Waste from Source

If you are worried about the spread of germs in your kitchen, you better start rethinking your garbage disposal practices. Separate wet biodegrable fruit peelings from reusable plastic bottles by allotting different trash cans for specific waste materials.

Or even better, look out for compartmentalized recycling bins that are color coded for easy identification. Some waste baskets even have strong foot pedal so lasts for thousands of usage.

Eko, a US based brand of premium trash cans is known in many countries for beauty and function. They are high capacity, long term shiny, and exceedingly durable. The stainless steel finish of the waste bin resists scratches and smudges from daily use.

Eko garbage bins have durable Polypropylene Cover to contain strong smell. A covered indoor trash can keeps flies, cockroaches, and other harmful insects away.



Tip 2: Make room for fresh air to circulate


Marie’s famous tip has always evolved with the old air and the new air. There is no better way to take it than literally improving the ventilation of your living space. Push stale, dirty air out and invite the new, clean wind into your home. There are plenty of options to do this. To name a few, cool big rooms with ceiling fans; drive direct breeze using floor fans; or get the best of both worlds with oscillating pedestal fans.


Westinghouse, an American manufacturing company on electrical technologies is at the forefront of producing fans since 1946. The technology behind Westinghouse brand is backed by 130 years of business excellence.


Time 3: Give your roof, driveway and gated fence a facelift.


The external front of your home is exposed to harsh elements everyday. It is no wonder concrete, bricks and tiles are the most difficult areas to clean. Now it is possible to remove years of mud and oil stains in seconds! Restore different surfaces like brand new with the use a reliable pressure washer. Just remember to use low pressure nozzle when testing this trick out so you won’t chip off the natural coating of outdoor wood furniture, painted metal fences, and galvanized steel roofs.


Eko, Nilfisk and Westinghouse have excellent tract records and their products can help you in your KonMari journey. These are made available in the Philippines through Binondo based hardware supplier Co Ban Kiat (CBK) Hardware Inc.


Co Ban Kiat Hardware is wholesale distribution company with over 1500 business organizations served, 1600 traditional hardware store clients, 600 specialty home improvement outlet partners, and 51, 000 internet sales customers.


Co Ban Kiat Hardware is owned and managed by Mr. Johnny Cobankiat and his sons JV and Wesley. The company will celebrate its 100 Years Anniversary in 2020.


Discover and nurture your child’s talent at Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7

Promil_Discover and nurture your child’s talent_photo.jpg

Each child is born with a talent that can appear in any form. Various activities can unlock their potential which is just waiting to be discovered. From singing to acting, and anything in between, your child’s gift can be nurtured through Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp 7, a summer talent development program in partnership with experts to help kids 6-11 years old become their very best.


Get ready to discover and develop your child’s talent and passion as Promil Four launches the newest season of its talent development program, thei-Shine Talent Camp 7. As the brand stays true to its mission of nurturing the gift, the next generation of awe-inspiring kids will be guided to reach their full potential in the fields of performing and visual arts through mental, physical and social stimulation workshops.


Kids ages 6 to 11 can enjoy a whole new level of fun and experience interactive learning with Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 featuring Art, Music, Dance camps, and its two new camps, Theatre and Ballet. These camps are managed by the finest experts/mentors of the country. Teachers Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay from Papemelroti will coach the Art Camp, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab returns as the camp master for the Music Camp, while Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of the G-Force Dance School leads the Dance Camp. Furthermore, Audie Gemora heads the Theatre Camp, whereas Lisa Macuja-Elizalde guides the Ballet Camp.


All six mentors were presented during the launch of i-Shine 7, which also featured a talk by Dra. Leticia Penano-Ho, the President of the Philippine Center for Gifted Education. Dra. Ho talked about the importance of documenting the child’s journey to further help them develop their skills.


Also lending her skills and talent during the launch was a self-taught freelance photographer and “Promil kid” Shaira Luna who shared some photography tips during her Creative Documenting & Scrapbook Making Workshop. Meanwhile, the launch was hosted by seasoned actress Dimples Romana, who has been hosting the i-Shine Talent Camp ever since its beginning.

Promil’s philosophy is to instill the importance of not only proper nutrition, but also proper parenting and guidance to fully support a child’s proper growth and mental development. This is in line with the brand’s advocacy of actively involving parents in helping nurture the gift of their child.


Promil Four i-Shine 7 Camps will run from April to May 2019, and will be administered not only in different cities around Metro Manila, but also in more locations around the country like Batangas, Cebu, and Davao to allow kids outside Metro Manila to experience what i-Shine has to offer. As it is important to hone and encourage kids’ talents at a young age, there will be a grand recital after the camp duration to showcase what kids experienced and learned during the camps.


Past i-Shiners include Lucas Magallano of season 2 and Yesha Camile of season 3 who, after the camp, went on to let their talents shine through special performances in various events.


Know more about i-Shine and reserve a camp slot for your child now! Visit for more details.




Since 2009, Promil Four’s iShine Talent Camp has continued to evolve in helping mothers nurture the gift of their children by providing experts in various fields who personally design the summer talent camps for the children. Promil’s philosophy instills the importance of not only proper nutrition, but also proper parenting and guidance to fully support a child’s proper growth and development.


Fashion trends to look forward to in 2019

The New Year means new beginnings and new trends. Be the first to know the newest
fashion trends. SM offers a 2019 fashion forecast and useful tips to help up your style
Here are the top fashion trends for 2019:
Shine with bright, bold colors. Add a punch of color to your wardrobe with coral, the
Pantone color of the year. Lurid blue, yellow and red are also expected to reign
supreme this year, as well as muddy brown and electric green. Match the bright colors
with near-neutrals like beige for maximum impact.
Bring on the ruffles…lots and lots of ’em. These fabulous frocks are expected to
dominate everything from casual to formal wear this year. It is the new fashion
statement for women who want to make an entrance without showing too much skin.
Experiment with scarves. Scarves can go a long way to inject fun changes to your
every day look. They are versatile enough to be worn as a headscarf or around the neck
with a bow. Consider playing with different materials and investing in a silk scarf for a
more luxurious feel.
Walk on the wild side with safari fashion. To pull off this 2019 trend, treat every day
like you’re going on an African safari. That means sporty silhouettes, shirt dresses,
shorts, and capris.
Oversized suits and boyfriend clothes are here to stay. Overhaul your office
wardrobe with oversized suits and jackets. Own the room with these suits that preserve
comfort and exude power.
For exclusive news about SM Supermalls, visit or follow SM’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through SM’s Viber Public Chat. Tweet your thoughts, upload and share your photos about your memorable moments at SM, then use its official hashtag #EverythingsHereAtSM.

Mang Inasal’s CSR initiatives where they donated P500,000-worth of children’s story books to public schools in Iloilo City

Mang Inasal recently donated P500,000-worth of children’s story books to public schools in Iloilo City and selected grade schools in the province. This was coursed through “Sa Pagbasa, May Pag-asa” program of the Jollibee Group Foundation.


mi iloilo books turnover


Mang Inasal Vis-Min Area Manager Thomas Jason Medel (right) leads the turn over of books to Jaro II Elementary School principal Liney Arbinoya. Accompanying them are Mang Inasal ICC Restaurant Manager Hanna Polido and Mang Inasal PR Manager Ed Timbungco.

The donation formed part of the celebration of Mang Inasal’s 500th store at the Iloilo City Center, Diversion Road, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. The store, which formally opened in June 2018, was a homecoming of sorts. Mang Inasal opened its first store in Iloilo 15 years ago.